14 Tattoo Sleeve Ideas for Women

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I love these feminine tattoo sleeve ideas for women that I’m sharing with you. If you’ve ever thought about getting a tattoo sleeve, or you’re looking for ideas for your first sleeve design, you’ve come to the right place.

From colorful and creative, to flower-themed and more, you’ll find a tattoo design to inspire you based on your own personal style.

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Image Credit: erinodea

This colorful tattoo sleeve features a portrait, a large bee with flowers, and more. If you’re looking for a colorful sleeve idea, I think you’ll love this style.

Image Credit: ladyjaytattoo

If you’re a Disney fan, consider getting a sleeve dedicated to your favorite Disney movie, characters, or show. This tattoo will look even better once the color is added.

Image Credit: mr.tattoo.thomas

This floral design was done really well. I love the art style that was used for this tattoo. Also, the chosen colors look great together.

rainbow alicorn tattoo
Image Credit: riftwingdesigns

If you love rainbows and unicorns (this design actually features an alicorn), that would make a great theme for your arm sleeve. I’ve always loved this tattoo style. You can even see that parts of the tattoo use the watercolor style.

rose and sunflower tattoo sleeve
Image Credit: adam.lordetega_art

The shading for this rose and sunflower sleeve was done amazingly well. If your tattoo requires shading, make sure you choose an artist that’s perfected this skill.

geometric tattoo sleeve
Image Credit: daddatoink

This wolf design utilizes geometric shapes and looks amazing. A tattoo like this would like great on both men and women.

blue and green watercolor tattoo
Image Credit: pauloarmeiro

Here’s a blue and green watercolor tattoo that would make a great addition to a tattoo sleeve. If you love this design, you can switch things up and make it your own by using different colors and symbols.

colorful tattoo sleeve with birds, flowers, and more
Image Credit: dickmanntattoo

As I stated earlier, I just love color tattoo sleeves like this one. Not only that, but they’re always so fun to look at. Make sure you check out the artist for more awesome tattoo sleeves.

there's a little witch in all of use tattoo
Image Credit: tattooloversbeauty

This design is great inspiration for the witches out there or anyone who is into witchcraft. Not only do I love the art for this tattoo, but the font looks really great too.

two-headed snake tattoo with flowers
Image Credit: sahrachaink

The colors on this tattoo are so vibrant and the design looks great. Click on the link below to see the entire sleeve. It includes flowers, bees, and the two-headed snake.

dot work tattoo and line work tattoo with snake and flowers
Image Credit: madmarytattoos

This gorgeous tattoo uses line work as well as dot work to achieve this look. Make sure you check out more of their work if you’re looking for sleeve add-on ideas.

feminine floral tattoo sleeve
Image Credit: modelajna

This feminine sleeve is amazing. If you like what you see, you’ll be even more impressed when you see different aspects of the tattoo up close. Make sure you click the link below to see more photos.

leaf wrap around tattoo
Image Credit: anicesavonentattoos

I’m absolutely loving this leaf wrap around tattoo. A design like this can hold its own, or you can add floral or other leaf additions. You could also add colored ink to your tattoo.

plum blossoms tattoo sleeve
Image Credit: jiang_tattooer

With this tattoo, the forearm has been wrapped with plum blossoms. Make sure you click on the image credit to see the design up close.