11 Colorful and Cute Kawaii Tattoos That Women Will Love

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The other day I stumbled across an artist on Instagram who designs the most beautiful colorful, and cute kawaii tattoos.

Their amazing work is what inspired the tattoos I’m sharing below. These tattoos are kawaii, colorful, and fun. They’re also very unique.

If this is your first time getting a colored tattoo, keep in mind that your skin tone matters.

When you get your colorful tattoo, it’s important to match certain ink colors to certain skin undertones. Make sure you consult your tattoo artist for advice on making the most out of your colored ink tattoo.

1. Colorful Doodles

heart and star doodles tattoo
Artist Credit: sisi.lovelove

These doodles come together to create the sweetest tattoo. I love the location of this design. I think it would also look great on the forearm.

2. Vending Machine

vending machine tattoo
Artist Credit: weheartit

What I love about a tattoo like this one is that you can fill the machine with your favorite furry characters. Studio Ghibli has a great selection of characters to choose from.

Colored Ink Costs More

When it comes to getting a colored tattoo, colored inks (inks that are not black) are more expensive. Not only that, but because color inks are used to fill in spaces, you end up using more ink and spending more time on the tattoo.

3. Temporary Bear Tattoos

teddy bear tattoo
Artist Credit: sisi.lovelove

If you like this design, I have some good news for you. This cute bear set can be purchased as a temporary tattoo. That will allow you to try out the design and location before making it permanent.

4. The Lazy Egg

ramen bowl tattoo
Artist Credit: melvin_arizmendi

Here’s a colorful tattoo for the ramen lovers out there. This tattoo features Gudetama (the lazy egg), a cartoon character created by the company Sanrio.

5. Cat Mug

cat mug tattoo
Artist Credit: melvin_arizmendi

This cat mug tattoo is absolutely unique and creative. The colors go together wonderfully; however, don’t be afraid to use your very own color palette.

How Long The Color Lasts

Unfortunately, with all tattoos, the color can fade over time. There are factors that can speed up the fading of your tattoos such as sun exposure and the location of your tattoo.

To keep your colorful tattoo vibrant, reduce your exposure to the sun, or cover your tattoo with sunscreen, keep your skin healthy, and try to prevent injury (burns, cuts, etc.).

6. I Felt Free

i felt free quote tattoo
Artist Credit: melvin_arizmendi

The artist behind this tattoo is known for creating colorful kawaii tattoos. If you enjoy their design style, I recommend checking out their sticker shop on Etsy.

7. Take Me Away

take me away tattoo
Artist Credit: weheartit

I think that we can all relate to this take me away tattoo from time to time. I love the art style behind this tattoo, and the colors go so well together.

8. Merry Go Round

carousel tattoo
Artist Credit: weheartit

This cute little tattoo screams cute! The soft colors look amazing, and the overall design is wonderful. If you’re looking to fill in a sleeve, this design would make a great addition.

Colored Tattoos Take Time

Because the colored ink is filling in your design, it’s going to take more time to complete your tattoo. That means it could take more than one session before the work is done. Be sure you’re willing to put in the time it takes to finish your tattoo.

9. Black Cat Tattoo

black cat tattoo
Artist Credit: weheartit

Wow, I can’t believe how vibrant they were able to get the colors for this tattoo. Even the black ink looks so vibrant and amazing. This is definitely one of the best cat tattoos I’ve come across.

10. Kilala from Inuyasha

Kilala tattoo
Artist Credit: weheartit

I’m loving this bright and colorful tattoo of Kilala from the anime Inuyasha. The design is so well done and stands out wonderfully. If you want a kawaii anime tattoo, consider something like this.

11. Girl Wearing Cat Hat

girl with cat hat tattoo

Here’s another amazing tattoo that you’re going to love. See this tattoo up close and from different angles. It really is a beautiful colorful tattoo.

Kawaii tattoos are the perfect way to show your fun and playful side. If you’re looking for a cute and unique tattoo, consider getting one of these designs. You won’t be disappointed!

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