22 Beautiful Tattoos of Butterflies You’ll Love

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Tattoos of Butterflies are some of my favorite tattoos. That’s probably because I love the butterfly itself. Fun fact, butterflies can only see red, green, and yellow.

What I love about the butterfly tattoo ideas I’m sharing below is the creativity that was involved in the designs.

It was my goal to include traditional butterfly tattoos, but to also include tattoo ideas that you haven’t seen before, I think that goal was accomplished with this collection.

1. Watercolor Butterfly with Floral Wing

I’m loving this watercolor butterfly tattoo. The colors go so well together, and I love the overall softness of the design. This is perfect for anyone that loves pinks and purples.

watercolor butterfly tattoo
Artist Credit: mischieftattoonyc

2. Black Ink Butterflies

Here’s a more traditional tattoo of the monarch butterfly. This tattoo looks great with just the black ink. It would also look great with color added.

black ink butterfly tattoo
Artist Credit: vanngucci

3. Flowers and Stars

I just love the idea of the butterfly having flowers for one of the wings. The shading for this tattoo was so well done too. Again, this is another tattoo that looks awesome look the black ink but would also look great with color added.

flower and star butterfly tattoo
Artist Credit: alexandrianortiz

4. Large Shoulder Tattoo

You don’t often see large butterfly tattoos, so I was thrilled to find this large watercolor tattoo. Make sure you check out the artists if you would like to see more amazing watercolor tattoos.

large shoulder butterfly tattoo
Artist Credit: atelier_hafenpoesie

5. Butterfly in Motion

I love how one of the butterflies looks as if it’s in motion. The forearm area is a great location for a tattoo like this. It would also look great on the back area.

butterfly in motion tattoo
Artist Credit: camie.tattoo

6. Butterfly on Hand

I think we can all agree that this tattoo is so creative and beautiful. The artist behind this tattoo does great butterfly tattoos, in particular, so make sure you check out their Instagram account for more ideas.

butterfly tattoo on hand
Artist Credit: modoink_tattoo

7. Amazing Shading Technique

One of my favorite things about this tattoo is the shading. If you would like to see what this tattoo looks like drawn on paper, see more photos.

butterfly tattoo with shading
Artist Credit: fraulein.bunterkunt

8. Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

I’ve mentioned before that this is one of my favorite tattoo placement locations. This tattoo was done for the talented tattoo artist Rashell Petrov. Rashell does really awesome black ink tattoos.

butterfly thigh tattoo
Artist Credit: inglorious_steve

9. Butterfly and Flowers

This completed butterfly tattoo uses shades of black and grey to complete the look. I think that this would look amazing with colored ink too.

butterfly and flowers tattoo
Artist Credit: ivan_martinez_tattoo831

10. Blue and Black Butterfly

I have to say, this is one of my favorite tattoos in this collection. I love the design, colors, and shading. I would love to see this tattoo with different color options such as pink or purple.

blue and black butterfly tattoo
Artist Credit: velvettattooparlor

11. Butterfly and Poppies

If you love butterflies and poppy flowers, why not combine them into one beautiful tattoo design. You can have your butterfly colored in using your favorite color.

butterfly and poppies
Credit: j.ryong__tattoo

12. Watercolor Butterfly and Hummingbird

A watercolor tattoo is a tattoo that is created to look like it was done using watercolor paints. This tattoo not only includes hummingbirds but also has vibrant flowers and a stunning butterfly.

watercolor hummingbird with butterfly
Artist Credit: soldier_tattoo

13. Floral Feminine Butterfly Tattoo

This amazing feminine butterfly tattoo includes flowers and butterflies. Plus, if you look closely, you can even see a ladybug. I love how this tattoo is large, but still appears as soft and delicate.

Floral Feminine Butterfly Tattoo
Artist Credit: acaldeira.ink

14. Colorful Neo-Traditional Butterfly

If you love the neo-traditional look, you’ll be inspired by this colorful butterfly tattoo. This tattoo has so much detail, and the artwork looks amazing.

Colorful Neo-Traditional Butterfly
Artist Credit: carina_anne_

15. Half Flowers and Half Butterfly

This is a really cool design I see being done with the butterfly. Half of the butterfly is your typical butterfly. The other half is a collection of beautiful flowers.

Half Flowers and Half Butterfly tattoo
Artist Credit: inkcouturenyc

16. Gorgeous Butterfly Tattoo

The artist behind this tattoo does some of the most amazing butterfly tattoos. I love how this butterfly is surrounded by additional design elements.

Gorgeous Butterfly Tattoo
Artist Credit: its_banzo

17. Purple and Black Butterfly

If you want a creative butterfly tattoo, consider adding a touch of color. This butterfly has beautiful purple flowers for one-half of its wing.

17. Purple and Black Butterfly
Artist Credit: ladyserpentinetattoostudio

18. Three Butterflies

Why get one butterfly tattoo when you can get three. This tattoo features three different butterflies. Get creative with the colors and choice of butterflies you add to your design.

Three Butterflies tattoo
Artist Credit: mantaraetattoo

19. Butterfly Above the Elbow

Right above the elbow is a great location for a tattoo. This butterfly was done using soft lines and the perfect amount of shading.

Butterfly Above the Elbow tattoo
Artist Credit: marytattooer

20. Butterfly Tattoo About Transformation

This tattoo represents transformation and embracing the process. Butterflies are often seen as symbols of hope, change, and new beginnings. They can also represent love, joy, and beauty.

Butterfly Tattoo About Transformation
Artist Credit: mistyink

21. Butterflies on Forearm

As I mentioned earlier, I think that the forearm is a great location to place a tattoo like this. This design would look great with both black and colored ink.

Butterflies on Forearm tattoo
Artist Credit: sowina.ink

22. Butterflies on Shoulder

If you want a tattoo that you can easily show off, consider getting your butterflies placed on your shoulder area. They’re sure to get a lot of attention.

Butterflies on Shoulder tattoo
Artist Credit: tattooist_neul

Butterflies have long been a popular tattoo choice for both men and women. They’re often considered symbols of transformation, change, new beginnings, and hope.

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