12 Beautiful First Tattoo Ideas for Women

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Choosing your tattoo design may feel like a stressful process, but I’m here to make it easier for you by rounding up a collection of absolutely beautiful first tattoo ideas for women.

Getting your first tattoo is a special moment. You’ve finally made the decision to have something permanently inked on your body. Now it’s time to decide on your design.

Because this will be your first tattoo, I’ve decided to share tattoos that are simple and won’t require too much time in the tattoo parlor.

Remember, if you see a tattoo that you like, you don’t have to get yours exactly the same. You can do things like altering the design, changing or removing the colors, etc. Make it your own so that it feels more personal to you.

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Artist Credit: onyxtattoos

This lover tattoo is simple, but quite unique. You could also get a similar tattoo that just says “love.” You can switch up the ink color and handwriting as well.

Artist Credit: rooandvcreative

Here’s a tattoo that serves as daily reminder to persevere. To persevere means to continue on with something despite difficulties.

Artist Credit: schattenzeichner.ink

I love this beautiful handwritten tattoo that says “do all things with love.” The print handwriting looks amazing as well as the script used for the word “love.”

Artist Credit: skinwork.samy

If you’ve ever visited Hawaii you may have been told you are now a part of their “ohana.” The word ohana means family. This could be the perfect matching tattoo for friends and family members.

Artist Credit: tattoos._niki

Here’s a tattoo that features four simple birds. This tattoo would also look great as a simple black ink outline.

Artist Credit: andietattooink

Here’s a tattoo for the cat lovers out there. If you’re a proud cat owner, consider getting a simple cat online tattoo using black ink.

Artist Credit: bextattoos

I’ve always been a fan of lavender tattoos when I see them. They look great with just black ink or using colored ink as pictured above.

Artist Credit: jarom_tattoo

Breathe tattoos have gotten increasingly popular. They are a reminder to slow down and take a breath when life feels like it’s going out of control.

Artist Credit: jonmap

Botanical-style tattoos are popular amongst women, and for good reason. They’re simple, feminine, and gorgeous. This tattoo uses black ink only, but I could see this tattoo looking amazing colored in too.

Artist Credit: julielia_ink

This tattoo will serve as a reminder that you are good enough, and don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.

Artist Credit: kyla_rose_tattoo

I love the addition of the moon to this wildflower tattoo. I think the forearm or wrist is a great location for this tattoo. It would also look great on the neck and ankle area.

Artist Credit: liosmiostattoo

Because I included a cat lover tattoo, it’s only right that I also include a tattoo for the dog lovers out there. It would be so cool to get a simple outline tattoo of your dog’s ears.