22 Tree of Life Tattoo Ideas for Women and Their Meaning

If you’re considering getting a tree of life tattoo, you’ll find inspiration in these unique designs.

From colorful to black ink tree of life tattoos, from simple to more advanced tattoo art, there is a tattoo design for all personalities.

Meaning of the Tree of Life Tattoo

A tree of life tattoo is a design that often symbolizes the cycle of life. People get these tattoos to represent the growth and change that happens over time in their lives.

Trees are also often seen as symbols of strength and durability, which can remind someone how far someone has come in their life. The tree of life is a symbol that can be found in many different cultures and religions around the world.

It typically represents the connection between all living things and the idea that we are all connected by a common thread.

In the Bible, among all the trees in the Garden of Eden, the tree of life represents the knowledge of good and evil. For Christians today, the tree of life is Jesus Christ, who has provided immortality through His defeat of death on the cross.  Without a doubt, the tree of life is a powerful image that has been used throughout history.

Wilderness Tattoo

Wilderness Tattoo
Artist Credit: klax.tattooer

This artist put a unique spin on the tree of life by creating a wilderness theme. This tattoo features an evergreen tree, mountains, the moon, and more.

Green Tree of Life

green tree of life tattoo
Artist Credit: morganlefay_tattoos

Here’s a beautiful tree of life tattoo with an illustrated feel. The tree has vibrant green leaves, and the addition of the rabbit and bird is lovely.

Elegant Tree

feminine tree of life tattoo
Artist Credit: lancastercountytattoocompany

If you’re interested in getting a feminine tattoo, I think you’ll like this elegant tree of life. I love the design of the leaves and the way the trunk twists.

Simple Line Tattoo

Simple Line Tattoo
Artist Credit: sahar_needleman.tattoo

Anyone interested in line tattoos will find inspiration with this one. The entire tree was completed using simple and clean lines.

Watercolor Tree of Life

Watercolor Tree of Life Tattoo
Artist Credit: bumblebeetattoo64

The artist has done a unique take on the tree of life. The design was done using the watercolor technique, and the design elements look lovely. As you can see, they’ve incorporated rabbits and flowers.

Small Tree

small tree of life tattoo
Artist Credit: alamandatattoo

Your tattoo doesn’t have to be large and bold. This tattoo is small, simple, and still beautiful. If you take a closer look, you can see what a great job the artist did with the shading of the leaves.

Tree of Life Neck Tattoo

Tree of Life Neck Tattoo
Artist Credit: darkveil_tattoo

If you’ve been considering your tattoo’s placement, this will give you an idea of how it could look on your neck. I like the addition of the heart at the root of the tree.

Tree of Life with Ballerina

Tree of Life with Ballerina Tattoo
Artist Credit: monikamoni.art

Looking at this tattoo, you can see that it’s filled with meaning. They are a super-talented tattoo artist with their unique style.

Tree DNA Strand

Tree DNA Strand tattoo
Artist Credit: hallywood.major.ink

The tree trunk has been turned into a DNA strand with this tattoo. When you consider what the tree of life represents, this was an excellent idea for a tattoo.

Dotwork Tree of Life

Dotwork Tree of Life
Artist Credit: acra.tattoos

If you’re familiar with the dotwork technique, you can see how it’s been incorporated into this tattoo. Dotwork is the process of using dots to create an image.

Matching Tree of Life Tattoos

Matching Tree of Life Tattoos
Artist Credit: tautuaje.ink

These tree of life tattoos were designed for a mother and daughter. They wanted their own original tattoo while also wanting them to coordinate with each other.

Tree of Life on Calf

Tree of Life on Calf
Artist Credit: kingstattoo.gr

The calf is a location placement idea for your tattoo. Talk to your artist about large tattoo design ideas if you want your tattoo to take up more space.

Family Tree

family tree tattoo
Artist Credit: meganscribbleink

This design appears to be a family tree tattoo, as you can see by the names and birthdates at the roots of the cherry blossom tree.

Tree of Life Totem

Tree of Life Totem Tattoo
Artist Credit: true.love.tattoo

This beautiful dotwork is more of a totem-style design. Each level includes a different element of nature and its particular meaning.

Tree of Life with Birds

Tree of Life with Birds
Artist Credit: elisebrunkel

Looking closely at this tattoo, you can see that birds make up the tree’s leaves. Some birds sit on the tree branches, while others fly away.

Fruit Tree

tree of life fruit tree.
Artist Credit: snailien_tattoo

Turn your tree of life tattoo into a fruit tree. This particular tree includes oranges. Your tree can consist of apples, figs, or even pomegranates.

Tree of Life with Butterfly

Tree of Life with Butterfly
Artist Credit: siminamina

I think that it’s a great idea to incorporate a butterfly into your tree of life tattoo. Butterflies are seen as symbols of transformation and change.

Roots and Birds

tree roots and birds tattoo
Artist Credit: richierichtattoos

As you can see, this tattoo takes up a good portion of the outer leg – the leaves and the roots sprawl beautifully with this design.

Ouroboros and the Tree of Life

Ouroboros and the Tree of Life Tattoo
Artist Credit: ink.by.aura

The ouroboros depicts a snake swallowing its tail. The image represents the eternal cycle of destruction and rebirth.

Tree of Life Hand Tattoo

Tree of Life Hand Tattoo
Artist Credit: pigmentedtattoos

The hand is an excellent location if you want to show off your tattoo. It’s pretty cool how the tree roots wrap around the ring finger.

Man and Tree

Man and Tree Tattoo
Artist Credit: martinkellytattoo

What a unique and unforgettable tattoo design we have here. The tree appears to be coming from the head and wraps around the body. I’m sure there’s a lot to unpack behind the meaning of this tattoo.

Anatomical Heart

Anatomical Heart Tattoo
Artist Credit: acra.tattoos

This stunning tree of life tattoo includes a beautiful anatomical heart, a feather, and a butterfly. It also includes dotwork as well as linework.

There you have it, a collection of beautiful tree of life tattoos. I hope these fantastic designs have given you a bit of inspiration for your next tattoo.

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