22 Cool Book Tattoo Ideas for Women

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These cool book tattoo ideas for women are perfect for bookworms. Being a book lover myself, the book tattoo trend is one I can definitely get into.

There are so many ways that you can get creative with your book tattoo. You can get a tattoo of your favorite quote from a book, a tattoo of your favorite book, or just simply get a tattoo of the outline of a book.

The options really are endless, and if you’re looking for inspiration, I have some cool book tattoo to share with you. I’m also sharing some of my best tattoo tips for anyone who’s getting their first tattoo.

Temporary Book Tattoo: If you’re not quite ready for permanent ink, I think you’ll love this temporary book tattoo.

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book with tea
Image Credit: silink.cwb
books with tea cup
Image Credit: rbyn_flpsd

Choosing Your Artist

When choosing your tattoo artist, pick someone that you trust and can see yourself having fun with during the tattoo process.

book with flowers
Image Credit: mxrbletattoo

Most tattoo artists have some sort of online portfolio, whether it be a website or Instagram profile. Make sure you take the time to browse their body of work before choosing them as your tattoo artist.

book with sunflowers
Image Credit: tattoosdamari
girl reading book drinking coffee
Image Credit: erinodea

Take Your Time

Getting a tattoo is an important decision, so don’t rush the process. Take your time when it comes to deciding what tattoo design you want, what colors you want, and where you want the tattoo to be located.

books with flowers tattoo
Image Credit: alyxkopietattoos
girl surrounded by books colorful
Image Credit: tayler_creator

Once you’ve decided on your tattoo, wait a few months (one year is even better) before moving forward, to ensure that you’re making a sound decision.

flowers coming from book
Image Credit: alexluna_tattoo
book and moon tattoo
Image Credit: txttoo

Don’t Shop Around for the Cheapest Artist

Bargain basement prices can mean you’re risking the quality of your tattoo and the cleanliness of the equipment. Of course, this doesn’t have to be the case, but it’s something you should keep in mind.

we are all stories book quote tattoo
Image Credit: giomolinatattoos
books with flowers and bees
Image Credit: inkbybrina
watercolor book tattoo
Image Credit: seyran_akyaz

If someone is willing to do your tattoo for $12, you should definitely pass on that. Even if you just want a small tattoo.

If you can’t afford to be tattooed by the artist you want, I recommend saving up your money until you can afford it. You won’t regret waiting, but you may regret not waiting.

tea cup sitting on book pile
Image Credit: kellykillagain
books with two people
Image Credit: freakyfableselisa

Make Sure The Artist Uses New Supplies

To avoid contracting an infection or serious illness, your artist should always use new ink cups, disposable needles, napkins, and gloves.

When it’s time to get your tattoo, make sure you see them opening the needle package to ensure that it’s a new needle.

books surrounded by flowers
Image Credit: tattooabel
book with flowers and moon
Image Credit: hnnhtattoo

Large Tattoos Can Take More Than One Session to Complete

If you have a larger design, keep in mind that it make take more than one session to finish the tattoo. If you have a larger design, keep in mind that it make take more than one session to finish the tattoo.

Make sure you ask your artist for an estimate on how long it will take to complete the tattoo, from start to finish.

girl walking into book
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girl reading book watercolor tattoo
Image Credit: melissa_daye
nine different tattoo ideas
Image Credit: rachelannatattoo
pink flower coming from black book
Image Credit: sael.chavero
glasses music notes flowers and book
book with planets
Image Credit: pitusink

I hope you enjoyed checking out these cool book tattoos for women and that you’ve found some great inspiration for your next tattoo.