21 Cool Book Tattoo Ideas for Women

These cool book tattoo ideas for women are perfect for bookworms. Being a book lover myself, the book tattoo trend is one I can definitely get into. There are so many ways that you can get creative with your book tattoo.

You can get a tattoo of your favorite quote from a book, a tattoo of your favorite book, or just simply get a tattoo of the outline of a book.

The options really are endless, and if you’re looking for inspiration, I have some cool book tattoos to share with you. I’m also sharing some of my best tattoo tips for anyone who’s getting their first tattoo.

Books with Glasses and Tea

book with tea
Image Credit: silink.cwb

If you wear glasses and enjoy a hot cup of tea (or coffee), I think that this tattoo should provide you with some great inspiration for your next book tattoo.

Book Stacks with Flowers

books with tea cup
Image Credit: rbyn_flpsd

I love how this stack of books is surrounded by beautiful flowers and more. The addition of the fancy tea cup adds a great touch to the tattoo.

Colorful Floral Tattoo

book with flowers
Image Credit: mxrbletattoo

Not only does this tattoo look wonderful, but it also gives you an idea of where you can place your tattoo.

Book and Sunflowers

book with sunflowers
Image Credit: tattoosdamari

If you love sunflowers, you may also love this book and sunflower tattoo. You can include your favorite flower on your tattoo.

Woman Reading

girl reading book drinking coffee
Image Credit: erinodea

Consider getting a self-portrait of sorts for your tattoo. This particular tattoo features a woman having a warm drink and reading her favorite book.

Bookish Arm Tattoo

books with flowers tattoo
Image Credit: alyxkopietattoos

If you’re looking for an addition to a tattoo sleeve, or just an arm tattoo idea, this awesome tattoo features a stack of books with surrounding flowers.

Colorful Book Tattoo

girl surrounded by books colorful
Image Credit: tayler_creator

Colorful tattoos such as this one are just stunning. A girl is surrounded by books while sitting with her cat and writing a wonderful story.

Book with Doodles

flowers coming from book
Image Credit: alexluna_tattoo

Cute doodles are coming from an open book with this tattoo. There are butterflies, paper planes, flowers, and more.

Book and Moon

book and moon tattoo
Image Credit: txttoo

If you like the aesthetic of the moon, consider incorporating your love for reading and the moon for your tattoo design.

Include a Quote

we are all stories book quote tattoo
Image Credit: giomolinatattoos

I’ve always loved the idea of having a book tattoo that includes a quote. This quote says, “We are all stories, in the end.”

Books and Bees

books with flowers and bees
Image Credit: inkbybrina

Consider getting a tattoo of a large stack of books with a background of flowers and bees. If you enjoy colored ink, this tattoo would also look great in color.

Watercolor Tattoo

watercolor book tattoo
Image Credit: seyran_akyaz

Watercolor tattoos are very beautiful and unique. Make your tattoo stand out by adding a beautiful watercolor appearance to your tattoo.

Dotwork Book Tattoo

tea cup sitting on book pile
Image Credit: kellykillagain

This tattoo is amazing. It uses dotwork to create the details of the book. Not only that, but I love the floral elements and the addition of a mug with a heart design.

Books and Characters

books with two people
Image Credit: freakyfableselisa

Pay homage to your favorite book by including a silhouette of the characters in your tattoo. You can’t go wrong by adding beautiful floral details.

Books with Flowers and Stars

books surrounded by flowers
Image Credit: tattooabel

Include some of your favorite design elements in your tattoo. This tattoo includes a gorgeous stack of books, flowers, and stars.

Minimal and Elegant

book with flowers and moon
Image Credit: hnnhtattoo

I love how this tattoo has a simple and elegant look. The forearm is a great location for a tattoo such as this one.

Girl Entering a Book

girl walking into book
Image Credit: ciotka_zu_tattoo

Here’s a unique tattoo that’s absolutely amazing. It would be so cool to incorporate your favorite scene from a book into your tattoo design.

Black Tattoo with Colorful Watercolor

girl reading book watercolor tattoo
Image Credit: melissa_daye

A tattoo like this would actually make a great cover-up for a previous tattoo. The addition of the watercolor look allows the tattoo to stand out in a great way.

Book with Pink Flower

pink flower coming from black book
Image Credit: sael.chavero

You can’t go wrong with this tattoo that features a book with a beautiful pink flower coming from the tattoo.

Sunflowers and Music

glasses music notes flowers and book

This tattoo features a book with lovely elements coming from the book. There are sunflowers, glasses, and musical notes.

Books and Planets

book with planets
Image Credit: pitusink

A popular theme for book tattoos is planets appearing to fly out of the book. This tattoo also includes the addition of a rocket ship.

I hope you enjoyed checking out these cool book tattoos for women and that you’ve found some great inspiration for your next tattoo.

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