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General Provisions

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Intellectual Property Notice

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(1) You may use our intellectual property with clear and obvious credit back to our site, as well as links back to the page where the materials, designs, images, text, quote or post is located when it is appropriate to do so. However, you may never claim any of our intellectual property as your own or your unique creation, even with attribution.

(2) You may not use any intellectual property that has been attributed to a third-party website. These images should only serve as inspiration and cannot be copied.

Takedown Request

From time to time, the Website will publish posts with images from other third-party websites. Any such use is considered fair use under copyright laws and is fully attributed to the owner. If you believe that your copyrighted work has been used on the Website in a way that constitutes copyright infringement and falls outside of fair use, please send a request to momsgotthestuff@gmail.com and we will remove the image within 2 business days.

Security and Assumption of Risk


You have no right to confidentiality unless otherwise explicitly stated, such as in a subsequent client agreement, or otherwise implicitly agreed upon as mandated by law or fiduciary duty.

Your Communications

Any communications made through Our ‘contact’ or other related pages, or directly to Our phones or mailing or email addresses is not held privileged or confidential and is subject to viewing and distribution by third parties. We own any and all communications displayed on Our website, servers, comments, emails, or other media as allowed by the law in The United States of America. For more information on when and how We store and use Your communications or any data provided by You in those communications, please refer to Our Privacy Policy.

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Last Updated January 10, 2023