17 Pinecone Tattoos for People Who Love Nature

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This tattoo collection is for the nature enthusiasts out there. Well, at least the pineconeenthusiasts. We’ve got 17 pinecone tattoos for you to check out, from the cute and simple to some detailed designs that will take your breath away!

Pinecones are a symbol of new beginnings because they represent growth in different phases: the seeds inside are dormant but have the potential to grow into something beautiful.

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tattoo with real pinecones

Credit: hennanopanen

three arms with tattoo

Credit: iamcharlottelee

tattoo with symbol

Credit: islandtattoonashville

How to Take Care of Your Tattoo

The aftercare of your tattoo is extremely important. Getting a tattoo can be an exciting experience; however, in that excitement, there are steps you can take to ensure that your new ink looks as good in the future as it does now.

sunflower pinecone tattoo

Credit: junelaketattoo

shoulder pinecone and pine needle tattoo

Credit: dot.gain

pinecone tattoo on arm

Credit: lakeside.studio

The following steps will help you take care of your fresh pinecone tattoo so that its colors stay vibrant and pretty for years to come.

For the first few weeks after getting a new tattoo, wash it according to the instructions given by your tattoo artist.

This usually involves cleaning it gently with mild soap and water twice a day, and patting the area dry. Then applying a thin layer of Vaseline or another recommended ointment.

Repeat this process for 2-4 weeks, or however long your tattoo artist recommends.

If this is your first tattoo, check out my article Advice for Getting Your First Tattoo for Beginners.

pinecone tattoo with sunbursts

Credit: lydia_sticks

hawk tattoo on arm

Credit: mollymurrayink

pinecone tattoo sleeve

Credit: noonxub

How to Keep Your Tattoo Vibrant

Remember that sunlight can damage your fresh ink, so try to keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight. Additionally, when your tattoo is exposed to the sun, make sure you wear sunscreen.

Furthermore, when you first get your tattoo, avoid exposing it to very hot water, as this can also fade the ink.

pinecone on branch

Credit: spethszabo

pinecone leg tattoo

Credit: stellamayvlad

pinecone with finch tattoo

Credit: tattoosbysonja

Fun Fact About Pinecones

Did you know that pinecones can stay on a tree for more than 10 years before they drop to the ground?

During this time seeds for new pine trees grow under the scales of the pinecones. The scales protect the seeds from bad weather and hungry animals. Eventually, however, the seeds need to be released so that they can grow into new trees.

pinecone tattoo on thigh

Credit: tattoosnob

colorful pinecone tattoo

Credit: tiffany.fox.tattoo

pinecone sleeve

Credit: amie.stephenson

Tipping Your Tattoo Artist

Remember to carry cash so you can tip your tattoo artist once they are done. Usually, you should tip at least 20% of the total price. However, you can tip more if you have the money and if they have done a really good job. No written rule demands you must tip your artist, but it would be best to tip them.

brown pinecone tattoo

Credit: bodyartby_bear

pinecone ankle tattoo

Credit: caitlinlm.art

I hope these pinecone tattoos have given you inspiration for your next nature-themed tattoo. Remember to follow the instructions given by your tattoo artist to ensure that your tattoo looks great for years to come.

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