27 Spiritual Tattoo Ideas for Women

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If you’re looking for spiritual tattoo ideas for women, I have a wonderful collection of tattoos to inspire you.

Tattoos are not only used as a way to decorate your body, but also as a way to convey your beliefs and ideas.

Spiritual tattoos can range from animals to plants, to the third eye or planets.

There is so much out there that can be seen as being spiritual. That’s why I’ve included a wide variety of tattoo ideas.

If you take an interest in any of the symbols I’ve included below, make sure you double and triple-check that the meaning of the tattoo is indeed what the picture shows.

You wouldn’t want to get a tattoo that you think means one thing but really means another.

Temporary Spiritual Tattoos: If you’d like to test out a few tattoo designs, check out Etsy for temporary spiritual tattoos.

moons on wrist

Consider getting a simple tattoo on your wrist. You could get a tattoo of the planets, moon cycles, and more.

Credit: weheartit

foot tattoo for women

I love the idea of getting a tattoo on your foot or ankle area. These tattoos are gorgeous.

Credit: weheartit

watercolor rose tattoo

If you like watercolor style tattoos, consider getting a watercolor rose like this one.

Credit: weheartit

feminine energy tattoo

This tattoo looks amazing and carries so much meaning. Consider getting a design that’s personal to you.

Credit: weheartit

symbols with meaning

Always double and triple check that these meanings are correct before getting them permanently placed on your body.

Credit: weheartit

yin and yang koi fish

I love this simple design of yin and yang Koi fish. Yin and yang further symbolize the dueling sides of all things and the perfect balance and harmony of them.

Credit: weheartit

feather on foot tattoo

Here’s another foot tattoo design that I love. You could also get something like this on your wrist or bicep.

Credit: weheartit

middle back tattoo

If you’re looking for back tattoo ideas, you should find inspiration with this gorgeous tattoo on the upper back.

Credit: weheartit

planets on arm

If you’re fascinated by astrology and the energy of the planets, this is a great tattoo idea.

Credit: weheartit

spiritual foot tattoo

These simple ankle tattoos are beautiful. Consider placing your spiritual tattoo on your ankle.

Credit: weheartit

fox face with flowers

You can get a tattoo of your spirit animal. The wolf represents instincts and intelligence.

Credit: weheartit

deer on thigh tattoo

I really love thigh tattoos. Again, you can get a tattoo on your thigh of your spirit animal or an animal that holds meaning to you.

Credit: weheartit

symbol center of back

The upper back area is a great location for your spiritual tattoo.

Credit: weheartit

tree of life tattoo

If you want a tattoo that takes up space, a tree would be a great idea for a tattoo.

Credit: weheartit

hamsa tattoo

The hamsa holds a variety of meanings by different cultures. In some cultures, the hamsa wards off any potential negative force.

Credit: weheartit

birds on hand

If you love birds, consider getting a tattoo of a flock of birds. I love the placement of this tattoo.

Credit: weheartit

sun and moon tattoo

If follow the energies of astrology and the planets, consider getting a tattoo that represents your interest.

Credit: weheartit

third eye wrist tattoo

The third eye on the wrist really stands out. The nail designs are also really creative. 🙂

Credit: weheartit

third eye shoulder tattoo

Here’s another third eye tattoo. This tattoo is located on the shoulder. The shoulder is also a great tattoo placement.

Credit: weheartit

yin and yang finger tattoo

Yin and yang tattoo are always a great idea. These tattoo are placed on the inner finger.

Credit: weheartit

wings on wrist

I really love this wrist tattoo. The wrist is one of my favorite tattoo locations.

Credit: weheartit

symbols on forearm

If you’re looking for tattoo ideas for your inner arm area, this tattoo is a great piece of inspiraiton.

Credit: weheartit

orange butterfly with eyes

This orange butterfly tattoo is absolutely stunning. I love the addition of the third eye.

Credit: nextluxury

third eye on finger tattoo

I love the simplicity of this third eye tattoo. I also love how it’s located on the index finger.

Credit: nextluxury

third eye with hands

The tattoo holds so much meaning and is absolutely stunning. I really like the location of the tattoo as well.

Credit: nextluxury

woman reflection tattoo with third eye

Here’s a beautiful spiritual tattoo that I think you’ll love. This tattoo gives you a few great ideas for your next tattoo.

Credit: nextluxury

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