20 Beautiful Bee Tattoo Ideas for Women

If you’re considering getting a bee tattoo, I’m sharing 20 bee tattoo design ideas for women. To be more specific, you’ll find honey bee tattoos for women.

I’ve included a mixture of minimalist tattoos and tattoos that have more detail. You’ll also find black and white bee tattoos and even bright and bold bee tattoos.

Getting a tattoo is a big decision for many of us, so taking the time to look at tattoos on other people can give us a good idea of the tattoo we would like and even the placement of the tattoo.

I hope this post with bee-themed tattoos will inspire you and give you ideas for your next tattoo.

Evil Bee Tattoo

evil bee tattoo
Artist Credit: molly_sandra__

This evil bee tattoo is so clever and unique. If you love the style of this tattoo, I recommend checking out the artists for more ideas.

Great Shading

large bee and flower tattoo with black shading
Artist Credit: norbert_nice_art

The shading on this tattoo is absolutely fantastic and well done. This artist does a great job with the shading of their black ink tattoos.

Yellow and White

partially done tattoo
Artist Credit: perrine.canine.tattoos

This cool tattoo is in the process of being colored in. It already looks fantastic, so imagine how great it will look once all the colors are added.

Bee in a Lightbulb

bee and lightbulb tattoo
Artist Credit: sanctum.tattoo

If you’re looking for unique tattoo ideas, I love the idea of drawing a scene within a lightbulb. This tattoo would look fantastic with just black ink, too.

Simple Bee Tattoo

bee tattoo with initial
Artist Credit: shopoffools

The simplicity of this bee tattoo appeals to me. If you love this style, consider a similar design for your tattoo. The inclusion of the letter is a nice touch.

Bee with Fruit

bee with strawberries tattoo
Artist Credit: gravitytattooshop

Colorful tattoos like this are so eye-catching. A tattoo like this would make a great addition to a tattoo sleeve.

Bee with Crystals

bee with crystals
Artist Credit: dubzubtattoo

I’ve never come across a bee tattoo like this one, and I’m impressed. The design is stunning, and the colors look amazing together. Check out the artist to see more creative and well-done designs.

Thigh Placement

bee tattoo on thigh
Artist Credit: goodmojotattoos

I love tattoos that are placed on the upper thigh area. I would love to get a tattoo on my thigh one day. Get your tattoo with black ink or add color.

Large Bee with Heart Ruby

colorful bee tattoo with ruby
Artist Credit: irezumitattooglasgow

Large bee tattoos like this one stand out and look amazing. The vibrant colors are attractive. The artist specializes in Japanese and traditional tattooing.

Queen Bee Tattoo

queen bee tattoo
Artist Credit: goodthingstattoo

This bee tattoo is unique. If you love this art style, you’ll probably love other designs from this artist. You can learn more at their website, Good Things Tattoo.

Watercolor Design

watercolor flower and bee tattoo
Artist Credit: johnhoustontattoo

Watercolor tattoos are getting more and more popular every day. This tattoo features a large watercolor flower with a bee hovering above the flower.

Small Bee Tattoo

black bee tattoo
Artist Credit: latintaquehabito

This small black ink bee tattoo would look fantastic on the wrist or forearm. It would also look great placed above your ankle. Adding color would also be great for this design.

Bee Hovering Flowers

bee with flower on arm
Credit: weheartit

This feminine bee tattoo is on the forearm, which is an excellent location for your next tattoo. It features a bee flying over two delicate flowers

Bumblebee on Foot

bee on heel
Credit: weheartit

If you’re looking for a tattoo idea for your foot, you’ll love this bumblebee tattoo near the heel. I love this cute little tattoo.

Bee Above Elbow

bee on elbow
Credit: weheartit

I not only love this bee tattoo, but I like the location, too. If you haven’t, you should consider placing your tattoo above your elbow.

Bee Behind Ear

small bee behind ears
Credit: weheartit

Behind the ear is a great place to get your small bee tattoo. This tiny little bee is a great first tattoo idea for women.

Bee with Red Heart

large bee with red heart
Credit: weheartit

Make your tattoo stand out by using vibrant colors. This bee has a bright red heart on its back and uses a bold yellow in its pattern.

Bees and Berries

bee on berries
Credit: weheartit

If you love the look of nature, this bee getting ready to pollinate a plant is pretty cool. I love how this plant includes different flowers and even ripe berries.

Bee Floating with a Balloon

Bee Floating with a Balloon
Credit: gwen.tattooing

This bee is taking a break while the ballon does all the work. This tattoo will inspire you if you want a dainty and feminine design.

Bee Playing a Violin

Bee Playing a Violin
Credit: youngchickentattoo

What a cute and fun idea for a tattoo. This design features a bee playing a violin. Use this tattoo to inspire your own unique design. For example, your bee could play a different instrument, hold your favorite food, etc.

I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out this collection of bee tattoos for women and that you’ve found some great inspiration for your next tattoo.

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