20 Beautiful Leg Tattoo Ideas for Women

These leg tattoo ideas for women will inspire anyone who’s looking for feminine tattoo ideas. I’m sharing so many beautiful tattoos. You’ll find flower and leaf tattoos, line art tattoos, and more.

Getting a tattoo is a big decision for many of us, so taking the time to look at tattoos on other people can give us a good idea of the tattoo we would like and even the placement of the tattoo.

I hope this post filled with leg tattoos will inspire you and give you ideas for your next tattoo.

1. Colorful Snake Tattoo

dragon tattoo on side body
Credit: hi_himi

This tattoo is absolutely epic. It features an amazing snake design and black and red tattoo ink. I love how this tattoo covers the entire upper leg area.

2. Flowers Around the Leg

flower ankle tattoo
Credit: rinaluchs.tattoo

This simple and minimalist floral design is wrapped around the shin area of the leg.

Choosing Your Artist

When choosing your tattoo artist, pick someone that you trust and can see yourself having fun with during the tattoo process.

Most tattoo artists have some sort of online portfolio, whether it be a website or an Instagram profile. Make sure you take the time to browse their body of work before choosing them as your tattoo artist.

3. Botanical Tattoo

sunflowers and roses
Credit: zinebslim

If you love flowers, consider getting a botanical tattoo on your leg. This tattoo uses black ink but would look great with colored ink too.

Take Your Time

Getting a tattoo is an important decision, so don’t rush the process.

Take your time when it comes to deciding what tattoo design you want, what colors you want, and where you want the tattoo to be located.

Once you’ve decided on your tattoo, wait a few months (one year is even better) before moving forward to ensure that you’re making a sound decision.

4. Perfect Shading

flowers with bright center
Credit: matkaciezabije

The shading on this thigh tattoo looks amazing. Additionally, I love the detail that was added to the center of the flowers.

5. Tattoos on Both Legs

snake and flower tattoo on legs
Credit: blxckink

If you’re ready to put in the time, having coordination tattoos on both legs is such a great idea.

6. Line Tattoo

line work face with roses
Credit: magnumxiii

This tattoo was done without ever lifting the tattoo pen. This technique is called continuous line drawing.

Don’t Shop Around for the Cheapest Artist

Bargain basement prices can mean you’re risking the quality of your tattoo and the cleanliness of the equipment.

Of course, this doesn’t have to be the case, but it’s something you should keep in mind.

If someone is willing to do your tattoo for $12, you should definitely pass on that. Even if you just want a small tattoo.

If you can’t afford to be tattooed by the artist you want, I recommend saving up your money until you can afford it. You won’t regret waiting, but you may regret not waiting.

7. Dandelion Bundle

colorful dandelion flowers
Credit: hattiejcox_tattoo

You may not have considered just how beautiful the dandelion flower can be. The coloring for this tattoo was so well done.

8. Clock with Flowers

clock with flowers on leg
Credit: jo_mi_tattoo

If clocks and time hold a special meaning to you, you’ll love this tattoo. “The most precious resource we all have is time.” — Steve Jobs

9. Hand-Drawn Leaves

simple leaf tattoo
Credit: mac_tatts_

This tattoo that features leaves has a cool hand-drawn look that I think you’ll love.

Make Sure The Artist Uses New Supplies

To avoid contracting an infection or serious illness, your artist should always use new ink cups, disposable needles, napkins, and gloves.

When it’s time to get your tattoo, make sure you see them opening the needle package to ensure that it’s a new needle.

10. Floral Ankle Tattoo

floral ring around ankle
Credit: honey_im_home_tattoo

This flower ankle tattoo is amazing. You’ll especially love rocking this tattoo in the summertime.

11. Bold Leg Tattoo

red roses along leg
Credit: chris_tattooer

This leg tattoo is so beautiful and bold. The colors really pop with this one, and the art looks amazing.

Large Tattoos Can Take More Than One Session to Complete

If you have a larger design, keep in mind that it make take more than one session to finish the tattoo.

If you have a larger design, keep in mind that it make take more than one session to finish the tattoo.

Make sure you ask your artist for an estimate on how long it will take to complete the tattoo, from start to finish.

12. The Nightmare Before Christmas

nightmare before christmas tattoo
Credit: artse828

If you’re a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, you’re going to love this tattoo. There’s a lot of dotwork used here too. So if you’re into the dotwork technique, you’ll love this tattoo even more.

13. Pinecone and Berries

colorful fruit with flowers and bees
Credit: hattiejcox_tattoo

I find this pinecone and berries tattoo to be absolutely amazing. Nature lovers should definitely consider this wonderful tattoo.

14. Butterflies and Planets

flowers with butterflies and planets
Credit: morska_orang_wu_tang

There is so much to unpack with this tattoo. It includes so many amazing details, such as butterflies, planets, flowers, and more.

15. Heart-Shaped Clock

heart shaped clock
Credit: dainkplug

Here’s another tattoo that features flowers and a clock. I love how the clock has a heart shape with beautiful floral details.

16. Tree of Life

tree of life tattoo on leg
Credit: edge_tattoo_studio

This tattoo reminds me of the tree of life. If you feel a connection with trees and their meaning, I hope this tattoo inspires you.

17. Snake and Florals

black and white snake with flowers tattoo
Credit: mariehoven

This tattoo seems to be unfinished. It looks like color will be added down the line. I must say that the design is amazing, and I can’t wait to see the completed tattoo.

18. Beautiful Vines

vine going down leg tattoo
Credit: zeetattoo

I love the simplicity of this vine tattoo. The shading done here is amazing, and I think that the placement of the tattoo is perfect.

19. Green Vines

green leaves on leg
Credit: imagineinktattoostudio

Here’s another vine tattoo. This tattoo is definitely bold and unique. If you want something that stands out, this will surely inspire you.

These feminine leg tattoo ideas for women are so gorgeous, and I hope you’ve found inspiration for your next leg tattoo.

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