17 Remarkable Poppy Flower Tattoo Designs

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If you’re looking for poppy tattoo design ideas, we’ve got you covered. The poppy flower can be simplified to its bright red petals and black center. A poppy flower tattoo looks great on its own, or as a new addition to your feminine tattoo sleeve.

The poppy flower has a variety of different meanings, all of which are significant and beautiful. Many people choose the poppy flower tattoo because it is a symbol of strength and resilience. The poppy flower was once used as a symbol of sleep and peace, but now it is more commonly seen as a symbol of Remembrance.

Poppy flowers have long been associated with death and resurrection. In ancient Greece, the poppy was associated with Demeter, the goddess of harvest. In Rome, the poppy was associated with Venus, the goddess of love.

Poppies are often used as a symbol of remembrance for soldiers who have died in war. If you love the beauty of this flower or connect with its symbolism, here are some tattoo design ideas to inspire you.

1. Single Red Poppy Flower

Getting a single red poppy flower tattoo is a great idea because while it stands out, it’s not covering an extremely large portion of our skin. I love how this particular tattoo uses the watercolor technique.

poppy flower on arm
Credit: antique.tattoo.atelier

2. Bears and Poppies

If you want something cute and wonderful, you could get a tattoo of your favorite animals and incorporate poppy flowers into the design. I recommend choosing an animal that holds a special meaning in your heart.

poppy flower with bears
Credit: buju_tattoo

3. Fashion Poppy

This fashion poppy tattoo is creative and unique. The tattoo features a person with a poppy flower on their head, and they’re wearing a suit covered with flowers. And you can’t forget to mention the awesome pair of sneakers they’re wearing. The artist did an amazing job with the shading for this tattoo as well.

fashion poppy
Credit: czarne.maki

4. Black Ink Poppy Tattoo

If you enjoy linework, consider getting a linework-style poppy tattoo. This tattoo uses black ink to create a stunning floral design. The artist did a great job with this one.

black and white poppy flower tattoo
Credit: davide.mancini

5. Feminine Poppy Flower Tattoo

Women will love this delicate poppy flower tattoo. The colors look wonderful, and the shading looks great too. Plus, the location of this tattoo is just perfect.

feminine poppy flower tattoo
Credit: eva_tattooist

6. Poppies in Lightbulb

Now, this is what I call a beautiful and creative tattoo idea. Red poppies are growing within a lightbulb. Additionally, there are butterflies flying above the flowers.

bicep tattoo with poppy and lightbulb
Credit: ikova_tattoo_studio

7. Butterfly and Poppies

If you love butterflies and poppy flowers, why not combine them into one beautiful tattoo design. You can have your butterfly colored in using your favorite color.

butterfly and poppies
Credit: j.ryong__tattoo

8. Poppy Flower with Geometric Shapes

This tattoo is absolutely stunning. The flower itself has an amazingly realistic appearance, and the shading was done perfectly. Not only that, but the shapes were so well done. Also, adding a quote to your tattoo is a great idea. This one says, “We’ll be alright.”

Poppy Flower with Geometric Shapes
Credit: kevinleetat2

9. Feminine Poppy

Here’s a tattoo that is so feminine and gorgeous. The location of the tattoo is perfect too. If you love botanical art, you’ll be inspired by this piece.

poppy flower tattoo on arm
Credit: laravinckdesigns

10. Flower Sleeve

As you’ve probably seen, flower tattoos make great arm sleeves. They look great when using black ink only, and they also look amazing when filled in with colored ink.

flower tattoos sleeve
Credit: pina_ink

11. Simple Poppy Flower

If you want something simple and delicate, consider getting a small red poppy flower tattoo. What I love about this tattoo is that even though it’s on the smaller side, it still stands out beautifully.

simple poppy tattoo
Credit: redhaare

12. Flower with Signature

I’ve seen this style of tattoo before and I absolutely adore it. The stem of the flower is actually a name of your choice. This particular tattoo says “family,” but you could use your name or the name of a loved one.

flower with quote
Credit: roserathian

13. Colorful Poppy Flower Tattoo

If you want something bold and vibrant, you’ll be inspired by this tattoo. The poppy is the true star of this tattoo and makes a great addition to an arm sleeve.

colorful poppy flower tattoo
Credit: tattoosnob

14. Flowers in a Bottle

Instead of a message in a bottle, this tattoo features flowers in a bottle. If you love botanical tattoos, this tattoo will give you plenty of inspiration.

flowers in bottle botanical tattoo
Credit: tiefschwarz.company

15. Poppy Ankle Tattoo

The ankle area is a great location for your poppy tattoo. I love the addition of the purple flowers and the beautiful shading that was done here.

poppy ankle tattoo
Credit: tory_tattooer

16. Watercolor Poppy

A watercolor tattoo is a tattoo that is created to look like it was done using watercolor paints. This watercolor poppy has been placed on the shoulder and extends down the back of the arm.

watercolor poppy tattoo
Credit: veroni.ink

17. Poppy Flowers with Ladybug

This tattoo of poppy flowers with a ladybug has a unique design style. The addition of the ladybug adds additional meaning. The ladybug is a popular symbol of good luck. In many cultures, the ladybug is seen as a sign of good things to come. Ladybugs are also symbols of love, protection, and new beginnings.

feminine poppy tattoo with ladybug
Credit: lucybumpkin

If you’re looking to get a new tattoo, consider the beautiful poppy flower. Hopefully, you’ve found some great ideas on how this flower can be incorporated into your tattoo design or as an addition to your already existing sleeve.

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