Negative Space Tattoos That Will Impress You

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Negative space tattoos are a unique style of tattoo. They place the emphasis on negative spaces using black or colored ink. Essentially, they are an reversed image, where your skin becomes the main subject.

Negative space tattoos are an interesting take for those who want something different and creative. We have compiled some of our favorite negative space tattoo designs that will truly impress you.

ear tattoo
Credit: ahrtt
apple with stars
Credit: classylasslilith

Linework Flowers

This tattoo includes roses with an upside down triangle. This tattoo features linework flowers with negative space. You can get a similar look with or without the triangle. You could also incorporate a different shape or design in the center.

linework flowers
Credit: damienvines
heart with flowers
Credit: elisseegram

Negative Space Name Tattoo

Negative space tattoos that feature a name are some of the most common and interesting negative space tattoo ideas. Get your loved ones name tattooed on your body in a clever way. You can include your favorite flowers for the background design.

name tattoo on arm
Credit: goodfellas_ink
fruit tattoo
Credit: hemlocktattoostudio

Barn with Stars

This simple tattoo showcases a black barn with negative space stars. Here’s a perfect tattoo idea for anyone who grew up on or lives on a farm.

barn tattoo
Credit: hemlocktattoostudio

Negative Space Leaves

If you’re ready to go all out, this is the perfect design style to consider. Here we have some leaves created with nothing but negative space. The details in this negative space tattoo are absolutely amazing.

Negative space tattoos will forever be appreciated as an art form, and this is just one example of how it can be used for something beautiful.

cool negative space tattoo
Credit: hoode215

Acorn and Leaves

This acorn and leaves tattoo includes a few different tattooing techniques. There’s linework, negative space and dotwork (also known as stippling). Here’s a great design that’s perfect for nature loves.

leaves and acorn tattoo
Credit: ianreynold
dotwork tattoo
Credit: ihudatattoo

Negative Space Disney Tattoo

This tattoo incorporates negative space in a really fun way. As you can see, the skin color showcases an image of the popular Alice and Wonderland. This is definitely a tattoo that’s perfect for the fans of this classic story.

negative space disney tattoo
Credit: inkhut_tattoo
moth tattoo
Credit: lynn.ivarsson

Colored Ink Lighthouse

The lighthouse is a symbol of guidance, protection, and hope. If you connect with what the lighthouse symbolizes, you will enjoy being inspired by this lighthouse that was done using black and colored ink. This tattoo uses some negative space and has great shading too.

lighthouse tattoo
Credit: memento_detroit
stars and moon dotted tattoo
Credit: noah.riley.7

Stippling Stampede

Negative space tattoos can convey images of animals too. If you love horses, considering getting a tattoo that features one of your favorite animals. This tattoo was done using dotwork, a stippling technique where the entire tattoo is created using dots.

dotwork horse tattoo
Credit: racheljfriel
negative space flower tattoo
Credit: s.q.u.i.d.vicious

Custom Letterwork Tattoo

Here’s a really cool example of a letterwork tattoo. If you enjoy letterwork tattoos, consider getting a custom letterwork negative space tattoo that holds a special meaning to you.

eastwick tattoo
Credit: tattoos.from.marz
moth negative space tattoo
Credit: vesseltattooco

Contemporary Tattoo

If you enjoy the contemporary art style, you’ll love this negative space tattoo. I highly recommend checking out the artist (link below photo) for more super creative tattoo ideas.

contemporary tattoo
Credit: zibal.tattow

Negative space tattoos are a creative and unique way to express yourself. When you want something different, this might be the style for you.