20 Compass Tattoo Ideas for Women

There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing your compass tattoo design. For some people, the compass is a simple symbol of direction and navigation. For others, it may represent a more personal journey or inner exploration.

One idea is to incorporate the compass into a larger tattoo of a world map. This can symbolize the wanderlust spirit and the idea of being grounded and rooted in one’s home. Another design idea is to use the compass as part of a nautical theme. Your tattoo could include elements like anchors, waves, or ship wheels.

Neo-Traditional Compass Tattoo

Neo Traditional Compass Tattoo
Artist Credit: jordanbrilltattoos

This neo-traditional compass tattoo with colorful sparrows is the perfect way to show your love for travel and adventure. The intricate details and vibrant color palette make this design an attractive choice.

Compass World Map

compass world map
Artist Credit: segarainktattoo_bali

This compass tattoo is pretty creative. It features unique line work of the world map with a subtle compass design.

Compass and Anchor

Compass and Anchor Tattoo
Artist Credit: inkomnia_studio

This compass tattoo should inspire you if you’re a sucker for good shading like I am. The artist has not only done a great job with the shading, but the addition of the watercolor technique looks pretty cool too.

Traditional Compass Tattoo

traditional compass tattoo on upper arm
Artist Credit: elyskenttattoo

Anyone who’s looking for a simple compass tattoo will love this look. This traditional compass tattoo features a black compass placed on the upper arm.

Compass with Water Splashes

Compass with Water Splashes
Artist Credit: tattooist_ryu_hwa

This compass surrounded by splashes of water is the perfect design for anyone who loves the ocean and being surrounded by water. You could even add blue ink for the water design.

Hand-Poked Compass Tattoo

Handpoked Compass Tattoo
Artist Credit: sammy_pokes

Hand-poked tattoos are completed without the use of electricity. This type of tattoo uses a single needle to push the ink underneath the skin.

Compass and Mountain

Compass and Mountain
Artist Credit: nicohidalgo_tattoo

A compass and mountain tattoo can represent your journey in life. It can guide you through life’s trials and tribulations, while the mountain can represent your goals and ambitions. The two symbols together can remind you to stay the course and stay focused on your goals.

Compass and Rose

Compass and Rose
Artist Credit: joenievesarts

If you want to fill up an arm sleeve, you can incorporate different elements into your compass tattoo. This sleeve features a compass, a watch, and a large red rose.

Compass with Butterfly and Flowers

Compass with Butterfly and Flowers
Artist Credit: momcil.milanov

Add a feminine touch to your design by incorporating butterflies, flowers, and more. This tattoo would be perfect for someone looking for a symbol of hope and new beginnings.

Compass with Arrow

Compass with Arrow
Artist Credit: franci__tattoo__

If you look closely at this tattoo, you can see that the artist has done a great job of incorporating dotwork into the compass design.

Compass and Airplane

Compass and Airplane Tattoo
Artist Credit: dusk_jail

Those who enjoy traveling could consider incorporating an airplane or another form of transportation into their tattoo.

Compass and Flowers

Compass and Flowers
Artist Credit: toothandnailtucker

If you’re ready to go intricate with your tattoo design, be inspired by this compass surrounded by flowers. The compass is used to navigate and find your way, while the flowers represent beauty and life.

Compass with Dripping Water

Compass with Dripping Water
Artist Credit: murkyink

I love the dripping water effect incorporated into this tattoo design. I also love the softness of the black ink and the beautiful shading.

North (N), East (E), South (S), West (W)

North (N), East (E), South (S), West (W)
Artist Credit: zuza.to.dziara

Here’s a North (N), East (E), South (S), West (W) tattoo that includes artistic details like different arrows and even rope wrapped around an arrow.

Lighthouse and Compass

Lighthouse and Compass Tattoo
Artist Credit: indrajeet_chakraborty

As you can see, the tattoo below includes so much beautiful detail. The artist did an excellent job with this piece. From the lighthouse to the anchor to the addition of the blue ink.

Compass and Whale Tattoo

Compass and Whale Tattoo
Artist Credit: r.o.s_tattoo

This compass and whale tattoo is a great way to show your love for the sea. I love the geometric shapes and delicate lines used for this design.

Watercolor Compass

Watercolor Compass
Artist Credit: blackkayy

I find watercolor tattoos to be quite stunning. A watercolor tattoo is a tattoo in which the ink is applied to make it look like a painting. The colors are blended to create a soft and ethereal look.

Compass Armband

Compass Armband
Artist Credit: artline_artist_tattoo

You don’t often see a compass being done as an armband. If you want your design to take up more real estate on your skin, consider getting an armband.

Feminine Compass Tattoo

Feminine Compass Tattoo
Artist Credit: sukza__art

The artist has put a unique spin on the compass. This design has a feminine look, which you may not recognize as a compass at first glance.

Compass tattoos can represent various things, such as direction, guidance, and protection. They can also be symbolic of a person’s journey in life. I hope you have found inspiration in this compass tattoo collection.

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