20 Best Artistic Tattoo Ideas

There is no question that tattoos are works of art. The best tattoo designs capture the imagination and can be a source of inspiration for years to come.

Whether you’re looking for a small, subtle tattoo or something more elaborate, there are plenty of unique artistic tattoo designs to choose from. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, consider one of these creative and inspiring design ideas.

1. Ladybug Tattoo

 Ladybug Tattoo
Credit: erenztp

These little creatures are symbols of good luck, and their bright colors add a touch of fun to any design. And because they’re often associated with nature, ladybug tattoos can also be a way to show your love for the outdoors.

2. Chanel ‎N°5  Tattoo

Chanel ‎N°5  Tattoo
Credit: leoradu_tatoueurnice

There’s no denying that Chanel ‎N°5 is one of the most iconic perfumes ever. And now, you can wear your love for the classic scent on your sleeve…literally!

3. Centipede Tattoo

Centipede Tattoo
Credit: maiyashu.pokes

Centipedes are often associated with good luck, making them a good choice for those who want a tattoo that will bring them some extra luck.

4. Icarus and the Sun

Icarus and the sun tattoo
Credit: odb_blackwork

Icarus is a figure from Greek mythology best known for his tragic story of flying too close to the sun with wings made of feathers and wax. The heat from the sun melted the wax, and Icarus fell into the sea and drowned.

5. Moth Woman

Moth Woman tattoo
Credit: fine.hand

I’m unsure what this creature is, so I call her a “moth woman.” I will say this tattoo is super creative and unique.

6. Van Gogh Butterfly

Van Gogh Butterfly
Credit: vivitattooer

This Van Gogh butterfly tattoo is unique in that it is done in the style of the famous painter. The vibrant colors and intricate details make it a beautiful piece of art that fans of both tattoos and art alike can appreciate.

7. Fox in a Suit

Fox in a Suit tattoo
Credit: the_nest_tattoo

This clever tattoo is of a fox in a suit. It’s a very stylized and artistic tattoo, with the fox looking like a cartoon character. If you want an attractive design, consider putting an animal in clothes.

8. Freehand Tattoo

freehand tattoo
Credit: gele_poked

Believe it or not, this is a hand-poked tattoo. A hand-poked tattoo is exactly as it sounds. A single needle was used to hand-poke the ink into the skin.

9. Spiderman Neck Tattoo

Spiderman Neck Tattoo
Credit: tatto_hub

Here’s a tattoo design you don’t see very often. Spiderman is hanging upside down on the back of the woman’s neck. Spiderman fans will love this tattoo.

10. Harry Potter Tattoo

Harry Potter tattoo
Credit: odb_blackwork

This tattoo has so many unique details I don’t know where to start. There’s the Hogwarts castle, the Snitch, Platform 9 3/4, and much more.

11. Three Butterflies

Three Butterflies tattoo
Credit: gloriousartdeutschland

This tattoo has three butterflies that are all in different positions. Because butterflies often represent transformation, this is a great tattoo design for anyone going through a metamorphosis.

12. TV with Flames

TV with Flames
Credit: humenyuk_art

This TV with flames tattoo has an old-school feel. It’s simple, has great shading, and is pretty unique if you ask me. Consider incorporating colored ink into your design.

13. Large Moth Tattoo

Large Moth Tattoo
Credit: marta_vinni_tattoo

Don’t be afraid to take up space with your tattoo. This design is of a giant moth placed on the upper arm. Going big Is a great way to fill up your arm if you’re working on a sleeve.

14. Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

Alice in Wonderland Tattoo
Credit: the_nest_tattoo

Fans of Alice in Wonderland will appreciate this tattoo design. It features Alice falling down the rabbit hole.

15. Microrealism Tattoo

microrealism tattoo
Credit: _rlacet

Microrealism tattoos are realistic tattoos that feature an incredibly high level of detail. These tattoos are typically tiny and can take days to complete.

16. Tommy Shelby Tattoo

Tommy Shelby Tattoo
Credit: black.minimal.tattoo

If you enjoy Peaky Blinders, you can probably appreciate this tattoo featuring the main character Tommy Shelby. The text written in the background is called “The Soldier’s Minute.”

17. The Postman

The Postman (Joseph-Étienne Roulin)
Credit: eden_tattoo_

This tattoo features The Postman (Joseph-Étienne Roulin) painting by Vincent Van Gogh. In it, Roulin wears his dark blue uniform, with the word “Postes” written across his hat.

18. Blue Snake with Gold Apple

Blue Snake with Gold Apple
Credit: tattooist_irae2

This artist specializes in creating gorgeous blue and gold tattoos. I highly recommend checking out their Instagram profile (link below) if you enjoy their art style and want to work with them.

19. Watermelon Slice Tattoo

Watermelon Slice Tattoo
Credit: melihporik

A simple watermelon slice tattoo is a fun idea. This would be a relatively easy and quick tattoo and looks great on your arm.

20. I Think I Am a Tattoo

I Think I Am a Tattoo
Credit: lipnetattoo

I’ve never seen a tattoo like this, but I find it so creative and charming. This quote would work perfectly for many different tattoo designs.

Artistic tattoo designs are a great way to express yourself and showcase your style. There are many different types of artistic tattoos, so I hope you were inspired to find the perfect design.

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