20 Cute and Small Tattoo Ideas for Women

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In this post, I’m sharing a collection of 20 small tattoo ideas for women.

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo and you’re looking for something cute and petite, you’ll find inspiration below.

Most of these tattoos are done using black ink, but you should consider adding a bit of color to your tattoo where appropriate.

Small Temporary Tattoo: If you’d like to test run a design, make sure you check out Etsy for small temporary tattoos.

Small and Delicate Tattoo Ideas

heart on wrist

This unique tattoo features a realistic heart. You could even get yours colored in to make it stand out more.

Credit: weheartit

tattoo.jpg on arm

As someone who spends a lot of time online, I love this missing image “tattoo.jpg” tattoo.

Credit: weheartit

faith tattoo

A tattoo like this will serve as a constant reminder to always have faith.

Credit: weheartit

moon behind ears

“Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born – you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.” – e. e. cummings

Credit: weheartit

flowers on ankle

If you love a delicate floral tattoo, consider getting something similar to this on your ankle.

Credit: weheartit

hand holding flower on arm

I love how the hand is holding the rose. I think that it would be nice to add color to the flower.

Credit: weheartit

pinky swear tattoo

Here’s a perfect BFF (best friend forever) tattoo idea. You and your best friend can get matching tattoos.

Credit: weheartit

moon with face

What a creative way to draw the moon. I think adding a few stars around the moon could also look nice.

Credit: weheartit

moon on wrist tattoo

I love small wrist tattoos. In fact, I have one of my own, but it’s a star. I think this small moon makes a great tattoo.

Credit: weheartit

cherry with stem on finger

What I love about this tattoo is that most people won’t know you have one unless you show it to them.

Credit: weheartit

wine glass tattoo

Isn’t this a super fun and creative tattoo idea? It’s a glass of wine that looks like it’s about to spill over.

Credit: weheartit

begin again on arm

I love inspirational tattoos like this one. It’s never too late to begin again.

Credit: weheartit

butterfly side tattoo

If you love butterflies, I think that this is such a creative location for a butterfly tattoo.

Credit: weheartit

rose on finger

I’ve always loved petite feminine tattoos that are located on the inner finger.

Credit: weheartit

rain plus sun equals rainbow

If you want to get creative with your small tattoo, I love this tattoo that reminds us that you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.

Credit: weheartit

tall flower on finger

Here’s another beautiful inner finger tattoo. This tattoo features a beautiful daisy flower.

Credit: weheartit

flower bunch tattoo

This is one of my favorite floral tattoo ideas. I think the bicep area is the perfect location for a tattoo like this.

Credit: weheartit

stars on finger

Here’s another one of my favorite tattoos in this round up. I love the simplicity of stars along the middle finger.

Credit: weheartit

heart with initial

Turn the first letter of your name into a heart. You could also do the first letter of a loved ones name.

Credit: weheartit