24 Semicolon Tattoos Ideas for Women and Their Meaning

The semicolon tattoo has become a popular design in recent years, with many people choosing to get inked with this simple punctuation mark. A semicolon is used in a sentence to break up thoughts, stating that there is more to come.

While there are a variety of interpretations of the semicolon tattoo, for many people, the semicolon represents affirmation and solidarity against depression, addiction, and other mental health issues.

This message of hope and resilience resonates with many people who have faced adversity, making the semicolon tattoo a powerful symbol of overcoming struggle.

Whether you see it as a reminder to keep going or a tribute to those who have fought hard battles, the semicolon tattoo is sure to have personal meaning for anyone who chooses to get one.

If you or a loved one needs help with mental or substance use disorders, call SAMHSA’s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

Semicolon on Wrist

Semicolon on Wrist tattoo
Credit: texturedbyrosa

One of the most popular places to get a semicolon tattoo is on the wrist. This location is perfect for a small and discreet tattoo. Additionally, wrist tattoos are also easy to cover up if needed, which can be important for people who have jobs with strict dress codes.

Continue Wrist Tattoo

continue wrist tattoo
Credit: beaucapricetattoo

With this beautiful wrist tattoo, the “I” has been replaced with a semicolon. I think that this is a creative tattoo that will truly inspire you.

Colorful Mermaid Tail

Colorful Mermaid Tail tattoo
Credit: vadolfson

This semicolon tattoo features a colorful mermaid tail. This design is perfect for people who want their tattoos to be meaningful and visually stunning.

Monarch Butterfly

monarch butterfly tattoo
Credit: _julesink_

Butterflies are often seen as symbols of transformation, hope, and new beginnings. After all, they undergo a remarkable transformation during their lifespan, going from caterpillars to fully-grown butterflies.

Square Semicolon

Square Semicolon tattoo
Credit: aa.inkz

This simple semicolon tattoo is located on the wrist. The simplicity of this design makes it an excellent idea for anyone getting their first tattoo.

Cross and Semicolon

Cross and Semicolon tattoo
Credit: ange_cvan

This tattoo features a cross and a semicolon. It is a wonderful choice for people who want to show their faith and support for mental health awareness.

Semicolon Outline Tattoo

Semicolon Outline Tattoo
Credit: averyjoytattoos

This beautiful tattoo is located behind the ear. I like how the tattoo is an outline of the semicolon, which is a bit different from most, which are filled in.

Spirited Away Soot Sprite and No Face Semicolon

Spirited Away Tattoo
Credit: cats.inks

Spirited away is a Japanese animated fantasy film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. The film tells the story of a young girl, Chihiro, who becomes trapped in an alternative world of spirits and must find a way to return to her own world.

Rose with Semicolon

Rose with Semicolon tattoo
Credit: dcosgrovetattoos

The rose is seen as a symbol of love and appreciation. The flower is associated with strong emotions and deep affection, making it a lovely choice for a tattoo design.

Simple Butterfly

simple butterfly semicolon tattoo
Credit: deboratatuadora

This tattoo features a butterfly and a semicolon. It is a great choice for people who want to show solidarity for mental health awareness. Additionally, the butterfly is a symbol of hope and change.

Black and White Tattoo

black and white semicolon tattoo
Credit: grammss_tattoos

Here’s a tattoo that’s so creative and eye-catching. It doesn’t get any better than this if you’re looking for unique semicolon ideas.

Cat Semicolon

cat semicolon tattoo
Credit: kelseyahart

Cat lovers will appreciate this kitten semicolon tattoo. This small tattoo of a kitten has a semicolon for the tail. The design is usually cute and simple.

Elegant Butterfly

Elegant Butterfly tattoo
Credit: kissa.tattoo

Butterflies are one of the most popular tattoo designs, and it’s easy to see why. They’re delicate and beautiful and can represent a wide range of things, from new beginnings to never-ending love.

Watercolor Cat Semicolon

Watercolor Cat Semicolon tattoo
Credit: kitty.g.artistry

This watercolor cat is a pretty cool idea for a semi-colon tattoo. Watercolor tattoos can have a more ethereal look as if they were painted onto the skin.

Tiny Semicolon

Tiny Semicolon
Credit: livwaddington

Your tattoo doesn’t have to be large to be beautiful, as you can see below. Initially popularized by the nonprofit organization Project Semicolon, the semicolon tattoo has become a symbol of hope and resilience for those who have struggled with mental illness or addiction.

Semicolon “Continue” Tattoo on Forearm

Semicolon Tattoo on Forearm
Credit: matcha.inks

To continue means to keep persisting despite obstacles. It’s a verb that implies forward motion, even when that motion is difficult. Continuing can be its own kind of challenge, but it’s worth it.

Semicolon and Flowers

Semicolon and Flowers tattoo
Credit: rudrainktattoo

Flowers can be combined with a semicolon to create a beautiful and powerful statement. For some, adding flowers may represent growth after overcoming difficult times. For others, the colorful blooms may reflect their love of nature.

Vibrant Butterfly

Vibrant Butterfly tattoo
Credit: shawnhoeseltattoo

Monarch butterflies are one of the most beautiful and iconic insects. Their vibrant orange and black wings are a common sight in gardens and meadows across the continent. For many people, monarchs represent the beauty and fragility of nature. They also have a deep spiritual meaning, often associated with transformation and change.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo

Blue Butterfly Tattoo
Credit: puravidatattooco

Blue represents several things, including loyalty, wisdom, and trustworthiness. It is also often associated with peace and tranquility.

Semicolon Dragonfly

Semicolon Dragonfly tattoo
Credit: tabathascaccianoce

Dragonflies are one of the most recognizable and beloved insects. In many cultures, dragonflies are seen as symbols of good luck, renewal, and new beginnings.

Small Semicolon on Forearm

Small Semicolon on Forearm
Credit: tattooby_arief

While the meaning of this tattoo will be personal to each individual who chooses to get it, the small semicolon on the forearm is a powerful symbol of hope and courage for many people. It is a reminder that every day is a new opportunity to start fresh, no matter what may have happened in the past. And for those struggling, it is a reminder that there is always a reason to keep fighting.

Purple and Blue Semicolon

Purple and Blue Semicolon tattoo
Credit: tattooist_janny

For your tattoo, consider choosing colors that mean something to you or someone you love. Choosing colors close to your heart allows you to tell a story with your tattoo.

Semicolon Finger Tattoo

semicolon finger tattoo
Credit: tattooist_ssu

This tiny tattoo is located on the thumb. You can have your design tattooed on the finger of your choice. The index finger is another excellent location.

Heart Semicolon

Heart Semicolon tattoo
Credit: terratelletattoo

Combine a heart and semicolon to have a beautiful and feminine tattoo. This tattoo is located behind the ear, which is a great location, especially for women.

The semicolon tattoo is a beautiful choice for those looking for a tattoo that represents a message of hope and strength. Whether you’re getting the tattoo to express your journey or to show solidarity with others, the semicolon tattoo is a beautiful way to show your support.

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