20 Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas for Women

If you’re looking to commemorate the dragonfly with a tattoo design that is both timeless and meaningful, then get inspired by some of our top picks for beautiful dragonfly tattoos for women.

Dragonflies are among the most beautiful insects, known for their ethereal beauty. Dragonflies are a symbol of transformation, renewal, and good luck around the world. If you feel a connection to this insect, check out the tattoos below.

Dragonfly with a Sunflower

Dragonfly and Sunflower Tattoo
Credit: kelseybarehamtattoos

A tattoo of a dragonfly with a sunflower is one way to capture the natural beauty and symbolism of both. The sunflower’s bright petals can symbolize positivity, while the dragonfly represents transformation and change.

Dragonfly with Abstract Wings

Dragonfly with Abstract Wings Tattoo
Credit: b.groovy.ttt

This abstract piece looks stunning in black ink with intricate shading and linework. It’s a great way to honor the power and beauty of the dragonfly.

Dragonfly Tattoo with Beautiful Shading

Dragonfly Tattoo with Beautiful Shading
Credit: redhaare

A classic dragonfly is made even more beautiful with the shading that the artist did. This tattoo can be done in any color but looks incredibly stunning when a gradient of black ink.

Delicate Floral Dragonfly Tattoo

Delicate Floral Dragonfly Tattoo
Credit: _rony_tattoo

Celebrate the beauty of flowers and dragonflies with this delicate floral tattoo. Combining soft pink flowers, green leaves, and a dragonfly perfectly combines two of nature’s most beautiful elements.

Pink and Blue Dragonfly

Pink and Blue Dragonfly Tattoo
Credit: bond_art_sk

Brighten up your body with a fun and vibrant dragonfly tattoo. This pink and blue design is perfect for ladies who love to make a statement.

Dragonfly Sword Handle

Dragonfly and Sword Tattoo
Credit: chatnoir_tattoo

This tattoo combines two powerful symbols into one stunning piece. The dragonfly symbolizes freedom and joy, while the sword represents strength and courage. Together, they create a beautiful image of inner power.

Flowers and Dragonflies Armband

Flowers and Dragonflies Armband Tattoo
Credit: gurl_soul

A feminine armband is perfect for anyone who wants to make a bold statement. The delicate flowers and dragonflies are intertwined, creating a beautiful tattoo that stands out.

Dragonfly with Purple Flowers

Dragonfly and Purple Flowers Tattoo
Credit: gypsyskulltattoo

Here’s a tattoo that is a perfect combination of beauty and strength. It is an elegant design that would look great with any flowers you choose.

Grapevine with a Dragonfly

Dragonfly and Grapevine Tattoo
Credit: isakov_tattoo

This tattoo features a dragonfly perched on a grapevine. Something like this will draw attention as it’s unique, and the tattoo artist did a great job with the design.

Dragonfly Dotwork Tattoo

Dragonfly Dotwork Tattoo
Credit: kinseytaschtattoo

Dotwork tattoos provide small and intricate details to make any tattoo stand out. Consider using this technique for your dragonfly tattoo.

Dragonfly and a Strawberry

Dragonfly with a Strawberry Tattoo
Credit: madiny.tattoo

I’ve never seen a tattoo quite like this one. I find it to be creative and inspiring. This serves as a reminder to let your imagination flow when thinking of tattoo ideas.

Watercolor Dragonfly Tattoo

Watercolor Dragonfly Tattoo
Credit: pablo_ortiz_tattoo

Try going for a watercolor effect with your dragonfly tattoo for something truly original. This style is excellent for expressing your creativity and making the design truly one-of-a-kind.

Simplistic Dragonfly Tattoo

Simplistic Dragonfly Tattoo
Credit: rafael_brandao_tattoo

A simple dragonfly tattoo may be the right choice if you want something small and subtle. This minimalist design makes something like this a great first tattoo.

Dragonfly Above the Elbow

Dragonfly Above the Elbow Tattoo
Credit: suroshinn

If you’re thinking of placement ideas for your tattoo, above the elbow is a great choice, especially for a smaller design that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Red and Black Dragonfly Tattoo

Red and Black Dragonfly Tattoo
Credit: tattooist_hei

Consider a red and black ink dragonfly tattoo for something a little different. This striking design stands out from the crowd and is sure to draw attention.

Dragonfly and Leaves

Dragonfly and Leaves Tattoo
Credit: the_moderndayhippie_tattoo

Here’s something that you probably haven’t seen before. This design is filled with elements such as leaves, dot effects, and more.

Dragonfly Arm Tattoo

Dragonfly Arm Tattoo
Credit: yo_soy_vago

Show off your femininity with a dragonfly arm tattoo. This is an eye-catching way to adorn your arm and create a cool and stylish look that you’ll love for years to come.

Ornamental Dragonfly Tattoo

Ornamental Dragonfly Tattoo
Credit: lynk_ynk

For an exquisite tattoo, consider getting an ornamental dragonfly. This design is perfect for adding something different to your look without it being too overwhelming.

Botanical Dragonfly Tattoo

Botanical Dragonfly Tattoo
Credit: mooreart_please

Adding botanical accents to your dragonfly tattoo allows you to create an intricately beautiful piece that everyone will admire.

Simple Dragonfly

Simple Dragonfly Tattoo
Credit: tattoojanai

This minimalistic dragonfly tattoo is perfect for those who want to keep their design simple and refined. You can even add color to your tattoo if you want something extra.

Whether you’re looking for something simple or an intricate design, a dragonfly tattoo can make the perfect addition to your tattoo collection.

Take some time to explore all the different designs out there, as there’s sure to be one to inspire you.

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