20 Mountain Tattoo Ideas for Women

If you love the wild beauty of nature, express it with a creative and meaningful mountain tattoo. The beauty and power of mountains have inspired many people over the centuries – from early travelers to modern-day adventurers.

Whether you’re looking for dynamic peaks, majestic summits, or anything in between, there’s sure to be a mountain tattoo design that speaks to your taste and style.

We’ll explore some inspiring ideas for mountain tattoos so you can find the perfect fit for your unique style.

Mountain with Planets

Mountain with Planets Tattoo
Credit: judz.ttt

A mountain with planets in the sky is a great way to represent your zest for exploration. The design can be as simple or intricate as you’d like and include a few stars or constellations for effect.

Campfire and Mountains

Campfire and Mountains Tattoo
Credit: landahoytattoos

For those who love the great outdoors, this campfire and mountains tattoo is a great way to show your appreciation for nature.

Mountain Tattoo on Collarbone

Mountain Tattoo on Collarbone
Credit: lewis_islanderink

If you’re looking for a tattoo that isn’t too visible yet still has meaning, a mountain on your collarbone is a good idea. You can choose the placement of each peak and have the artist draw in some trees to make it stand out even more.

Lei Flowers and Mountain

Lei Flower and Mountain Tattoo
Credit: missfrenchtattoos

Show your Hawaiian heritage or your love for Hawaii with this classic design. A lei flower with a mountain or two in the background makes for a stunning and meaningful tattoo that looks great on the shoulder or arm.

Mountain Armband

Mountain Armband Tattoo
Credit: nicole_inkart

An armband tattoo of mountains and the moon makes for a fantastic design that you can show off. This particular tattoo has a beautiful watercolor effect.

Bear Paw and Mountains

Bear Paw and Mountains Tattoo
Credit: odinsontattoos

A bear paw with a mountain range inside the paw is an eye-catching design. Decide whether you want a black ink or colored ink tattoo. You can also go with a combination of the two.

Mountain and Trees

Mountain and Trees Tattoo
Credit: s.wenzke

For a simple but meaningful tattoo, try merging two elements together. A mountain and some trees are great for this tattoo theme.

Mountain and Sun

Mountain and Sun Tattoo
Credit: sam.hill.tattoo

This is a great way to show off your love for nature. Include a mountain range with a sun rising or setting behind the mountain. Add some birds flying around for an extra special touch.

Mountain Tattoo on Chest

Mountain Tattoo on Chest
Credit: judz.ttt

Get your mountain tattoo done on the chest for a more daring look. This way, you can show off the design even with your shirt on.

Abstract Mountain

Abstract Mountain Tattoo
Credit: tiago__dot

If you want a more abstract design, let this design inspire you. Not only is this design creative, but the artist did a fantastic job with the shading aspect of the tattoo.

Minimalist Mountain

Minimalist Mountain Tattoo
Credit: wittybutton_tattoo

For a more subtle look, consider getting a minimalist mountain tattoo. This design will feature only the outlines of the mountain with some simple shading details, such as the sun and moon combination.

Woman Hiking Mountain

Tattoo of Woman Hiking Mountain
Credit: caro_karacho_tattoo

If you’re adventurous, consider getting a tattoo of yourself or someone else scaling a mountain. This design can represent the journey that one must take to reach their goals.

Mountain and Tent

Mountain and Tent Tattoo
Credit: vicknpoke

This is a great design for those who enjoy camping. The tent represents the shelter you have against the elements, while the mountain symbolizes your strength and endurance as you make your way up it.

Mountain with Coordinates

Mountain with Coordinates Tattoo
Credit: strikefirsttattoo

This is a great tattoo design for those who have a special place in their heart that they want to remember. By getting the coordinates of your favorite mountain, you can commemorate it forever with this unique tattoo.

Mountain Arm Tattoo

Mountain Arm Tattoo
Credit: luxlinestattoos

This is an excellent idea for those who want to cover their arm with a meaningful tattoo. The mountain can represent strength and courage.

Mountains with Faces

Mountains with Faces Tattoo
Credit: baba_ada_

This distinctive design uses faces to represent the mountains. A Design like this can be used to symbolize unity and support from other people on your journey in life.

Mountain Wilderness

Mountain Wilderness Tattoo
Credit: da.dark.ni_indelebiletattoo

If you are looking for something a bit more adventurous, this tattoo design is incredible. It depicts the wildness of the mountains and serves as a reminder to always have an appreciation for nature.

Mountain Tattoo Above Elbow

Mountain Tattoo Above Elbow
Credit: ellen.tattoo

Keep things simple with a minimalist tattoo placed on the back of your arm. This design can be used to symbolize your strength and perseverance.

Vibrant Mountain

Vibrant Mountain Tattoo
Credit: emmaeatonart

Representing the highest point in all of nature, this mountain peak tattoo is perfect for anyone looking to immortalize their accomplishment or goal-reaching summit moments.

Mountain with Small Stars

Mountain with Small Stars Tattoo

A small mountain design, with tiny stars scattered around it, is placed on the arm for a simple and beautiful tattoo. This is a wonderful feminine tattoo design.

Mountain tattoos are the perfect way to show your adventurous side and capture a moment of accomplishment for years to come. With so many designs and styles, you will surely find one that fits your personality.

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