20 Red Ink Tattoo Ideas for Women

If you’re looking for red ink tattoo design ideas, keep reading because I have some creative ink to share.

These tattoos will step outside the box and give you the inspiration you’re looking for. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the design you choose, so keep an open mind, and let’s check out the tattoos.

Red Ink Butterfly

Red Ink Butterfly Tattii
Artist Credit: loe.tattoo

Butterflies are often seen as symbols of transformation, hope, and life. In many cultures, the butterfly is associated with the soul; it is not uncommon to see them depicted in art and literature.

Red Ink Scorpion

Red Ink Scorpion Tattoo
Artist Credit: antclaytattoo

The scorpion is seen as a powerful and dangerous creature. It is often used to represent strength, power, and danger. However, the scorpion can also be seen as a symbol of resilience and adaptability.

Dog with Red Hearts

Dog with Red Hearts Tattoo
Artist Credit: grzechkusto

Don’t be afraid to incorporate black ink into your tattoo where appropriate. As you can see below, the black and red ink work together to make a tattoo that stands out.

Red Flower Tattoo

Red Flower Tattoo
Artist Credit: poke.evoke

This red flower tattoo is simple and bold. Arm tattoos make great standalone tattoos, or they can be the start of a beautiful arm sleeve.

Red Snake with Black Flowers

Red Snake with Black Flowers Tattoos
Artist Credit: lilyadamstattoos

The snake has long been a powerful symbol in many cultures. In some cultures, the snake is seen as a guardian and protector. In others, the snake is associated with evil, death, and darkness.

Red Ink Leopard

Red Ink Leopard Tattoo
Artist Credit: wyldishbambino

The leopard is a powerful and majestic animal, revered by many cultures worldwide. In many traditions, the leopard is seen as a symbol of strength, courage, and determination.

Koi Fish with Red Flowers

Koi Fish with Red Flowers Tattoo
Artist Credit: takko.san

In Japanese culture, koi fish are often seen as symbols of good luck and fortune. In addition to their beauty, koi are also known for their durability, and it is not uncommon for them to live for decades. As a result, they have come to represent strength and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Red Dragon Tattoo

Red Dragon Tattoo
Artist Credit: takko.san

The dragon has been among the most feared and respected creatures throughout history. In many cultures, the dragon is seen as a powerful and dangerous creature capable of causing great harm. However, the dragon can also represent strength, honor, and wisdom.

Dancing Skeletons Tattoo

Dancing Skeletons Tattoo
Artist Credit: raphael.stanley.tattoo

“To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth, and it is yours for the taking.” – Agnes de Mille

Butterfly Charm

Butterfly Charm Tattoo
Artist Credit: teddyxtattoo

As you know, the butterfly often represents transformation. If you love the meaning behind the butterfly, consider getting a butterfly charm tattoo.

Kiss Me Red Ink Tattoo

Kiss Me Red Ink Tattoo
Artist Credit: bradhostiletattoo

You can’t go wrong with a quote tattoo. Take some time to think about your favorite phrase or quote for your next tattoo. Check out these 20 Simple Quote Tattoo Ideas for Women for more ideas.

Red Dragon Arm Tattoo

Red Dragon Arm Tattoo
Artist Credit: tommydessaugetattoo

In Chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes good luck and prosperity. Red is also associated with these concepts, making the red dragon a potent symbol.

Red Kanji Tattoo

Red Kanji Tattoo
Artist Credit: shey.creative

Kanji is a type of Japanese writing. The term “Kanju” literally translates to “Han characters.” The neck is an excellent location for this vertical tattoo.

Hand-Poked Tattoo

Hand Poked Tattoo
Artist Credit: maditatti

Unlike machine-based tattoos, created by an electric needle that rapidly pierces the skin, hand-poked tattoos are done by slowly and carefully pressing the needle into the skin, one dot at a time.

Tendresse Heart Tattoo

Tendresse Heart Tattoo
Artist Credit: dixgracieuse

“Tendresse” is a French term that translates to “tenderness” in English. Tenderness is a feeling of affection and care. It is often associated with love, compassion, and empathy.

Cool Cat Tattoo

Cool Cat Tattoo
Artist Credit: momodu_zoo

This cool cat tattoo design is perfect for showing your love and appreciation for felines. Adding glasses, as this person did, makes that tattoo, so fun to look at.

Red Sakura Flowers

Red Sakura Flowers
Artist Credit: danicunha.ink

The sakura blossoms are traditionally seen as a reminder of the transient nature of life. They have also come to represent international friendship and peace.

Shades of Red Butterfly

Pink Butterfly Tattoo
Artist Credit: rebecca.tattoo

This red and pink butterfly tattoo is stunning. This is the perfect tattoo for women who want something meaningful, cute, and feminine.

There you have it, ladies, a collection of creative and beautiful red tattoo design ideas. I hope these works of art have helped inspire your next tattoo.

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