21 Minecraft Steampunk Build Ideas That Look Amazing

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These Minecraft steampunk build ideas are absolutely amazing. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next build, then check out these ideas.

What is Steampunk?

In case you didn’t know, steampunk is a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery, as well as other elements such as clockwork and gears. It’s a really cool style, and it looks great in Minecraft.

If you’re still not sure what steampunk is, then just take a look at the following builds. You’ll quickly see what all the fuss is about.

1. Steampunk Glider

This is a build of a steampunk glider. Here’s what the builder has to say about this one: “I am super happy with this, mainly because I have tried and failed this build twice since starting. I think my knowledge of the tools and style has grown enough to make a halfway decent glider.”

Steampunk Glider
Artist Credit: shovel241builds.mc

2. Steampunk Factory

If you want to play around with the tower concept, you should go ahead and add a steampunk twist to it.

Steampunk Factory
Artist Credit: tur_mc

3. Steampunk Train

If you love the steampunk aesthetic, I think you’ll love this steampunk train. I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely amazed by this locomotive.

Steampunk Train
Artist Credit: shovel241builds.mc

4. Magical Steampunk Clock

You won’t be able to resist this magical steampunk clock. It’s so intricate and detailed, and it really looks like it belongs in a fairytale.

Magical Steampunk Clock
Artist Credit: shovel241builds.mc

5. Red Roof Mansion

I’m loving this steampunk house. It has such a great style and uses a bold color palette! The finished build came together really nicely.

Red Roof Mansion
Artist Credit: shovel241builds.mc

6. Steampunk Hot Air Balloon

Make an entire fleet of these cool hot air balloons. Your friends will be so impressed when they see these balloons. Shaders: Complementary | Built On: meta-union.mc.

Steampunk Hot Air Balloon
Artist Credit: shovel241builds.mc

7. Unique Steampunk House

If you want a unique steampunk house, this is the build for you. It has a traditional steampunk vibe, but with a few original elements.

Unique Steampunk House
Artist Credit: shovel241builds.mc

8. Steampunk Balloons

These steampunk balloons would look great on land or air. They have so much detail and would look amazing in your steampunk city.

Steampunk Balloons
Artist Credit: nikabe_mc

9. Pile Dwelling

A pile dwelling is a type of house that is built on top of wooden stilts. The stilts are usually made from tree trunks or large branches, and they can be up to 33 feet high.

Pile Dwelling
Artist Credit: paintergigi and airtugmc

10. Heart and Soul

This heart and soul build has a fun steampunk and fantasy feel. The gradients and palettes used here go so well together.

Heart and Soul
Artist Credit: shovel241builds.mc

11. Steampunk Mansion

This steampunk mansion is pretty fantastic. The colors make the mansion look so bold and really stand out in a great way.

Steampunk Mansion
Artist Credit: imaginefinishing

12. Simple Steampunk House

I love how the builder added their own special touch to this simple steampunk house. It really did turn out great.

Simple Steampunk House
Artist Credit: minecraft_builders_bureau

13. Gear Designs

Here are some designs you can implement in any type of industrial or steampunk build. You can change the blocks as you wish.

Gear Designs
Artist Credit: mcfreya_builds

14. Steampunk Waterwheel

Here’s a peaceful steampunk waterwheel mixed together with some cogs and pipes. It was built on the meta union server.

Steampunk Waterwheel
Artist Credit: lucasmc_builds

15. Industrial Sculptures

These industrial sculptures are super fun and creative. They will add a nice twist to any village in Minecraft.

Artist Credit: mcfreya_builds

16. Steampunk Medieval House

Fans of medieval builds will love this steampunk medieval house. It’s unique, creative, and has so much great detail.

Steampunk Medieval House
Artist Credit: danielconstructions

17. Steampunk Clock Tower

No village is complete without a functioning clock tower, and you can have your very own with this steampunk clock tower build. It’s a great project for anyone who loves to tinker and create, and it would make a beautiful addition to your town.

Steampunk Clock Tower
Artist Credit: charlie.s_stuff

18. Steampunk Lighthouse

This cool concept was based on a lighthouse. The sections are separated with cogs that are face-down. There’s a fishbowl filtering water from the ocean and two test containers of mysterious liquids that power the lighthouse on top.

Steampunk Lighthouse
Artist Credit: clairel593

19. Split House

These two houses may be separate, but they serve as one. Each house has its own purpose, but would not be able to sustain itself without the other.

Split House
Artist Credit: brxnd.mc

20. Steampunk Treehouse

Here’s an awesome treehouse that includes a chimney, cogs, walkways, hanging lanterns, a creek, and so much more. If you want a creative treehouse build, give this one a try.

Steampunk Treehouse
Artist Credit: blaze_85_

21. Steampunk Airship

If you take a close look at this build, you can see that it’s a steampunk airship. It looks absolutely fantastic. Shaders: Project Luna | Java 1.17.1 | Resource pack: Better Leaves

Steampunk Airship
Artist Credit: bagethebuilder 

As you can see, steampunk is a pretty cool style that can be used in a lot of different ways. If you’re thinking about adding a steampunk touch to your Minecraft world, then these builds should give you some inspiration.