18 Best Minecraft Mansion Build Ideas and Tutorials

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These Minecraft mansion build ideas and tutorials are so creative and fun to recreate.

If you’re tired of building survival bases or cottages and are ready to upgrade your house style, you’re going to love these mansions.

From modern mansion ideas to amazing survival style mansion builds, you’re sure to find your next great Minecraft mansion idea.

1. Huge Mansion

This mansion is huge! If you like this mansion and would like to see a breakdown of how it was built, make sure you check out the build breakdown.

large minecraft castle mansion

2. Survival Mansion

I’m loving this survival mansion. This definitely isn’t an overnight project, but the finished results will be so worth the time spent. Image from blockdown_builds.

survival mansion

3. Small Mansion

This small mansion not only looks fantastic but also has a great color scheme. If you’re looking for a smaller mansion, this is the build for you. Image from blockdown_builds.

small mansion

4. Victorian Style Mansion

I love this elegant victorian style mansion. To see this mansion from different angles, make sure you visit Blockdown Builds.

victorian mansion

5. The Haunted Mansion

This is actually a build of The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. If you’re a fan of The Haunted Mansion, give this build a try. Image from bubbaflubba.

haunted mansion at disneyland

6. Large Medieval Mansion

Build something unique with this large medieval house. You can see the house from different angles by visiting Dr. Red Builds.

medieval house minecraft

7. Modern Mansion

Want to build a modern mansion? This is the perfect mansion for you to build. You can check out the full house at Ghazy Minecraft.

modern minecraft mansion

8. Mansion on the Lake

Have fun building a small mansion on the lake. This house uses the medieval texture pack. House created by merin_mine_.

mansion on the lake

9. Italian Mansion

Wow, this Italian mansion is absolutely stunning. To see the entire mansion, make sure you visit Eric Pham.

luxury minecraft mansion build

10. Large Modern Mansion

I really like this super modern Minecraft mansion. Watch the tutorial on YouTube to build your own modern mansion.

large and modern minecraft mansion

11. Modern White Mansion

JINTUBE offers a great collection of Minecraft mansion tutorials, plus so much more. If you’re looking for village ideas, definitely check them out. You can watch the video tutorial on YouTube.

minecraft mansion with boat

12. Modern Concrete House

If you like this mansion, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a tutorial on YouTube for this modern concrete house.

mansion surrounded by bushes

13. Luxury House

This is the ultimate modern luxury house. Check out the tutorial on YouTube to learn how to build this cool mansion.

modern luxury house

13. Survival Mansion

This Minecraft survival mansion is so cool. If you’re looking for survival mansion ideas, this is definitely one to consider. Image from yukiaprian_.

survival mansion

14. House by the Water

There is a two-part tutorial that will show you how to build this best modern house in Minecraft. Click here to watch part one of the video tutorial on YouTube.

mansion on the lake

15. Add a Pool

Add some luxury to your village with this modern luxury mansion. It features a pool, garage, and more. Image from yukiaprian_.

mansion with pool

16. Simple White Mansion

I love the simplicity of this white modern mansion. I wasn’t able to find a tutorial for this specific house; however, Oshacra has a similar tutorial for a compact house build.

white modern mansion

17. Ultimate Luxury Mansion

This is the ultimate luxury mansion. You can view this mansion from different angles by visiting Shapescape.

mansion with pool and lake

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