50 Minecraft House Ideas and Tutorials

If you’re looking for the best Minecraft house ideas, I’m sharing some pretty cool builds that will inspire you.

From tree houses to wooden cabins to mountain houses, these houses will set you on your way to creating your dream home.

While building a house in Minecraft takes time, there’s really nothing like seeing and enjoying the finished project. Below, I’ve included photos for you to use as guides and inspiration.

I’ve also included some of my favorite YouTube tutorials if you’re looking for step-by-step instructions. Okay, now let’s get to the best Minecraft builds for houses.

1. Red Roof House with Small Garden

Red Roof House with Small Garden minecraft house
Watch the Red Roof House YouTube tutorial.

I don’t know about you, but I love this regular house with a red roof and a small garden. I’ve also included the YouTube video tutorial for this house.

2. Acacia Mountain House

Acacia Mountain House
Image Credit: Reddit

Have you considered building a house on the side of a mountain? If so, you’ll probably love this Acacia Mountain House. I love the use of acacia wood with this mountain house.

3. Simple Survival House

Simple Survival House
Watch the Survival House YouTube tutorial.

Not only does this survival house look awesome, but it’s actually pretty simple structure to build. The creator of this house has provided a great tutorial showing you how to build this simple survival mode house.

4. Mini House

Mini House
Image Credit: Parra Design

This mini house has a simple appearance that still looks quite nice. This house is built with wood and a variety of stone blocks. Additionally, it doesn’t require a lot of materials, which is great.

5. Soft Pastel Pink House

Soft Pastel Pink House
Watch the tutorial for this Soft Pastel Pink House.

This pastel pink house is so soft and beautiful. You don’t often come across houses like this, so I was happy I found it. You’ll also find the fun video tutorial showing you how to build this soft pastel pink house.

6. Three-Story Wooden House

Three-Story Wooden House
Watch the Wooden House YouTube tutorial.

I love the look of this three-story wooden house. You can really see that a lot of time has been put into this build. There is also a tutorial showing you how to build this unique three-story wooden house.

7. Cozy Farmhouse

Cozy Farmhouse
Watch the Farmhouse YouTube tutorial.

This stylish farmhouse looks amazing. You can tell that so much time and care was put into creating this beautiful work of art. Thankfully, there’s a tutorial showing you how to build this awesome farmhouse.

8. Fantasy Cottage

Fantasy Cottage
Watch the Fantasy Cottage YouTube tutorial.

This cute fantasy cottage is a simple house that’s cozy and fun to make. The YouTube video below will show you how to make this cottage as well as the resource pack used.

9. Modern Luxury House

Modern Luxury House
Watch the YouTube tutorial for this mansion.

This modern luxury house is just stunning. I’m including the video tutorial below that shows you how to build this house.

10. Ultimate Japanese Pagoda

Ultimate Japanese Pagoda Minecraft Build
Watch the YouTube tutorial for this Japanese Pagoda.

This is the ultimate Japanese pagoda. A pagoda is a sacred building with multiple tiers. This is a great way to improve your building skills.

11. Even More Minecraft House Builds

cozy cottage
Image Credit: ritzbuilds

Below, I’ve included even more Minecraft house builds. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any video tutorials for these houses. However, Minecraft players will still find inspiration from these builds.

12. Forest Cottage

forest cottage
Image Credit: BitGardener on YouTube

There’s nothing like getting cozy in a warm cottage. Have fun relaxing and building this awesome forest cottage.

13. Survival Igloo

survival igloo
Image Credit: executivetree

If you want to try something different, give this survival igloo a try. This igloo is perfect for your winter-themed village.

14. Lake House Build

minecraft lake house

If you like this house build, I have some good news for you. You can watch the video tutorial by Zaypixel for this lake house on YouTube.

15. Oak Survival Farmhouse

oak survival farmhouse

SheepGG has a YouTube tutorial on how to build this oak survival farmhouse. They make some of the best Minecraft house builds.

16. Epic Castle

minecraft medieval castle
Image Credit: fallstudiosmc 

You can’t deny that this castle build is absolutely epic and would be a real challenge to recreate. Unfortunately, there is no tutorial for this build, but I hope it has inspired you in some way. You can also try building a small castle if this one is too large.

17. Red Barn

minecraft barn build
Image Credit: teamworkbench

If you’ve been working on building a farm in your village, you’ll love this red barn inspiration. Make sure you check out the creator for more awesome builds.

18. Awesome Tree House


This survival tree house includes all the essentials you’ll need. Make sure you check out the tree house video on YouTube for the full video tutorial.

19. Modern House

Minecraft small modern house
Credit: minecraft_building_

If you like the look of the modern look of Minecraft houses you’ve seen, here’s one that’s simple and luxurious.

20. Desert Starter House

desert starter house

This starter is the ultimate when it comes to cool Minecraft builds. You can watch the tutorial from SquareMario. Shaders: BSL v7.2 Textures: Default

21. Hobbit Hole

Hobbit Hole
Credit: xgoldrobin

You just have to love this cool hobbit hole. It’s so simple, yet truly amazing. Watch the tutorial for building this cozy little house.

22. Little Cub Cottage

Little Cub Cottage
Credit: paintergigi

If you’re in the mood to build a cottage, this little cub cottage is perfect. It may not be as little as you’d like, but you can definitely adjust the size to your liking.

23. Pinkwood Palace

Pinkwood Palace
Credit: paflinn1

I’m loving this Pinkwood Palace. The colors go so well together, and this is such a unique build. Not only that but there is so much detail that’s been put into this awesome piece.

24. Outpost


The wandering traveler will love this outpost build. This building is perfect for a medieval village.

25. Worker House

Worker House

Here’s another awesome build from @paintergigi. Again, if you have a medieval or fantasy-themed village, this is the perfect addition.

26. Cute House

Cute House

This house is so simple and cute. If you want to see this build from different angles and also check out a few close-ups, check out @theuzeetos on Instagram.

27. House with Vines

House with Vines
Credit: yuzu_builder

If you love the unique look of vines growing along a house, this nice house should provide you with some inspiration. Get creative with how your vines grow on the house.

28. Purple House

Purple House
Credit: artificial.builder

This purple house is large and in charge. Those looking for a fun and modern house build will love this cool idea.

29. Lush Cottage

Lush Cottage
Credit: astriiness

This cottage is definitely lush. It’s covered with grass, vines, red and white mushrooms, and more.

30. Hill Base

Hill Base
Credit: iampixelyt

If you want to build this hill base, here is some of the information you’ll need: Shaders: BSL v8 | Minecraft Version: 1.18.1 | Jerm’s Better Leaves ‏| Henry Pots and Plants.

31. Tudor House

Tudor House

This house is a part of a Tudor house series. This particular build is number 5 in the series. This house was modeled after a real home, and you can see the reference photo via @clairel593 on Instagram.

32. A-Frame Cabin

A-Frame Cabin
Credit: xgoldrobin

If you enjoy this cabin, you’ll be happy to hear that GoldRobin has created a helpful tutorial showing us how to create this cozy cabin.

33. Classic Barn

Classic Barn
Credit: daschiebuilds

Anyone with a farm in their village definitely needs to create a barn to go with it. Check out the credit below the picture to see the inside of the barn.

34. Ghostbusters House

Ghostbusters House
Credit: daschiebuilds

Anyone who’s a fan of Ghostbusters will recognize this build. It’s inspired by the firehouse in the movie.

35. Flower Village

Flower Village
Credit: foxel.mc

Here’s some inspiration for multiple village builds. The information for this flower village is as follows: Shader Pack: BSL Shaders | Texture Pack: Jerm’s Better Leaves.

36. Mini House

Mini House
Credit: little_avobuilder

If you’ve ever considered creating a dessert in the game, this mini house is the perfect addition. It’s a simple build that fits perfectly with the desert theme.

37. Roman House

Roman House
Credit: minecraft_builders_bureau

The Roman Empire is on the rise again in your Minecraft world with this easy Roman house.

38. Basic House

Basic House
Credit: oofbuilds

Use BSL shaders to recreate this classic house. This house has lots of great detail, but still has a simple and classic appearance.

39. Cool Underground Base

Cool Underground Base
Credit: itsmarloe

Your house doesn’t have to stand above ground. Get creative and build your very own cool underground main base.

40. Tree Portal

Tree Portal
Credit: blockdown_builds

I love it when I come across a unique build such as this tree portal. This build is included in episode 6 of Taking Our World to the Next Level.

41. Cool Beach House

Cool Beach House

If you’re looking for a unique and creative Minecraft house build, look no further than this cool beach house design. With its laid-back vibes and stunning ocean views, it’s the perfect getaway home for any Minecraft player.

42. Cherry Blossom and Bamboo Blocks

Cherry Blossoms and Bamboo Blocks
Credit: kamudiab

Begin your adventure by crafting an enchanting house. Let the pink petals shine against a backdrop of bamboo blocks for a tranquil atmosphere that you won’t want to leave.

 43. Build a Cool Treehouse

Cool Treehouse Minecraft
Credit: bitgardener

With this build, you can start with a basic treehouse platform and build around it. You can add a vine ladder, fun furniture, and even a secret hideout area.

44. Cherry Blossom House

Cherry Blossom House
Image Credit: xgoldrobin

If you love floral aesthetics, this cherry blossom house is the perfect addition to your Minecraft world. Follow these steps to create your own peaceful and beautiful home.

45. Survival Desert Base

Survival Desert Base
Image Credit: octo_mc

Start a survival world in the desert with this survival desert base. With its clever and efficient design, you’ll have a reliable shelter in no time.

46. Dreamy Dunes

Dreamy Dunes
Image Credit: graysun_builds

In case you didn’t know, dunes are fascinating landforms that can be found in various parts of the world. They are created by wind or water deposits of sand and have a unique crescent or star shape.

47. Mansion Build

Mansion Build
Image Credit: xgoldrobin

Follow the video tutorial, and you’ll have a cool large mansion just like this one. This mansion design is easy and fun to build, and it makes the perfect survival base.

48. One Chunk House

One Chunk House
Image Credit: executivetree

Here’s a charming and space-saving house design with enchanting on the first floor, storage on the second, and a cozy sleeping area on the third. All in one compact chunk!

49. Minecraft Castle

Minecraft Castle
Image Credit: sausbuilds

For those looking for an impressive build, try creating a Minecraft castle. You’ll love building a fortified structure fit for royalty.

50. Hobbit Hole Base

Hobbit Hole Base
Credit: blockdown_builds

Embrace your inner hobbit and build a cozy hobbit hole in Minecraft. Use this inspiration as your guide to create and warm and inviting home.

The thing that I love about Minecraft is that there are endless possibilities for what you can create. You can build anything from small to huge structures, go on adventures with your friends and family, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and more.

I hope these Minecraft house builds have given you ideas for creating your own houses in the game. Remember to have fun and be creative!

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