18 Minecraft Medieval Build Ideas and Tutorials

If you’re ready to go medieval, you’ll love checking out these Minecraft medieval build ideas for your village. You’ll find mostly medieval houses, but there are other structures too.

Where possible, I’ve also included a link to the YouTube tutorial and Instagram photo tutorial.

1. Ultimate Castle Build

Credit: meuc.mc

This is definitely the ultimate castle build from @meuc.mc. Building a castle of this size takes time, but the reward is so worth it.

2. Medieval Castle Base

Credit: crema_builds

This is the ultimate medieval castle base by @crema_builds. There isn’t a video tutorial for this castle, but hopefully, you can use it as a reference.

3. Gate Tower

Credit: artic.uno_mc

This gate tower by @artic.uno_mc would make a great addition to your kingdom. The colors chosen for this tower go so well together and really make the building stand out.

4. Fantasy Inn

Credit: nrgbuilds

This fantasy inn by @nrgbuilds was actually inspired by The Witcher 3. So if you’re a fan of the books or series, you’ll love this inn. This build uses the BSL shader pack.

5. Tall House

Credit: quickcrete.mc

This tall house by @quickcrete.mc is absolutely stunning. The top of the house is actually in the sky. That gives it a beautiful and whimsical look.

6. Town Center

Credit: waowitskale

This is actually the center of a town built by @waowitskale. This reference is great for anyone looking for town ideas. Make sure you check out the artist to see the rest of the town.

7. Ocean Castle

Credit: blockdown_builds

This ocean castle by @blockdown_builds is so unique and creative. I love the colors used for this build. You will love showing off your castle in the ocean.

8. Upgraded Castle

Credit: blockdown_builds

This is actually an upgrade of a previous build created by @blockdown_builds. Shaders: BSL v8 Texturepacks: fWhip, Enhanced Biomes River and Pond, and Vanilla Tweaks.

9. Bakery Shop

Credit: craftaces

Every village needs a bakery filled with delicious sweets. This bakery shop build from @craftaces will make a great addition to your medieval village.

10. Wooden Crane


This wooden crane is so creative and unique. Visit @craftaces to learn the details of how this cool and unique crane was brought to life.

11. Castle Wall


You can’t have a castle without a castle wall. Here’s a great tutorial for upgrading a castle wall. You can view the photo tutorial from Craft Aces.

12. Firewatch Tower

firewatch tower

No medieval village is complete without a firewatch tower. Blockdown Builds did an amazing job with this build. Watch the tower tutorial on YouTube.

12. Spruce Lodge


There currently isn’t a video tutorial for this spruce lodge; however, if you visit @cryptozoology.yt on Instagram, you can view the back of the lodge.

13. Farmhouse Build


I think that this is such a great farmhouse build. The block color choices made here were great. Watch the tutorial on How to Build a Farmhouse.

14. Horse Stable


Every medieval village needs a horse stable. If you need a place to keep your horses, you’ll love this stable. You can watch the tutorial for How to Build Horse Stables in Minecraft.

15. Cozy House


I love building a good cozy house. I think that this house has a great medieval look. The artist has a Cozy House Timelapse on Youtube.

16. Autumn House

Credit: dr.red_builds

This autumn house by @dr.red_builds makes the perfect medieval build addition to your village. I think it would be nice to change the colors used for the roof.

17. Large Medieval Castle

Medieval Castle

This medieval castle looks so awesome. Granted, this will definitely take some patience to build, but the time will be worth it. Check out the YouTube tutorial on How to Build an Epic Castle.

18. Awesome Medieval House

medieval house minecraft

Build something unique with this large medieval house. The combination of wood and brick looks great. You can see the house from different angles by visiting Dr. Red Builds.

These Minecraft medieval build ideas should give you a good starting point for your own village.

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