17 Minecraft Cottage Build Ideas for Fans of Cottagecore

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Fans of cottagecore will love these Minecraft cottage house builds. These builds are cozy, fun, and perfect for your village.

A cottage is a small house, usually only one story, that is often found in rural areas. Cottages are often associated with being cozy and charming, and they often have lovely gardens.

Building a cottage in Minecraft can be a great way to add some charm to your world. Cottages are cozy and inviting, and they can be decorated however you like.

How to Build a Cottage in Minecraft

Building a cottage in Minecraft is relatively easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Find a suitable location for your cottage. You’ll want to find a spot that’s flat and has enough space for your cottage and garden.

2. Start by building the walls of your cottage. Be sure to make them sturdy!

3. Next, add a roof. Thatched roofs look especially cozy on cottages.

4. Finally, decorate your cottage however you like. Add windows, doors, furniture, paintings, and anything else you can think of to make it feel like home.

5. Don’t forget to add a garden! Cottages wouldn’t be complete without one.

1. Mushroom Cottage

Both the outside and inside of this simple mushroom cottage are so beautiful. The resource packs used are Mizuno’s 16 Craft Texture Pack and CIT. It was built using BSL shaders.

mushroom cottage
Image Credit: _.rexgxn._

2. Country Cottage

This cool country cottage features a chimney, two trees, a garden, a back patio, a covered porch, a dormer, and so much more.

country cottage
Image Credit: blaze_85_

3. Cottagecore House

If you want to build a totally awesome cottagecore house, you’ll love this one. It uses Mizuno’s 16 Craft texture packs in case you’re interested.

cottagecore house
Image Credit: blockdown_builds

4. Small Cottagecore House

I just love when I come across a cottage that’s small, but mighty. This house is so impressive and uses the following texture packs: fWhip 1.16 / Enhanced Biomes River and Pond / Vanilla Tweaks / Jermz Better Leaves.

small cottagecore house
Image Credit: blockdown_builds

5. Aesthetic Cottagecore House

If you want something that’s super aesthetic, you could build this cottagecore house. Make sure you check out the tutorial showing you how to build an aesthetic cottagecore house.

aesthetic cottagecore house
Image Credit: platinumthief

6. Small Aesthetic Cottage

The creator behind this cottage provides a tutorial that shows just how easy it can be to build an aesthetic cottage in Minecraft.

small aesthetic cottage
Image Credit: platinumthief

7. Aesthetic Farmhouse

This farmhouse is so creative and fun to build. Platinum Thief has once again been generous enough to provide a timelapse of this farmhouse build.

farmhouse build
Image Credit: platinumthief

8. Fantasy House

Put a twist on the classic cottage build by giving it a fantasy theme. Make sure you check out the video that teaches you how to build a fantasy house.

fantasy house
Image Credit: platinumthief

9. Woodland Cottage

You won’t be able to resist recreating this woodland cottage. If you’d like to see this build in action, check out the woodland house speed build.

woodland cottage
Image Credit: platinumthief

10. Witch House

If you’re building something a bit more medieval, try your hands at this witch house. Make sure you check out the tutorial showing you how to build a witch house.

witch house build
Image Credit: platinumthief

11. Charming Blue Cottage 

The word charming definitely comes to mind when I look at this blue cottage. I love how the area even includes a car in the front yard.

blue cottage with car
Image Credit: saki.mc_

12. Tiny Sunflower Cottage

Add plenty of sunflowers to your yard to make your cottage stand out even more. You can never have too many flowers in my opinion.

cottage with sunflowers
Image Credit: yumimi_gaming

13. Cottagecore Wisteria House

Wisteria is a flowering plant that belongs to the pea family. It is a climbing plant, meaning it can grow up and over other objects like trellises and fences. Add some wisteria to your cottage for the ultimate cottagecore vibe.

cottage wisteria house
Image Credit: yumimi_gaming

14. Fantasy Cottage

This cute fantasy cottage is simple, cozy, and fun to make. The Youtube video tutorial will show you how to make this cottage as well as the resource pack used. Watch the Fantasy Cottage tutorial.

Fantasy Cottage

15. Cozy Cottage

If you want to build a nice little cozy cottage, use this picture for inspiration for your next house build. This is a simple house that’s great for beginners.

cozy cottage
Image from craftaces.

16. Forest Cottage

There’s nothing like getting cozy in a warm cottage. Have fun relaxing and building this awesome forest cottage. I love how unique this build looks.

forest cottage
Image Credit: BitGardener on YouTube

17. Small Cottage

I found this small cottage picture on Reddit. Unfortunately, there’s no tutorial for this build. However, I hope that you can be inspired by this small cottage.

small cottage build

If you’re a fan of cottagecore, you’ll love these Minecraft builds. These cozy cottages are perfect for your village.

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