14 Ideas for Building Minecraft Houses Inside Mountains

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You’re going to love these ideas for building Minecraft houses inside mountains. These are some of my favorite bases because they’re just so fun and creative.

This quick list of mountain base ideas will feature hanging cliff houses, fantasy mountain bases, and more. If you’re ready to get started on your next Minecraft mountain base, then check out these ideas below.

1. Mountainside Farm Base

You don’t often see a mountainside farm base, so I’m super excited to share this one with you. This base has plenty of space for your farming needs.

Mountainside Farm Base
Credit: executivetree

2. Mountainside House

This mountainside house is simple and creative. As you can see, the interior is very minimal and includes hanging plants on the ceiling.

Mountainside House
Credit: executivetree

3. Mountain Base with Wooden Blocks

VoxPixel has created a pretty awesome mountain base with wooden blocks. This base includes multiple bedrooms and even some cool bookshelves.

Mountain Base with Wooden Blocks
Credit: voxpixel

4. Mountain Starter House

I love how Mountain houses look but I always feel intimidated to build them. This mountain starter house tutorial makes building your home easy. Shaders: BSL Shaders

Mountain Starter House

5. Mountain Camo Base

This mountain camo base is hidden in the mountains. See this mountain in all of its beauty by checking out the photo slideshow.

Mountain Camo Base
Credit: octo_mc

6. Corner Cliff Base

Here’s an example of a cool corner cliff base. Let this base inspire you while building your corner base.

Corner Cliff Base
Credit: octo_mc

7. Cliff Base

Here’s another cliff base by Octo MC. If you want to see the base from different angles as well as the interior (it has a crafting room), check out more photos on their Instagram account.

Cliff Base

8. Minecraft Mountain House

If you want your base to look like a classic brick house, use this build for inspiration. You can see the interior of this house by checking out the @platinumthief Instagram page.

Minecraft Mountain House

9. Savanna Mountain Base

What’s cool about this Savanna mountain base is that it’s mostly the mountain itself that has formed the house. Shader: BSL Texture Pack: Jermsy Boy Vanilla Edits.

Savanna Mountain Base
Credit: who_builds_mc 

10. Minecraft Starter Base

If you’re looking for a simple starter base, this is the mountain base for you. Check out the tutorial showing you how to build this easy Minecraft starter base.

Minecraft Starter Base
Credit: wolfmine_yt

11. House at Base of Mountain

While most mountain houses are located towards the top of the mountain, this house is located at the base of the mountain. The tutorial will show you how to build a mountain house.

House at Base of Mountain
Credit: bluebits_yt

12. Hanging Cliff House

This hanging cliff house is a great option if you want a really cool and unique base. It’s perfect for players who love to create new things. Make sure that the area is big enough to hold your house. Watch the tutorial if you want to learn How to Build a Hanging Cliff House.

Hanging Cliff House
Credit: craftingvibesyt

13. Fantasy High Mountains Base

Try something super original by recreating this fantasy high mountains base. I really love the colors that were used for this base. Texture Pack: fwhip 1.16 Shader Pack: BSL.

fantasy mountain base
Credit: nou_builds

If you’re looking for a cool new base to build in Minecraft, I hope these ideas for houses inside mountains have inspired you. They’re creative and fun, and I think you’ll love them.

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