20 Minecraft City Builds to Inspire You

Find inspiration from these Minecraft city build ideas. You’ll find apartment buildings, skyscrapers, beaches, bridges, restaurants, and so much more.

What’s so cool about these builds is that they’re often based on real cities from around the world, so no matter where you live, you have some pretty awesome Minecraft city builds to look at.

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Cinema and Restaurant

movie theater minecraft
Credit: goldencityminecraft

Build your own movie theater using this build as a reference. You’ll notice how it also has an attached Mcdonald’s restaurant.


minecraft freeway
Credit: hahnstown_minecraft

If your city has gotten pretty large, it’s definitely going to need its own freeway. All this freeway needs is traffic on the northbound side, and it’ll be complete.

KFC Restaurant

kfc minecraft
Credit: hahnstown_minecraft

If you enjoy fast food, then you know that no city is complete without a KFC restaurant.

Midgard City

ferris wheel minecraft
Credit: midgard.city

This city is actually called Midgard City. It has tall buildings, beaches, a Ferris wheel, and so much more.

IKEA Build

IKEA minecraft
Credit: minecraft_citybuild

If you want to add a warehouse to your city, consider building a large IKEA warehouse.

Before and After City

before and after city
Credit: minecraft_citybuild

Looking at the before and after, you can see the improvements that were made to this city. They did a great job with the buildings.

City Closeup

city closeup
Credit: minecraft_citybuild

Here’s a close-up look of the city that I shared above. You can see there’s a nice street complete with street lights.

Flower Beds

city with flower beds
Credit: minecraft_citybuild

Here’s another closeup from the city posted above. Here you can see that a plaza is decked out with trees, flower beds, and more.

City at Night

city at night
Credit: minecraft_citybuilding

Here’s a cool nighttime view of how this city looks at night. Check out the photo slideshow to see plenty more from this city.

City Roads

city roads
Credit: minecraft_citybuilding

If you need some inspiration for how to build your roads, I think you’ll be inspired by this detailed city build.

Europa Cathedral

minecraft church build
Credit: minecraft_europa_city

The creator of this states that this is the Europa Cathedral, the center of faith in the Europa Empire.

Empire State Building

Empire State Building
Credit: newliberty_mc

Here’s a build of the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building is a 102-story Art Deco skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan in New York City.

Crestza Ritzer District

sci-fi city
Credit: rzchtz_06

If you’re building a sci-fi themed city, let this city inspire you. It’s absolutely fantastic and definitely takes some patience to build.


Amsterdam village
Credit: shapescape.co

If you like the Amsterdam aesthetic, this city has great Amsterdam vibes. These buildings are a must-have for your village.

Roman Meets Medieval

Medieval minecraft build
Credit: trydar9k

The inspiration behind this city is a combination of Roman and medieval architecture. This is a creative and unique city for sure.


skyscraper minecraft
Credit: akenis.city

No city is complete without skyscrapers. Adding skyscrapers to your city will make it stand out so much and surely impress your friends.

Atheria Build

minecraft large city
Artist Credit: atheria_mc

This building is for a place called Atheria. It includes over 700 unique buildings, including 4 stadiums, an airport, a university campus, a capital building, a Vegas-style casino strip, towering skyscrapers, highways, and so much more.

White Oldtown House 

White Oldtown House 
Credit: corestudiosmc

If you love the look of an old townhome, I hope that this white old townhouse can inspire you.

Central Park

minecraft central park
Credit: ft156_youtube

Here’s a preview of a Central Park building. It has a really nice skyscraper building and plenty of lush trees.


minecraft downtown
Credit: ft156_youtube

Here’s another preview of the downtown Central Park city build. As you can see, the street has plenty of realistic details.

I hope you enjoyed these really cool city builds. I hope that they have helped give you some ideas for your next city build. If you’re looking for more, check out the posts below.

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