32 Things to Build in Minecraft When You’re Bored 2024

If you’re looking for things to build in Minecraft when you’re bored, I’ve put together a roundup of 32 cool build ideas. I’m sharing survival houses, mansions, castles, and more.

I’ve even included some pretty awesome builds you hadn’t considered like a harvest guardian, sword portal, and even a hot air balloon house.

So if you’ve found yourself being bored with Minecraft and not knowing what to build next, I hope you’re able to find inspiration below.

Build an Underground House

Build an Underground House

If you want to build an underground house, watch this helpful video tutorial on building this base on YouTube.

Build a Wedding Arch

Build a Wedding Arch

If you’re in need of wedding decor, I love this wedding arch by @queencynthia. Shaders: BSL Texture pack: Mizuno’s 16 craft.

Build Two Doorway Designs

Build Two Doorway Designs

Add these two doorway designs by @spudetti to your Minecraft world. Both of these designs look great. Texture pack: x32 Faithful v1.16.4 Shaders: BSL.

Build a Japanese Style House

Build a Japanese Style House

This Japanese-style house by Blockdown Builds is so nice. See the house from different angles and see the build information.

Build a Fox Pen

Build a Fox Pen

This fox pen from @voxpixel is so cute and creative. If you’re looking to add a fun piece to your world, give this a try.

Build a Mine Entrance

Build a Mine Entrance

This mine entrance by @voxpixel is perfect for your survival world. You could even make this in a nether style if you want.

Build a Hot Air Balloon House

Hot Air Balloon House

Blockdown Builds creates some of the most unique Minecraft builds. This hot air balloon house is no exception.

Build a Light Tower

Light Tower

I’m loving this light tower that’s perfect for survival mode. You can find out the details by checking out @gameeobuilds.

Build an Ocean Castle


This ocean castle by @blockdown_builds is so unique and creative. I love the colors used for this build.

Build an Archery Range

Archery Range

If you’ve been considering an archery range, use this amazing build by @boythesurvivalbuilder for reference.

Build a Classic Tree House


This build has more of a classic tree house look. You can see the interior and tutorial by checking out the how to build a tree house video tutorial.

Build a Modern Mansion

large and modern minecraft mansion

I really like this super modern Minecraft house. Watch the mansion building tutorial to create your own modern mansion.

Build a Small Garden


This small but functional garden was created by @hawk.craft. This garden would make a great addition to any home.

Build a Castle Wall


Here’s a great tutorial for upgrading a castle wall. View the photo tutorial from Craft Aces.

Build an Acacia Mountain House

Acacia Mountain House
Image Credit: Reddit

Have you considered building a house on the side of a mountain? If so, you’ll probably love this Acacia Mountain House. I love the use of acacia wood with this mountain house.

Build a Wooden Crane


This wooden crane is so creative and unique. Visit @craftaces to learn more about this build.

Build a Firewatch Tower

No medieval village is complete without a firewatch tower. Blockdown Builds did an amazing job with this build. Watch the tower tutorial on YouTube.

Build a Mansion Garden


Build your own Minecraft mansion, then use this reference for creating a garden to go with your house. This garden was made by @disruptive_builds.

Build a Medieval Castle

Medieval Castle

This medieval castle looks so awesome. Granted, this will definitely take some patience to build, but the time will be worth it. Check out the YouTube medieval castle tutorial to make this epic castle.

Build a Hobbit House


If you enjoy Lord of the Rings, I think you’ll love this hobbit house by @minecraft.perspective.yt. I recommend checking them out for more creative builds.

Build a Survival Mansion

survival mansion
Image Credit: blockdown_builds.

I’m loving this survival mansion. This definitely isn’t an overnight project, but the finished results will be so worth the time spent.

Build a Windmill


Here’s a simple windmill created by Minecraft Survival Builds. See the windmill from different angles.

Build a Luxury House

modern luxury house

This is the ultimate modern luxury house. Check out the tutorial on how to build a luxury house to learn how to build this cool mansion.

Build a Harvest Guardian

harvest guardian build

If you want to protect your crops, build a harvest guardian for your village. Make sure you check out BitGardener on YouTube.

Build a Simple Barn

barn building

If you want to make a simple barn, this picture makes a great reference. You can view the full tour of the farmland from @teamworkbench.

Build a House on a Cliff

house on a cliff minecraft

Some people say cliff-style houses aren’t functional, but I absolutely love them. You can watch the cliff-building tutorial for this house on YouTube.

Build a Castle Tower


Crema produces some of my favorite Minecraft builds. That’s why I love sharing their work. This castle tower will make the perfect addition to your village.

Build a Fountain

fountain designs

Here are three different fountain builds for you to try. You can watch the fountain tutorials on YouTube.

Build a Roofed Bridge

roofed bridge minecraft

This roofed bridge would make a great addition to any village. Watch the bridge tutorial on YouTube if you want to build this bridge yourself.

Build a Simple Survival House

Simple Survival House

Not only does this survival house by SheepGG look awesome, but it’s actually pretty simple to build. The creator of this house has provided a great tutorial showing you how to build this simple survival house.

Build an Ultimate Japanese Pagoda

Ultimate Japanese Pagoda Minecraft Build

This is the ultimate Japanese pagoda. A pagoda is a sacred building with multiple tiers. Watch the helpful build tutorial for this Japanese Pagoda.

Build a Nether Sword Portal

Nether Sword Portal

If you want to create something unique, try making this nether sword portal. Thankfully, a video tutorial is also provided. Check out the portal tutorial for this sword on Youtube.

There are many things to build on Minecraft when you’re bored. You could build a giant castle or a replica of your favorite building. You could also build a giant maze or a park with a playground and a pond. Whatever you choose to build, be sure to have fun and use your imagination.

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