20 Cool Minecraft Survival House Ideas and Tutorials

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I’ve rounded up a collection of Minecraft survival house ideas and tutorials.

If you’re looking for survival houses and more, you’ve come to the right place. Where possible, I’ve included a link to the YouTube video tutorial.

1. How To Build a Simple Survival House

Not only does this survival house by SheepGG look awesome, but it’s actually pretty simple to build. The creator of this house has provided a great tutorial showing you how to build this simple survival house. Watch the Survival House YouTube tutorial.

Simple Survival House

2. Medieval Gatehouse

This medieval gatehouse by squaremario_minecraft uses the following: Shaders: BSL v7.2 (BitGardener’s settings) Textures: Default.

Medieval Gatehouse

3. Modern House

This modern house has a great exterior; however, if you check out thenetheriteguy, you can see that it has a fantastic interior too.

Modern House

4. Hot Air Balloon House

Blockdown Builds creates some of the most unique Minecraft builds. This hot air balloon house is no exception.

Hot Air Balloon House

5. Archery Range

If you’ve been considering an archery range, use this amazing build by boythesurvivalbuilder for reference.

Archery Range

6. Small Medieval House

If you would like to check out the interior of this small medieval house, check out daxar123_builds on Instagram.

Small Medieval House

7. Decorative House

Here’s a decorative house that you can turn into a survival house. Check out daxar123_builds to see the inside of the house.

Decorative House

8. Easy Mountain House

This easy mountain house looks even better when you check out all of the photos uploaded by jackscarecrowmc.

Easy Mountain House

9. Survival Base

This survival base by minecraft.luki7 is perfect for anyone who wants to build something that’s small and still looks great.

Survival Base

10. Farm with Three Levels

Use these farm levels for your survival world. Check out voxpixel to see each farm up close.

Farm with Three Levels

11. Multiplayer Base

If you’re looking for multiplayer base ideas, use this build by ExecutiveTree for reference. You can watch the YouTube tutorial here.

Multiplayer Base

12. Windmill

Here’s a simple windmill created by Minecraft Survival Builds. Make sure you check out the windmill from different angles.


13. Map Room

Create a map room for your survival base using this photo from minecraftsurvivalbuilds as your reference.

Map Room

14. Mountain Starter House

If you’re looking for a unique build, try this mountain starter house. Check out jacksscarecrowmc to see the entire house.

Mountain Starter House

15. Modern Hobbit Hole

This cozy hobbit hole is made from quartz and terracotta. Check out executivetree to see the interior.

Modern Hobbit Hole

16. Light Tower

I’m loving this light tower that’s perfect for survival mode. You can find out the details by checking out gameeobuilds.

Light Tower

17. Survival Brick House

This survival brick house is so simple and would look great. Check out SheepGG on YouTube for the video tutorial.

Survival Brick House

18. Large House Design

If you’re looking for a cool house design, check out this build from

Large House Design

19. Oak Survival Farmhouse

SheepGG has a YouTube tutorial on how to build this oak survival farmhouse.

oak survival farmhouse

20. Survival Tree House

This survival tree house includes all the essentials you’ll need. Make sure you check out Zaypixel on YouTube for the full video tutorial.


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