25 Minecraft Windmill Builds To Impress Your Friends

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These Minecraft windmill build ideas are sure to impress your friends and other players.

Windmills have been in use for thousands of years. Windmills as we know them today began appearing in the 8th and 9th century in the middle east and West Asia.

The design has evolved over the centuries, but the general concept has remained unchanged. In more ancient times, the most important use for the windmill was grinding grain and pumping water. Today, we also use windmills to generate electricity.

If you’re looking for Minecraft windmill ideas, you’ll be inspired by this collection of 25 build ideas.

1. Cool Windmill

The creator of this windmill, Eli, has a YouTube video showing you how they made this windmill, along with a ship and nano-wheat farm.

windmill on farm house
Credit: _elegantelephant

2. Medieval Windmill

If you’re looking for a creative medieval windmill, you may enjoy this one. It also has some pretty nice landscaping surrounding it.

windmill with night sky
Credit: angel101314

3. Windmill Made in Survival

Players in survival mode will enjoy recreating this simple windmill build.

beginners windmill
Credit: art3mis_jelly

4. Let’s Build a Medieval Village Windmill

If you want to build this cool medieval village windmill, make sure you check out the YouTube tutorial from Spudetti. You’ll also learn how to build a storage room inside the windmill and the wheat farms around the outside.

how to build a windmill
Credit: spudetti

5. Beautiful Windmill

I find this windmill to be so beautiful. As you can see, it sits on top of a house and stands out nicely.

beautiful windmill
Credit: blockbearmc

6. Windmill Island

This windmill is sitting on its own island, making it stand out so well. It really feels like the standout piece of the land.

windmill on cloudy day
Credit: thundercrafted.mc

7. Fantasy Windmill

If your village has a fantasy theme, you’ll love this fantasy windmill. We were’n’t able to find a tutorial for this windmill, but hopefully it can be used to inspire you next awesome build.

fantasy windmill
Credit: brothersofcreation

8. Moonrising Windmill

This windmill is a build from the creators Moonrising fantasy themed village.

moonrising blue windmill
Credit: cookieshadow33

9. Small Windmill

This small windmill is located on a farm on the players fantasy map. Make sure you click on the credit link below this picture to join the creators Minecraft discord.

windmill and house
Credit: corestudiosmc

10. Huge Windmill

This windmill is huge and amazing. If you’re looking for a windmill build with a lot of detail, this is the one for you.

advanced windmill
Credit: craftaces

11. Easy Windmill Design

This easy windmill was built in a single-player world with a working bonemeal farm. The texture pack is Vanilla and the shader pack is BSL.

windmill design
Credit: creative.nou

12. Windmill Surrounded by Wheat

Here’s a beautiful windmill that’s sitting in the middle of a wheat field. I think my favorite part about this build are the blue and cream colored rotor blades.

stylish windmill
Credit: craftaces

13. Netherlands Theme

This windmill has a cool Netherlands theme. It was built in Minecraft Bedrock Edition on Windows 10.

germany village windmill
Credit: extremepotato.gamer

14. Ancient Windmill

You’re you’re looking for a medieval design, check out this ancient windmill build. Feel free to join the artist GamaBuild on Discord for more Minecraft content. You can find their info by clicking on the credit link below this photo.

medieval windmill
Credit: gamabuild

15. Farmer’s Windmill

In this farmers windmill tutorial, ItsMarloe builds a windmill for their farmers that is surrounded by a beautiful wheat field. They also construct a fisherman’s home.

beginners minecraft windmill
Credit: itsmarloe

16. Windmill with Beautiful Landscape

You can see the time-lapse of this windmill with a beautiful landscape by checking out Lady MineRain on YouTube.

large windmill
Credit: lady_minerain

17. Large Medieval Windmill

If you’re interested interested in building this large medieval windmill, LionCheater has kindly created a helpful YouTube tutorial for us to follow. Check out the tutorial on How to Build a Large Windmill.

large medieval windmill
Credit: lioncheater

18. The Windmill of Coastal Village

If you happen to have a costal village in the game, this windmill is the perfect addition to your village. Of course, this windmill will look great in any village style.

coastal windmill
Credit: mc_creative_world

19. Attractive Windmill

This windmill is so attractive. It’s also the perfect size for anyone who doesn’t want a build that’s too large, or too small.

windmill in grass field
Credit: minecraftdailyidea

20. Rustic Windmill

This rustic windmill looks absolutely fantastic. Here are a few details if you would like to use this photo for reference for your own windmill. MC version: 1.17.1 Texture Pack: Vanilla (Default) Shader: BSL v7.1.04.1.

rustic windmill
Credit: stickygangster

21. Giant Windmill

Spudetti has some really amazing Minecraft builds, and this windmill is no exception. Check out the time-lapse for this giant windmill.

easy windmill
Credit: spudetti

22. European Windmill and Tower

This windmill is a collaboration between @tuilder.mc and @bage_the_builder. You should definitely check them out for more great builds.

farmers windmill

23. Geode Windmill design

This creative windmill is built with spruce wood and deep slate. The builder used geode blocks that we found for the roof of the build and wool for the turbine part of the mill. They used BSL Shaders with Optifine. You can watch the full tutorial on YouTube.

geode windmill
Credit: waxfraud

24. Survival Experience Windmill

This windmill was actually made in an old single player world known as “survival experience.”

windmill in wheat field
Credit: whitefyr

25. Mega Windmill

This mega windmill was built in the players survival world. It sits on top of a hill surrounded by lush green grass.

country windmill
Credit: zren_dms

These windmill builds are so much fun. If you like any of the windmills you’ve seen, it might be time to have some fun with your favorite game.

The great thing about this game is that there are no limits when it comes to designing a build in the world of Minecraft. There’s nothing stopping you from trying one or all of these designs and seeing what works for you.

Perhaps start out by building something simple before moving on to more complicated projects such. It may take just a little imagination but trust us, the results will be worth it.

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