20 Coolest Minecraft Build Ideas

If you’re ready to be blown away, take a look at these top 20 coolest Minecraft builds that will make you think twice about the limitations of your own building skills.

From intricate castles to impressive modern mansions, there is no limit to what can be built in this sandbox game. These incredible building ideas will give you inspiration and ideas to start creating your own masterpieces.

1. Dragon Skull Portal

Dragon Skull Portal
Credit: xgoldrobin

If you want to make your nether sword portal look more epic, you’ll love building this portal. You can use the skull as a survival house or just a cool look structure. Watch the tutorial on How to Build a Dragon Skull Portal.

2. Pirate Cave

Pirate Cave
Credit: executivetree

Hidden behind a stunning waterfall lies a secret cavern town, home to a band of pirates. They’ve created their own little paradise in this mysterious place of wonder. Don’t forget about the mineshaft, workshop, trade port, and aqueduct, all within this hidden cave’s walls.

3. Mountain Mansion

Mountain Mansion
Credit: blockdown_builds

Take on the challenge of building a stunning mountain mansion in Minecraft. Craft with materials such as oak wood and cobblestone to create your dream mansion.

4. Survival Desert Base

Survival Desert Base
Credit: octo_mc

If you want to start a survival world in the desert, this a great build. Texture Pack: Vanilla tweaks and Shaders: BSL.

5. XP Farm Entrance

XP Farm Entrance
Credit: blockdown_builds

Learn how to build an epic zombie XP farm and upgrade your armor. The texture packs for this build are “vanilla tweaks,” and the shaders are “complementary.”

6. Eco Dirt House

Eco Dirt House
Credit: octo_mc

Make a sustainable home in Minecraft with this exciting build. Craft some wooden doors to keep out unwanted guests. Decorate the exterior of your house with tall grass, flowers, and other foliage.

7. Lush Ancient City

Lush Ancient City
Credit: executivetree

This ancient city was converted into a lush civilization lit up with hundreds of lanterns. Because the sculk sensors and shriekers were removed, the city is safe for inhabitants.

8. Survival Lake House

Survival Lake House
Credit: executivetree

If you’re ready for an outdoor adventure, build your own survival lake house. You’ll have the perfect elevated vantage point and ensure your base is safe from potential mobs. With plenty of resources to craft within, you can enjoy all the comforts you need for long-term survival.

9. Giant Enderman Statue

Giant Enderman Statue
Credit: xgoldrobin

This Enderman statue is pretty cool. Enderman is a tall, dark, and spooky mob. They have long legs and arms, making them appear slightly gangly. They also have eyes that glow in the dark.

10. Auto Smelter / Furnace House

Auto Smelter / Furnace House
Credit: xgoldrobin

If you want to add fiery fun to your Minecraft builds, look no further than a furnace house. These structures are designed to house furnaces and related tools, so you’ll indeed find loads of great uses for them. Watch the tutorial on How to Build an Auto Smelter / Furnace House.

11. Minecraft Factory

Minecraft Factory
Credit: executivetree

This smelting factory was built in Minecraft 1.17. It consists of furnaces, blast furnaces, hoppers, and other machines used to automate the process of melting and reforging materials into the desired objects.

12. Cool Minecraft Treehouse

Cool Minecraft Treehouse
Credit: xgoldrobin

This treehouse is the perfect viewing platform. These structures are designed to give your village an extra bit of charm and intrigue. Watch the tutorial on How to Build a Treehouse.

13. Hobbit Hole

Hobbit Hole
Credit: octo_mc

If you’re looking for a simple and fun project to work on, this hobbit hole is beginner-friendly. It features one large window on the side and a garden that you can tend to.

14. Cliff Base

Cliff Base
Credit: octo_mc

If you like making unique shapes, try re-creating this cliff base. The photo below shows you how to build the windows in four simple steps.

15. How to Make Cliff Base Windows

How to Make Cliff Base Windows
Credit: octo_mc

Here’s a quick tutorial that shows you how to make cliff base windows. Step 1: Make this shape using glass. Step 2: Place slabs. Step 3: Add trapdoors. Step 4: Place stars.

16. Cathedral Before and After

 Cathedral Before and After
Credit: corestudiosmc

Take your Minecraft mastery to the next level with this cathedral build. The artist shows us the before and after of this building, and it’s pretty impressive.

17. Mangrove Swamp Cabin

Mangrove Swamp Cabin
Credit: octo_mc

If you want to live in a Mangrove Swamp, this tutorial will show you How to Build a Mangrove Swamp Cabin. In case you didn’t know, a mangrove is a type of tree that grows on tropical and subtropical coasts.

18. Shipwreck House

Shipwreck House
Credit: blockdown_builds

Transform shipwrecks into a cool house with this unique Minecraft build idea. Shaders: BSL v8 Texture Packs: fWhip 1.16, Enhanced Biomes River, and Pond / Vanilla Tweaks.

19. Thor’s Hammer Nether Portal

Thor's Hammer Nether Portal
Credit: xgoldrobin

Thor’s Hammer is the ultimate symbol of power, strength, and protection. It protects its wielder from all sorts of harm and can also be used to summon lightning and cause destruction. Watch the tutorial on How to Build Thor’s Hammer Nether Portal.

20. Build a Firewatch Tower

Build a Firewatch Tower

No medieval village is complete without a firewatch tower. Blockdown Builds did a fantastic job with this build. Watch the tower tutorial on YouTube.

We’ve just looked at some of the coolest Minecraft builds out there. From modern mansions and palaces to creative takes on traditional structures like castles and cathedrals, you can find something amazing to build in Minecraft that’s unique to your vision and creativity.

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