30 Minecraft Building Ideas You’re Going to Love

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If you’re looking for Minecraft building ideas, I have 30 ideas to share with you that you’re going to love. From unique houses to harvest guardians and more, you’re going to find so much inspiration below.

While building things in Minecraft takes time, there’s really nothing like seeing and enjoying the finished project.

Below I’ve included photos for you to use as guides and inspiration.

1. Circle Oak Base

I love this Circle Oak Base by sheepggmc. You can watch the tutorial for this base on YouTube.

circle oak base

2. Survival House

If you’re looking for creative survival house builds, give this one a try from diamondofnetherite.

tall survival house build

3. Egg House

If you like the new egg house, you’re in luck because there’s a helpful video tutorial for this house that you can watch on YouTube.

new egg house for minecraft

4. Harvest Guardian

If you want to protect your crops, build a harvest guardian for your village. Make sure you check out BitGardener on YouTube.

harvest guardian build

5. Mesa Village

Step outside of the box by building a Mesa village. You can watch the video tutorial for this village on YouTube.

minecraft village build

6. Simple Barn

If you want to make a simple barn, this picture makes a great reference. You can view the full tour of Farmland on teamworkbench.

barn building

7. Kitchen Build

You don’t see a lot of interior builds online, so I thought it would be helpful to share a kitchen build. Watch the interior design reference on YouTube.

minecraft kitchen

8. Moon House

This creative house build is shaped like a moon. Buzz Craft has a YouTube video showing you how to make this moon house.

house shaped like moon

9. Cliff-Style House

Some people say cliff-style houses aren’t functional, but I absolutely love them. You can watch the tutorial for this house on YouTube.

house on a cliff minecraft

10. Small House Build

Try something different by making this small house build. Image from awesomebuild.

small house with stairs

11. Merchant House

See this merchant house from different angles for a better reference.

merchant house with purple roof

12. Giant Archway

Okay, this giant archway is mindblowing! Image from blockycreations.

  • Version: 1.16.3
  • Shaders: BSL
  • Resource Pack: Jerms better leaves
giant archway

13. Modern Stone House

If you want to know how to build this modern stone house, check out the tutorial on YouTube.

modern stone house

14. Survival Tree House

This survival tree house includes all the essentials plus more. Check out Zaypixel on YouTube for the full tutorial.

minecraft survival tree house build

15. Castle on the Moon

Unfortunately, there’s no tutorial for this castle on the moon build. This looks so cool though. Image from awesomebuild.

castle on the moon

16. Epic Tower

This build is out of this world! Make sure you check out Deltagon on for more amazing builds.

epic minecraft build

17. Large Castle

Okay, this castle is epic. For more awesome castle builds, check out Fall Studios on Youtube.

epic minecraft castle

18. Oak Survival House

SheepGG creates some of my favorite survival house builds. Watch a similar YouTube tutorial if you want to make this oak survival house.

survival house build

19. Terraced Oak Survival Base

This build is called the Terraced Oak Survival Base. You can watch this build on YouTube.

terraced oak survival base

20. Underground Base

Watch the tutorial on YouTube if you want to know how to build this ultimate underground base.

underground base
Credit: sheepggmc

21. Modern Aquarium

This modern aquarium is so cool. There’s no tutorial for this aquarium, but I know it uses the BSL shader. Image from executivetree.

modern aquarium

22. Workshop Design

This workshop design is a large open room with plenty of space for storage. See the room from different angles.

workshop design minecraft

23. Greenhouse

You have to check out the post for this greenhouse to see it from different angles. It really is a great build.


24. Three Fountain Builds

Here are three different fountain builds for you to try. You can watch the fountain tutorials on YouTube.

fountain designs

25. Sugar Cane

There isn’t a tutorial for this sugar cane design, but the info is as follows:

  • BSL Shaders v7.2
  • Java 1.16.1
sugar cane design
Credit: extraarbuilds

26. Roofed Bridge

This roofed bridge would make a great addition to any village. Watch the tutorial on YouTube if you want to build this bridge yourself.

roofed bridge minecraft

27. Unique Survival Base

This survival base has a complete picture tutorial on Instagram if you want to check it out.

survival base

28. Aquarium Base

This modern aquarium base has a circular design with basic storage. You can see more pictures on Instagram.

aquarium base build

29. Lake House

Learn how to build a lake house with this video tutorial from Zaypixel.

how to build a lake house minecraft tutorial

30. Beginner’s Survival House

If you want to make an easy beginner friendly survival house, watch this video tutorial from ManDooMin.

easy survival house

31. Small Cottage

I found this small cottage picture on Reddit. Unfortunately, there’s no tutorial for this build.

small cottage build

32. Mountain House

If you’ve thought about making a mountain house, this picture is a great reference for you to use. Image from spiderboymc.

minecraft mountain house

33. Survival Igloo

Once the winter season comes around, you should definitely make this survival igloo. It also includes a small pond for fishing. Image from executivetree.

survival igloo

34. Forest Cottage

Sit back and relax while making this simple forest cottage. This cottage will make the perfect addition to your village.

forest cottage

Credit: BitGardener on YouTube

I hope these cool Minecraft builds have inspired you to creating some awesome buildings for your village.

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