21 Sims 4 Summer Clothing CC (Dresses, Shorts, Skirts, Tops)

Discover a handpicked selection of 21 stunning summer clothing CC items for The Sims 4. Summer is just around the corner, signaling it’s time for a wardrobe update!

Now is the perfect time to refresh your fashion. If you’re like me, integrating your own style into your Sims’ wardrobes is part of the fun. And there’s no better time than summer, with its explosion of colors and relaxed fashion, to do just that. Below you’ll find summer dress, shorts, skirts, tops, and more.

1. Rene Crop Cardigan and Top

Rene Crop Cardigan & Top

When the temperatures rise, this cropped cardigan and top combo are there to keep you cute and stylish. Get the Rene Crop Cardigan and Top.

2. Erla Outfit Bundle

Erla Outfit Bundle

When it’s time for you to hit the town, this outfit bundle has all your bases covered with a daring yet elegant mix of a crop top, leather jacket, and a flirty mini skirt. Get the Erla Outfit Bundle.

3. Summer Plaid Dress

Summer Plaid Dress

The plaid dress is a timeless piece that brings a hint of vintage charm to modern summer fashion. It’s a versatile outfit that transitions seamlessly from daytime to evening, from city to countryside. Get the Summer Plaid Dress.

4. Nora Jumper and Sundress

Nora Jumper & Sundress

This jumper and sundress combo are versatile pieces of apparel ready for any summer occasion, be it a casual gathering or a sunny day at the park. Get the Nora Jumper and Sundress.

5. Ayla Outfit

Ayla Outfit

For the carefree who want to be trendy and comfortable, this outfit offers a look that’s laid back and ready for all-day wear. Get the Ayla Outfit.

6. Natalie Crop T-Shirt

Natalie Crop T-shirt

For a more modern look, this t-shirt is your go-to. Pair it with high-waisted shorts or your favorite jeans for a playful, youthful look. Get the Natalie Crop T-Shirt.

7. Elin Outfit

Elin Outfit

This wrap top features a plunging V-neckline and bell sleeves paired nicely with a coordinating ruffle skirt. Whether you wear it for sultry summer evenings or simply an easygoing everyday look, the decision is ultimately up to you. Elin Outfit.

8. Victoria Square Neck A-line Dress

Victoria Square Neck A-line Dress

This A-line dress is a figure-flattering choice for those who love the classic summer look. Its square neck and slight flare are sure to catch the eye and evoke a nostalgic summer aesthetic. Get the Victoria Square Neck A-line Dress.

9. Y2Karma Outfit Pack

Y2Karma Outfit Pack

Y2K fashion has made a grand return, better than ever. Which style catches your eye? Y2Karma Outfit Pack.

10. PixGlitz Ensemble

PixGlitz Ensemble

If you want to sparkle and shine, this outfit offers the right amount of glitz and glamour, sure to make you the life of any party. Get the PixGlitz Ensemble.

11. Everly Mini Dress with Cut-Out

Everly Mini Dress with Cut Out

Turn up the heat with this mini dress, a celebration of summer with its daring yet playful cut-out feature. A great choice for anyone who loves to showcase their confidence and style. Everly Mini Dress with Cut-Out.

12. Lexie Outfit

Lexie Outfit

Get those laid-back, sporty vibes going with the Lexie Outfit, a cozy concoction of extra-light sports bras and oversized pants that redefine casual chic. Get the Lexie Outfit.

13. Chloé Dress

Chloé Dress

The Chloé Dress combines simplicity with sophistication. It’s a modern, comfortable dress with a subtle flair. Get the Chloé Dress.

14. Lady Open Back Mini Dress

Lady Open Back Mini Dress

For a sultry and bold edge to your summer style, this mini dress is the ultimate pick. It’s perfect for a night of dancing under the starry sky. Get the Lady Open Back Mini Dress.

15. Yasmin Dress

The Yasmin Dress

Effortlessly elegant, the Yasmin Dress is a body-hugging, slim garment that exudes simplicity and ease. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants to look stylish while staying comfortable in the long summer days. Get the Yasmin Dress.

16. Lianna Button Front Dress

Lianna Button Front Dress

This chic dress combines simplicity with a unique design. It’s perfect for special summer occasions that call for a touch of sophistication. Get the Lianna Button Front Dress.

17. Dress Tournesol

Dress Tournesol

With its loose strapless top and flowy skirt adorned with spring-inspired prints, this outfit is the embodiment of a summer breeze, bringing the seasons to your style. Get the Dress Tournesol.

18. Flores Skirt

Flores Skirt

With its cute prints and breezy design, this floral skirt spells out summer fun. Whether you’re strolling the beach or hanging out by the pool, you’ll do so in style. Get the Flores Skirt.

19. Flores Top

Flores Top

Paired perfectly with the Flores skirt or any of your favorite bottoms, the top completes the summer look with its matching prints and casual elegance. Get the Flores Top.

20. Amelie Outfit

Amelie Outfit

This adorable, two-piece ensemble draws inspiration from Chanel’s classic elegance but adds a unique spin. It’s available in an array of playful shades. Amelie Outfit.

21. Floral Grace Set

Floral Grace Set

This dress, inspired by a flourishing garden, perfectly marries natural elegance with a carefree allure. You can choose from two lengths and 11 different colors to suit your style. Floral Grace Set.

You’re now well-equipped for the coming summer with these fashionable selections of custom content. Whether you prefer a casual, summery look or crave something a bit more glamorous, these outfits are certain to add a touch of style to your virtual experience.

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