20 Sims 4 Female Makeup Sets CC (Eyeshadow, Lipstick, Blush)

For every Sims 4 player who loves to create the perfect look for their characters, female makeup sets CC are a golden opportunity to add an extra layer of expression.

In a world where customization is key, the Sims 4 CC (custom content) community has brought the game to life with an endless array of mods, creating a personalized experience beyond what the base game offers.

However, having so many choices can make finding the best sets for your Sim daunting. To streamline this process, I’ve compiled a definitive list of the 20 must-have Sims 4 female makeup sets CC, each ensuring that your Sim stands out from the crowd.

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1. E-BaddieE XXL Makeup Collection

E-BaddieE XXL Makeup Collection

For Simmers, unafraid to make a statement, the E-BaddieE XXL Makeup Collection is a bold mix of rich colors and high-intensity palettes. From deep purples to neon pinks, these expressive shades empower your character to step into the limelight with confidence and style. E-BaddieE XXL Makeup Collection.

2. Giselle Eyeshadow

Giselle Eyeshadow

With its shimmery color selection, the Giselle eyeshadow palette accentuates your eyes with a flare tailored to match any personal style. Giselle Eyeshadow.

3. Powder Soft Blush Base

Powder Soft Blush Base

A necessity for your beauty regimen, the powder soft blush base is a beautifully crafted range of blushes that bring a natural flush to your character’s cheeks. The colors vary from rosy pinks to warm apricots, offering the perfect tool to emulate a healthy, radiant glow. Powder Soft Blush Base.

4. Galya Eyes (Female and Male)

Galya Eyes (Female and Male)

The Galya Eyes provide an all-encompassing set for females and males, adding depth and charisma to their appearance. Galya Eyes (Female and Male).

5. Soft Vibes Makeup Collection

Soft Vibes Makeup Collection

Balancing subtleness with a touch of charm, the Soft Vibes makeup collection is a collection of four items. You’ll receive two eyeshadows and two graphic eyeliners. Soft Vibes Makeup Collection.

6. Eyes Set (10 Colors)

Eyes (10 Colors)

This eye collection is a simple yet essential inclusion for those desiring an assorted set of eye shades. Its variety ensures that there’s always a perfect match waiting for any situation, whether for daily wear or a special night out. Eyes Set (10 Colors).

7. Volumizing Lip Gloss

Volumizing Lip Gloss

This collection of high-shine glosses provides not just an accentuating effect but also a fuller appearance for those lips that demand attention. Volumizing Lip Gloss.

8. Candy Makeup Collection

Candy Makeup Collection

Transform your Sim into a vision of ethereal sweetness with the Candy Collection. You’ll receive eye shadow, lipstick, and blush with this set. Candy Makeup Collection.

9. Ashlynn Blush

Ashlynn Blush

The Ashlynn Blush set brings a touch of modern elegance to the range of available blushes. Its more subdued hues offer a sculpted and refined addition to your character’s daily makeup routine. Ashlynn Blush.

10. Melon Jelly Makeup Set

Melon Jelly Makeup Set

Exuding summertime vibes all year round, the Melon Jelly Makeup Set embodies a carefree spirit with its juicy tones and lighthearted appeal. The peach and honeydew tones offer a refreshing splash of color, perfect for days by the pool or fun outings. Melon Jelly Makeup Set.

11. Eyes (14 Colors)

Eyes (14 Colors)

Whether it’s the ocean-like blue or the earthy richness of browns, your characters can switch up their look each day with a new defining eye color. Eyes (14 Colors).

12. Sour Fruit Makeup Set

Sour Fruit Makeup Set

For Simmers that march to the beat of their own drum, the Sour Fruit Makeup Set delivers a dose of edginess with its vibrant color choices. Sour Fruit Makeup Set.

13. Freckles Pack

Freckles Pack

Freckles add character to the face, a story in each splatter on the canvas of your character’s skin. This collection offers freckles of various sizes and shades that culminate in an ensemble of uniqueness. Freckles Pack.

14. Eyeshadow Makeup Set

Eyeshadow Makeup Set

A staple in the inventory of any makeup enthusiast, this is a versatile eyeshadow makeup pack that transitions seamlessly between casual and formal settings. Eyeshadow Makeup Set.

15. Bubblegum Concealer

Bubblegum Concealer

This collection offers six concealer swatches, ensuring a perfect blend that camouflages imperfections without compromising a radiant complexion. Bubblegum Concealer.

16. Prism Makeup Set

Prism Makeup Set

For the discerning Sim who likes to sparkle, the Prism Makeup Set introduces a vibrancy that breathes life into any occasion. With a blend of shimmer and shine, these colors are perfect for nightlife and special events. Prism Makeup Set.

17. HQ Beauty Eyes

HQ Beauty Eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and this eye color set enhances that perspective. Offering a variety of realistic eye textures and contours, this CC ensures that the gaze of your Sim is as intense and captivating as it is lifelike. HQ Beauty Eyes.

18. The I Do Collection

Radiating a gentle charm, this collection offers a selection designed for romantic encounters and moments of tenderness. Soft pinks and peaches invite a sense of warmth that you’ll love. The I Do Collection.

19. Serenity Lip Gloss

Serenity Lip Gloss

The serenity lip gloss allows your Sim to achieve an alluring pout. This collection of luminous and luscious glosses subtly enhances the lips. Serenity Lip Gloss.

20. Lipstick (8 Colors)

Lipstick (8 Colors)

A selection of flattering lipsticks is a non-negotiable in any makeup kit. The lipstick set ensures a range of hues that can suit any occasion and guarantees a texture that keeps your character’s lips kissably soft and vibrant. Lipstick (8 Colors).

Each makeup CC set is a testament to the vibrant and dedicated community that enhances the Sims 4 universe. From the shimmering tones of the Prism Makeup Set to the endearing kitsch of the Candy Makeup Collection, there’s a treasure trove of options waiting to transform your Sims into the characters of your dreams.

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