24 Sims 4 Black Girl Hair CC You’ll Love

There are tons of amazing black girl hair CC packs out there that will help you completely transform the look and feel of any Sim in the game.

Upgrading their hairstyle is one surefire way to spice up your Sim’s appearance. From box braids to lace fronts to updos and more, we’ve covered all your styling needs with our list of must-have hairstyles.

One of the best things about playing the game is its endless customization options. One great way to do this is through custom content, or CC, which offers a wide range of items to add to your game.

And let’s face it; no one wants to have the same dull hair as everyone else in the game. That’s why I have gathered some of the best and most fabulous black girl hair CC’s out there. So keep reading if you want to elevate your Sims style to a new level.

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Bee Hair

Bee Hair CC

Get ready to channel your inner queen bee with this beehive-inspired hairstyle. With eight stunning swatches plus an extra twenty-eight colors and accessories in the historian palette – you’ll feel like royalty! Add a special touch with the flowers that can be found in hats. Download the Bee Hair.

Kehlani Hairstyle

Kehlani Hairstyle CC

Here’s a look that features cornrows that have been braided into a long ponytail. This CC is available for teens-elders, has eighteen swatches, and is hat compatible. Download the Kehlani Hairstyle.

Mulan Hair

Mulan Hair CC

Enjoy a fresh look with the Mulan unit. Get ready to rock a cutesy side part that comes in eight shades, plus you can expect more attractive style options coming soon. So keep an eye out for those. Download the Mulan Hair.

Braided Updo

Braided Updo CC

If you’re tired of your same boring old hairstyle, get a fresh new look with a braided updo. This look will provide you with access to twenty-four hair color options. Download the Braided Updo.

Thrive Braids

Thrive Braids CC

This cute braids CC features sixteen bead swatches so you can change your beads to your desired color choice. Download the Thrive Braids.

Keona Braids

Keona Braids CC

These cute braids include eleven swatches and have two versions of the look. Plus, the hair CC is hat compatible. Download the Keona Braids.

Indigo Braids

Indigo Braids CC

These beautiful braids include an African print wrap with ten swatches, and the hair comes with thirteen. This CC is not hat compatible. Download the Indigo Braids.

Nyla Hair

Nyla Hair CC

This looks comes in two versions; version 1 has hair on both shoulders, and version 2 only has hair on one shoulder. Download Nyla Hair.

Monae Bead Braids

Monae Bead Braids CC

This one is perfect if you’re looking for a braid hairstyle with beads. This CC includes nine swatches, two versions (stands/no strands), plus locs retexture. Download the Monae Bead Braids.

Zendaya Hairstyle

Zendaya Hairstyle CC

If you have ever wanted hair like Zendaya, you can have it in The Sims 4. This game keeps getting better and better. The new hair inspired by the talented actress is nothing short of amazing. Download the Zendaya Hairstyle.

Jiona Hair Set

Jiona Hair Set CC

You can use this delightful look with or without the side braid. I love the volume added to the hair, and the side braids add an extra-special touch. Download the Jiona Hair Set.

Braided and Curly Hair

Braided and Curly Hair CC

If you are tired of your Sims hair looking dull and lifeless, jazz up its style with this hairstyle. With 60 vibrant colors, you can give your Sim a unique, trendy look that will turn heads. Download the Braided and Curly Hair.

Rae Buns

Rae Buns CC

I can’t get over how cute these buns are. This is for you if you want a fun look that stands out. This CC is for teen-elder and will give you seventeen swatches. Download the Rae Buns.

Theo Hair

Theo Hair CC

The artist retextured the dream home pack hair into dreads to get this look. The finished hairstyle turned out great. Download the Theo Hair.

Tamara Hair

Tamara Hair CC

If you’re looking for a soft and curly fro, this hairstyle will look great on your Sim. This custom content is base game compatible, and you’ll have access to over twenty swatches. Download the Tamara Hair.

Mid-Length Locs

Mid-Length Locs CC

Medium-length locs are gorgeous and look amazing with the addition of baby hairs. This custom content includes plenty of color options to customize your Sim. Download the Mid-Length Locs.

Edwina Hairstyle

Edwina Hairstyle CC

Get ready to turn heads with the newest Edwina Hairstyle – featuring a stunningly braided and long design, plus thirty vibrant colors from which to choose. Download the Edwina Hairstyle.

Long Side Ponytail

Long Side Ponytail CC

If you’re a fan of the classic ponytail look but want to switch things up a little, this is the perfect style for you. The long side ponytail gives off a casual and effortless vibe. Download the Long Side Ponytail.

Trinity Hair

Trinity Hair CC

These cute afro puffs come in two versions. One version (shown above) includes the hairclips and side braids. The second version has just puffs. Download the Trinity Hair.

Jackie Hair

Jackie Hair CC

If you’re interested in a unisex hairstyle, try this one. This CC includes twenty-six EA swatches and includes extras. Download the Jackie Hair.

Naine Hair Retexture

Naine Hair Retexture CC

The beauty of these braids can’t be denied. They are gorgeous; the ombre color effect was so well done. There are eighteen EA swatches and twenty-eight historian add-on colors in the palette. Download the Naine Hair Retexture.

Solar Child Locs

Solar Child Locs CC

Show off your style with a gorgeous, intricate braided hairstyle featuring colorful African print wraps! This CC has sixteen swatches and nine band swatches. Download the Solar Child Locs.

Kandice Hair

Kandice Hair CC

You will love rocking this cute hairstyle. It’s a short hairdo that includes realistic baby hairs. The CC comes in seven tones, which is super helpful. Get the Kandice Hair.

Kenza Hairstyle

Kenza Hairstyle CC

Not only are these braids cute, but they are so trendy and stylish too. I love the swirl pattern that’s been used for the cornrows too. Download the Kenza Hairstyle.

Customizing your appearance with these fantastic black girl hair CC packs is a great way to make a statement and show off your unique style.

Whether you prefer an edgy, wild look or something more toned down and tasteful, these CC packs will surely provide your Sim with the perfect hairstyle that expresses their individuality and creative flair.

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