20 Awesome Kitchen CC Packs for The Sims 4

Spruce up your kitchen in The Sims 4 with this list of CC packs to make any kitchen look amazing!

With these easy-to-install CC packs, you can turn an average everyday kitchen into a stunning statement piece with these items.

Small Spaces Pantry Room

Small Spaces Pantry Room CC Pack

Get ready to show your pantry some love. This brand-new “Small Spaces” collection is about breathing life into the forgotten corners of the home. This time, we’re celebrating pantries with shelves in vibrant colors like yellow and pink – perfect for those who want a pop of color in their space. Download the Small Spaces Pantry Room Pack.

Vanadium Kitchen

Vanadium Kitchen CC Pack

With 24 color options for counters, an island, a cabinet, and a bar – as well as 12 more shades for the refrigerator, stove range hood, and sink – you can customize any kitchen space to your heart’s content. Download the Vanadium Kitchen Pack.

Creta Kitchen

Creta Kitchen CC Pack

If you’re looking for a fantastic outdoor set, you’ll love this kitchen CC set. This set includes 3 to 36 styles and color options. And it’s jam-packed with 40 new items. Download the Creta Kitchen Set.

Buena Kitchen

Buena Kitchen CC Pack

This fantastic furniture set is perfect for creating the home of your dreams. You’ll get a counter, island counter, cabinet, and shelf to create a fabulous living space. Plus luxury kitchen appliances from BOSCH, like their stove, oven, and microwave combo, five marble swatches, and four wooden ones with this super stylish B&B Italia Jens bar stool. Download the Buena Kitchen Set.

Chateau Kitchen

Chateau Kitchen CC Pack

This kitchen is truly something special. Choose from three countertops, including white marble and black granite, to create an unforgettable look. Two sinks can be matched with one of twelve colors for the base – each complete with gold or silver metal hardware accents. Also featured are counters plus accent counters, full drawers and closed cabinets, fridge nooks, and open shelf units offering more organization options than ever. Perfection has never been so close at hand! Download the Chateau Kitchen Set.

Colortalk Kitchen

Colortalk Kitchen CC Pack

If you ever wanted to upgrade your kitchen with the latest and most lavish furnishings, this pack has all that and more, providing 44 brand-new pieces for you to choose from. Everything from counters, islands, and cabinets to floors and walls is included! Give yourself a top-notch makeover. Download the Colortalk Kitchen Stuff Pack.

Grove Kitchen

Grove Kitchen CC Pack

Transform your space into a sunny Mediterranean retreat with the Grove set. Featuring eight kitchen essentials, two tables, and matching blankets, plus unique dishwares like ceramic plates, bowls, and cups, you are going to love everything that’s included. Plus, one-of-a-kind decorative accents such as hanging lemon shells in a tajine bowl or an intricately crafted wooden shelf give extra personality to your room. Download the Grove Kitchen Set.

Kitchen Stuff

Kitchen Stuff CC Pack

With 64 counter swatches and 56 items, this set is perfect for sprucing up any home – whether modern chic or retro classic. You’ll find something to easily fit your style, as the meshes are designed to blend into whatever ambiance you choose. Download the Kitchen Stuff Pack.

Lennox Kitchen and Dining Room

Lennox Kitchen and Dining CC Pack

If you’re looking for something clean and simple, this pack is for you. It includes 41 new objects for The Sims 4. There are open cabinets so that you can display some kitchen clutter. Place the open cabinets with 1/4 tile movement turned on by Pressing F5. Download the Lennox Kitchen and Dining Pack.

Brownstone Kitchen

Brownstone Kitchen CC Pack

Transform your New York Brownstone into a dream kitchen with this 21-piece set. The built-in fridge and tall wall cabinet are designed to keep things looking sleek. Download the Brownstone Kitchen Collection.

Retro Appliances

Retro Appliances CC Pack

Make your kitchen dreams come true with the stylish selection from Caio Industries Ltda. With these retro appliances, you can create a unique space that reflects your culinary aspirations. Step into the past and design an unforgettable cooking experience – one appliance at a time. This pack includes nine colors, ten usable items, and four stuff items. Download the Retro Appliances Pack.

SOL Kitchen

SOL Kitchen CC Pack

You’ll love this modular kitchen system with wood and solid color finishes. You’ll get a kitchen counter, kitchen island, kitchen cabinet, wall shelf, and bar stool in this set. Download the SOL Kitchen Set.

Eco Kitchen

Eco Kitchen CC Pack

Upgrade your sim’s kitchen with the latest Eco Kitchen Collection. It has everything they need to ensure the cooking space is both eco-friendly and stylish. This set comes complete with energy-saving appliances like a Green Eco Footprint Boosting fridge, plus numerous stackable items such as bowls and plates – perfect for keeping clutter under control. Download the Eco Kitchen Pack.

Kesler Farm Kitchen

Kesler Farm Kitchen CC Pack

This kitchen comes with two different styles of islands so that you can mix up your custom design. This custom content pack is compatible with the base game. It features 36 new meshes, one special object: playable dinnerware, and one backsplash. Download the Kesler Farm Kitchen Pack.

Classic Kitchen

Classic Kitchen CC Pack

Now you can create an elegant and simple kitchen where the entire family can gather. Download the Classic Kitchen Pack.

Heirloom Kitchen

Heirloom Kitchen CC Pack

If you’re in the mood to inject retro charm into your home, this set is exactly what you need! Boasting an array of timeless patterned containers – from bowls and trays to a stylish bread box – will give any room that unique kitsch factor. Download the Heirloom Kitchen Pack.

Cottage Kitchen

Cottage Kitchen CC Pack

Give your Sims the home of their dreams with this kitchen, and make it as perfect for country living as can be. With 53 new items in this collection, you’ll have plenty to pick from when customizing your kitchen. Three distinct counter designs are available – or mix them altogether if that’s more up your alley! Not to mention over 20 gorgeous decorations plus functional appliances such as a stove and refrigerator. Download the Cottage Kitchen Pack.

Sleek Kitchen

Sleek Kitchen CC Pack

Discover a world of minimalistic furniture with this pack! You’ll get an in-built stove, sink, counters, and other furnishings to give your home the perfect look. With 20 pieces included – including one unique meshed edit counter – all in stylish greyscale hues, you can enjoy effortless decorating for any space! Download the Sleek Kitchen CC Pack.

Indi Kitchen

Indi Kitchen CC Pack

The color choices alone make me want to download the cute kitchen set. Be sure to read the notes for this pack, as it includes information on how to avoid ugly shadows on the cabinets. Download the Indi Kitchen Set.

IKEA Inspired MÄRSTA Kitchen

IKEA Inspired MÄRSTA Kitchen CC Pack

Fans of IKEA will adore this IKEA-inspired kitchen. It includes counters, cabinets, a dishwasher, an oven, a range hood, a refrigerator, a sink, and a shell of an oven. Download the IKEA Inspired MÄRSTA Kitchen Pack.

With The Sims 4, the possibilities for kitchen decor and design are endless. This list of unique CC packs has given you plenty to select from so your kitchen can be unique and special.

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