20 Sims 4 Modern Female Clothing Packs CC

When it comes to modern style in The Sims 4, nothing beats the customization of female clothing packs custom content (CC).

For all you Simmers who love decking out your virtual wardrobe, here’s a collection of fantastic CC clothing packs that will upgrade your female Sim’s style to something truly stylish. With the versatility and detail of custom designs, your Sims will turn heads and stand out in the virtual fashion scene.

1. Blossom Set

Blossom Barbie Set

Check out our new and improved ‘Daisy’ dress, now with a little more length and an added necklace. You might have even seen it on the big screen in the ‘Barbie’ movie! Download the Blossom Set.

2. Dusk Diva Collection

Dusk Diva Collection

Experience the enchanting allure of the night with Dusk Diva. Inspired by gothic fashion, this collection introduces six new items, each offered in a variety of captivating shades. Download the Dusk Diva Collection.

3. Cosmic Walkers

Cosmic Walkers

Prepare yourself for Cosmic Walkers. These essential scrunch boots will definitely turn heads, with their rounded edges combining a touch of the future with a laid-back style. Download the Cosmic Walkers.

4. Wednesday Pack

Wednesday Pack

Drawing inspiration from the beloved Addams character, Wednesday, this outfit set breathes life into your simmies wardrobe. With a classic school uniform and a distinctive ball dress, this outfit is perfect for those who love to express their unique style. Download the Wednesday Pack.

5. Miyuki Coat and Bag

Miyuki Coat and Bag

As the temperatures drop, this stylish, snug coat promises to keep you toasty. The soft fur detailing adds a touch of luxury for enhanced coziness. Plus, the deal gets sweeter with matching bags available in two distinct hues and designs. Download the Miyuki Coat and Bag.

6. Ayla Top and Pants

Ayla Top and Pants

This ensemble is a brilliant idea due to its adaptability. The set includes a top and pants, each available in 11 different shades. Download the Ayla Top and Pants.

7. Tus and Lus Slippers

Tus and Lus Slippers

I love these adorable, Ugg-inspired slippers, now available for all ages. They’re super soft and cozy, perfect for keeping warm and cozy. Download the Tus and Lus Slippers.

8. Darcy Outfit

Midnight V2

Slip into a long-sleeved crop top paired with a matching skirt for a casually elegant vintage summer style. The combination of these two pieces makes dressing up easy and chic. Download the Darcy Outfit.

9. Midnight Set

Midnight Set

Upgrade your style with this meticulously combined outfit, featuring eye-catching lace and playful ruffles. It delivers an incredibly elegant look with both the shirt and outfit included. Download the Midnight Set.

10. Midnight V2

Perfect for romantic outings and moonlit walks, this outfit effortlessly combines a hint of lace’s delicate charm with the soothing touch of silk. No doubt, it’s the embodiment of sophistication. Download the Midnight V2 Dress.

11. Amelie Outfit

Amelie Outfit

This adorable, two-piece ensemble draws inspiration from Chanel’s classic elegance but adds a unique spin. It’s available in an array of playful shades. Download the Amelie Outfit.

12. Filbert Fall Set

Filbert Fall Set

As autumn sets in, snuggle up with this comfortable outfit pack. It offers two versions of the same ensemble, featuring a soft turtleneck paired with high-waisted pleated trousers, with an additional choice to sport a blazer. Download the Filbert Fall Set.

13. Himesh Jacket and Bag

Himesh Jacket and Bag

Treat yourself to a cozy, oversized jacket influenced by 90s fashion but with a modern spin. Complement the look with an adorable teddy bag for that perfect finish. Download the Himesh Jacket and Bag.

14. Woodland Muse Outfit

Woodland Muse Outfit

Immerse yourself in the charm of whispering forests where wildflowers slumber and leaves sing their gentle songs. The outfit draws its inspiration from the quaint appeal of a cottage combined with the enduring elegance of folk attire. Download the Woodland Muse Outfit.

15. Elin Outfit

Elin Outfit

This wrap top features a plunging V-neckline and bell sleeves paired nicely with a coordinating ruffle skirt. Whether you wear it for sultry summer evenings or simply an easygoing everyday look, the decision is ultimately up to you. Download the Elin Outfit.

16. Ivy Outfit

Ivy Outfit

This glittery two-piece ensemble, consisting of a top and a high-slit skirt, accentuates your legs and ensures you shine on every occasion. Download the Ivy Outfit.

17. Floral Grace Set

Floral Grace Set

This dress, inspired by a flourishing garden, perfectly marries natural elegance with a carefree allure. You can choose from two lengths and 11 different colors to suit your style. Download the Floral Grace Set.

18. Starlit Silk Dress

Starlit Silk Dress

The Starlit Silk dress is offered in six colors, allowing you to coordinate with any occasion or mood. You’ll also receive a pair of gloves to complete the ensemble. Download the Starlit Silk Dress.

19. Spice Boots

Spice Boots

This winter, transform your style with our stunning platform boots. They are available in six unique colors and two styles – one with socks and one without, so you can choose the perfect pair for you. Download the Spice Boots.

20. Y2Karma Outfit Pack

Y2Karma Outfit Pack

Y2K fashion has made a grand return, better than ever. Which style catches your eye? Download the Y2Karma Outfit Pack.

These twenty CC packs offer a diverse range of modern styles that will elevate your Sims fashion game. There’s no need to settle for bland in-game clothing options when you can give your Sims a wardrobe that truly reflects their unique personalities.

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