20 Simple Perler Bead Patterns for Beginners

I’ve put together this list of twenty simple Perler bead patterns that are perfect for beginners. These patterns include everything from animals to popular culture references and are sure to inspire your imagination.

Perler beads are a great way to explore your creative side and create fun and colorful decorations, jewelry, and more. But for beginners, getting started can be a bit intimidating. I hope you enjoy this list of easy Perler bead patterns.

8-bit Bow

8-Bit Bow Perler Bead Pattern

Turn back the clock with this retro-inspired design. This 8-bit bow is perfect for gamers or anyone who loves a vintage look. Get the 8-bit Bow Pattern.

Nail Polish

Nail Polish Perler Bead Pattern

This fun pattern is perfect for anyone who loves all things beauty-related. Create your own nail polish bottle in any color you like. Get the Nail Polish Pattern.

Blushing Froggy

Blushing Froggy Perler Bead Pattern

This little guy is just too cute to resist. With his blushing cheeks and sweet smile, he’s sure to brighten up any room. Get the Blushing Froggy Pattern.

Mario Mushroom

Mario Mushroom Perler Bead Pattern

Gamers will love this cute Mario-themed pattern featuring the classic red and white mushroom. Whether you’re a Mario fan or just love this cute design, it’s sure to be a hit. Get the Mario Mushroom Pattern.

Cassette Tape

Cassette Tape Perler Bead Pattern

Another vintage-inspired design, this cassette tape pattern is sure to bring back memories of mixtapes and slow dances. Play around with different colors to create a funky and fun design. Get the Cassette Tape Pattern.

Cute Bread Twins

Cute Bread Twins Perler Bead Pattern

Foodies will love this adorable design featuring two slices of bread with blushing cheeks. Use brown beads for a classic bread look, or mix and match your colors for a fun twist. Get the Cute Bread Twins Pattern.


Keroppi Perler Bead Pattern

his adorable frog pattern is based on the popular Sanrio character Keroppi. With his big eyes and happy smile, he’s the perfect addition to any collection. Get the Keroppi Pattern.

Cute Strawberry

Cute Strawberry Perler Bead Pattern

This vibrant strawberry design is perfect for summertime crafting. Use bright red, green, and white beads to create a sweet and juicy-looking strawberry. Get the Cute Strawberry Pattern.

Cute Kawaii Heart

Cute Kawaii Heart Perler Bead Pattern

Hearts are a staple in the world of crafting, and this simple Perler bead design is super cute. Whether you’re making it for yourself or as a gift for someone special, this cute design is sure to be well-loved. Get the Cute Kawaii Heart Pattern.


Elephant Perler Bead Pattern

Elephants are a cool design choice for Perler beads, and this adorable pattern is no exception. Choose your favorite colors to create your own cute little elephant. Get the Elephant Pattern.

Cute Moose

Cute Moose Perler Bead Pattern

If you’re looking for a cute and quirky design, this moose pattern is just the thing. Get the Cute Moose Pattern.


Pokeball Perler Bead Pattern

Fans of Pokemon will love creating their own Pokeball with this fun Perler bead pattern. Use black and white beads for a classic look. Get the Pokeball Pattern.


Minecraft Creeper Perler Bead Pattern

The Creeper is the most iconic enemy in the Minecraft world. Recreate the look of the game’s most notorious adversary while having fun creating something cool in the process. Get the Creeper Pattern.


Taco Perler Bead Pattern

Spice up your day with a delicious taco pattern. This one uses orange, red, green, pink, black, and white beads. Get the Taco Pattern.

Baby Penguin

Baby Penguin Perler Bead Pattern

This baby penguin is too cute to resist. Its small size and simple design make it a great option for a quick craft project. Get the Baby Penguin Pattern.


Minecraft Wolf Perler Bead Pattern

The faithful companion of your gaming journey can now be recreated with this Perler bead pattern. Get ready to bring the iconic Minecraft wolf to life with this easy-to-follow process. Get the Wolf Pattern.

Small Swan

Small Swan Perler Bead Pattern

This small swan pattern is perfect for decorations and even ornaments. The design features a graceful little swan in its natural pose. You can customize the colors of the swan to match your style. Get the Small Swan Perler Bead Pattern.

Starbucks Cup

Starbucks Cup Perler Bead Pattern

Enjoy your favorite lattes and frappes in pixel form with this Starbucks cup Perler bead pattern. It’s easy enough for beginners to follow. Plus, you can customize it to make a truly unique cup. Get the Starbucks Cup Pattern.

Milk Carton

Milk Carton Pattern

This milk carton Perler bead pattern is a great way to get started with this craft. Print out the template and then use it to guide you as you place the beads for your art. Get the Milk Carton Pattern.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Pattern

Hello Kitty is a very popular character created by Yuko Shimizu and owned by Sanrio. She is a white cat with a red (or pink) ribbon on her head, and she can be found on all sorts of merchandise, from school supplies to clothes to toys and more. Get the Hello Kitty Pattern.

Whether you’re brand new to Perler bead crafting or just looking for some fun and easy patterns to try out, these twenty designs are perfect for beginners. From cute animals to retro-inspired designs, there’s something for everyone on this list.

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