20 Free Minecraft Perler Bead Patterns

If you’re a fan of the popular video game Minecraft, add a crafty touch to your fandom by making some incredible Minecraft Perler bead patterns.

Perler beads provide an easy medium for crafting creative designs in the colorful world of Minecraft. Let’s get creative and merge two worlds (Minecraft and Perler beads) to build something amazing.


Minecraft Wolf Perler Bead Pattern

The faithful companion of your gaming journey can now be recreated with this Perler bead pattern. Get ready to bring the iconic Minecraft wolf to life with this easy-to-follow process. Get the Wolf Pattern.

Dragon’s Breath

Dragon's Breath Minecraft Perler Bead Pattern

This Perler bead pattern of the Dragon’s Breath brewing material looks fantastic. The colors go so great together, and it really does look like the real thing. Get the Dragon’s Breath Pattern.


Minecraft Creeper Perler Bead Pattern

The Creeper is the most iconic enemy in the Minecraft world. Recreate the look of the game’s most notorious adversary while having fun creating something cool in the process. Get the Creeper Pattern.

Glowstone Dust

Minecraft Glowstone Dust Perler Bead Pattern

Delight in the fantasy of the Minecraft world with this glowstone dust Perler bead pattern. With its simple colors, this is a great project to use up leftover beads. Get the Glowstone Dust Pattern.

Coaster (Part 1)

Minecraft coaster pattern part 1

This Minecraft coaster set (part 1) contains a gold axe, an iron pick, a stone shovel, and the coveted diamond sword. Translucent Perler beads are used for the background color. Get the Coaster (Part 1) Pattern.

Coaster (Part 2)

Minecraft Coaster Pattern (Part 2)

Here is part 2 of the Minecraft coaster set. This one has a bow and arrow and a wooden hoe. These coasters would make an excellent gift for fans of Minecraft. Get the Coaster Part 2 Pattern.

Creeper Painting

Minecraft Creeper Painting Perler Bead Pattern

Paint your way to a beautiful Minecraft world with this Creeper painting pattern. Its vibrant colors and delicate details will make you so happy with the finished product. Get the Creeper Painting Pattern.

Water Bucket

Minecraft Water Bucket Perler Bead Pattern

Brighten up your day with this water bucket Perler bead pattern. Its intricate design and attention to detail make it the perfect addition to your Minecraft-inspired art collection. Get the Water Bucket Pattern.

Dirt Block

Minecraft Dirt Block Perler Bead Pattern

Complete your crafting extravaganza with this dirt block pattern. Turning this dirt block into a coaster would make a wonderful gift for a friend. Get the Dirt Block Pattern.


Minecraft Cake Perler Bead Pattern

Have fun bringing a mini version of the in-game cake to life and craft a fantastic item that you can proudly display. This cake will make the perfect addition to your collection of beaded art. Get the Cake Pattern.

Tool Set

Minecraft Tool Set Pattern

This Minecraft tool set includes a sword, pickaxe, axe, and more. Each weapon is made with colorful Perler beads with a Minecraft color palette. Get the Tool Set Pattern.

Steve from Minecraft

Steve from Minecraft Pattern

You’ll love this Steve Perler bead pattern. This easy-to-follow pattern is perfect for beginners. And best of all, you can use any colors you like to make your own unique Steve. Get the Steve from Minecraft Pattern.


Minecraft Apple Pattern

This apple pattern is the perfect addition to your Perler bead collection. It’s pixelated to perfection and will bring a touch of creativity to any room. Get the Apple Pattern.


Minecraft TNT Pattern

TNT stands for “trinitrotoluene,” a powerful explosive used in Minecraft to clear out large paths and can also create some serious chaos. Get the TNT Pattern.


Enderman Pattern

Endermen are mysterious creatures in the world of Minecraft that can teleport short distances and grab blocks. I personally love the eerie appearance of Endermen. Get the Enderman Pattern.


Minecraft Pig Pattern

Pigs are passive mobs that can be ridden with a saddle and a carrot on a stick. They are also a source of food as they can be made into pork chops. Get the Pig Pattern.


Minecraft Bee Pattern

Bees can be found in a variety of biomes in the game. Because they are attracted to flowers, the meadow biome is a surefire way to find them. Get the Bee Pattern.

Lava Bucket

Minecraft Lava Bucket

Recreate the lava bucket from Minecraft using colorful perler beads, and you’ll have a fantastic piece of decor to proudly display in your room, for your keychain, and more. Get the Lava Bucket Pattern.

Melon Slice

Melon Slice Pattern

This melon slice pattern is the perfect way to add some sweetness to your Perler art. In the game, the purpose of the melon slice is to make potions for healing. Get the Melon Slice Pattern.


Steak Pattern

If you’ve never considered making Minecraft steaks out of your Perler beads, I think it’s time to reconsider. These will look so cool once you’re finished with the project. Get the Steak Pattern.

Whether you’re an avid Minecraft fan or are looking for handmade gift ideas, these free Perler bead patterns can help bring your vision to life.

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