20 Free Perler Bead Food Patterns

If you love crafting and food art, you should combine the two with these free Perler bead food pattern designs.

Whether you’re looking for fruit, vegetable, or dessert-inspired patterns, you’ll find what you’re looking for with the collection below.


Taco Perler Bead Pattern

Spice up your day with a delicious taco pattern. This one uses orange, red, green, pink, black, and white beads. Get the Taco Pattern.

Starbucks Cup

Starbucks Cup Perler Bead Pattern

Enjoy your favorite lattes and frappes in pixel form with this Starbucks cup Perler bead pattern. It’s easy enough for beginners to follow. Plus, you can customize it to make a truly unique cup. Get the Starbucks Cup Pattern.

Boba Tea

Boba Tea Perler Bead Pattern

Get creative with this delightful boba tea pattern. Create the bubble tea of your dreams with any flavor combination and color palette you can imagine. Get the Boba Tea Pattern.

Watermelon Slice

This fun food-inspired pattern is perfect for summertime crafting or adding some fruity flair to any day. With this pattern, you can create a slice of melon that will last longer than the real thing. Get the Watermelon Slice Pattern.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich Perler Bead Pattern

Create your own DIY ice cream sandwich with this sweet pattern. Choose any color combination to make this classic treat unique and special. Get the Ice Cream Sandwich Pattern.

Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie

Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie Perler Bead Pattern

Bake up something special with this butterscotch cinnamon pie pattern. This fun and tasty pattern is perfect for adding to your craft collection. Get the Butterscotch Pie Pattern.


Glamburger Perler Bead Pattern

If you have a craving for a burger, you can get it in pixel form with this glamburger pattern. You can include all your favorite toppings on your art, from lettuce and tomatoes to cheese and pickles. Get the Glamburger Pattern.

Heart Shaped Egg

Heart Shaped Egg Perler Bead Pattern

Whip up something special with this heart-shaped egg Perler bead pattern. Let your creativity run wild and make the perfect egg design that will bring smiles all around. Get the Heart Egg Patten.

Gumball Machine

Gumball Machine Perler Bead Pattern

This pattern is an excellent addition to your bedroom decor. You can create the ultimate gumball machine design with different colors of beads. Get the Gumball Machine Pattern.

Kawaii Blueberry

Kawaii Blueberry Perler Bead Pattern

Add a pop of color to any room with this kawaii blueberry pattern. The pattern is easy to create, and you’ll be so happy with the final results. Get the Blueberry Pattern.


Strawberry Perler Bead Pattern

Make the most of your leftover supplies with this fun strawberry pattern. The cute design requires only a few colors, so you won’t have to worry about using too many beads. Get the Strawberry Pattern.

Pizza Slice

Pizza Slice Perler Bead Pattern

Pizza is a classic favorite for any occasion, and now you can make it with beads. This pattern is perfect for anyone looking for more of a challenge with their project. Get the Pizza Pattern.

Pink Cake

Pink Cake Perler Bead Pattern

Bring some sweetness to your Perler bead creations with this delightful pink cake pattern. If you’re feeling extra creative, choose your own color palette for your cake. Get the Pink Cake Pattern.

Loaf of Bread

Loaf of Bread Perler Bead Pattern

The shading done with this pattern gives the loaf of bread a more detailed appearance. The finished item would look great hanging in the kitchen. Get the Bread Pattern.

Artisan Goods

Artisan Goods Perler Bead Pattern

Fans of Stardew Valley will appreciate this pattern based on the artisan goods in the game. Get the Artisan Goods Pattern.


Minecraft Apple Pattern

This apple pattern is the perfect addition to your Perler bead collection. It’s pixelated to perfection and will bring a touch of creativity to any room. Get the Apple Pattern.

Corn Dog

Corn Dog Pattern

If you’re a fan of cute and quirky crafts, then you’ll love this corn dog pattern. It’s the perfect project for a lazy Sunday afternoon or a fun family activity. Get the Corn Dog Pattern.

Peyote Toast

Peyote Toast Pattern

Toast lovers unite! This awesome toast pattern can be customized if you’re willing to make a few adjustments. For example, you could turn a simple piece of toast into avocado toast. Get the Peyote Toast Pattern.

Minecraft Cake

Minecraft Cake Perler Bead Pattern

Have fun bringing a mini version of the in-game cake to life and craft a fantastic item that you can proudly display. This cake will make the perfect addition to your collection of beaded art. Get the Minecraft Cake Pattern.

Snack Foods

Snack Foods Pattern

This cool pattern features some of your favorite snack foods. There are tacos, cookies, donuts, pizza and more. Get the Snack Foods Pattern.

Express your creative side with these free Perler bead food patterns. Use the ideas as inspiration and customize them according to your own style.

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