20 Cutest Free Perler Bead Animal Patterns

I am excited to share 20 free Perler bead animal patterns with you. As you may know, I love all things crafty and colorful, and finding creative projects that don’t require a huge time commitment or cost is always my goal.

Perler beads are such a fun, budget-friendly craft that allows you to express your creativity and designs. Whether you’re looking for something quick to make to liven up your space or need gift ideas for the animal lovers in your life, I hope you find the perfect project among these designs.


Otter Perler Bead Pattern

Who doesn’t love otters? This Perler bead pattern is a great way to create a little otter that you can keep on your desk or in your room. Get the Otter Perler Bead Pattern.

Small Swan

Small Swan Perler Bead Pattern

This small swan pattern is perfect for decorations and even ornaments. The design features a graceful little swan in its natural pose. You can customize the colors of the swan to match your style. Get the Small Swan Perler Bead Pattern.


Crow Perler Bead Pattern

Add some spooky vibes to your collection with this crow pattern. The use of black and navy beads makes it perfect for gothic-inspired projects. Get the Crow Perler Bead Pattern.


Whale Perler Bead Pattern

Here’s an adorable pattern that features a cute blue whale design and is great for those who love ocean creatures. This little whale is sure to bring a smile to your face. Get the Whale Perler Bead Pattern.

Rainbow Pillbug

Rainbow Pillbug Perler Bead Pattern

This perler bead pattern is unique, colorful, and perfect for fans of insects! With its rainbow stripes, it’s sure to catch your eye. Get the Rainbow Pillbug Perler Bead Pattern.

Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cat Perler Bead Pattern

This little kitty looks perpetually scared but still manages to be adorable. The subtle use of blue and yellow beads adds depth to the pattern. Get the Scaredy Cat Perler Bead Pattern.

Baby Penguin

Baby Penguin Perler Bead Pattern

This baby penguin is too cute to resist. Its small size and simple design make it a great option for a quick craft project. Get the Baby Penguin Perler Bead Pattern.

Bunny Wearing A Sweater

Bunny Wearing A Sweater Perler Bead Pattern

Here’s a pattern that is perfect for any time of year! With its cute sweater and floppy ears, this bunny will surely be a hit. Get the Bunny Wearing A Sweater Perler Bead Pattern.

Strawberry Cow Earrings

Strawberry Cow Earrings Perler Bead Pattern

These adorable little strawberry cow earrings are perfect if you’re looking for something different. The pattern features a charming cow design, complete with a strawberry. Get the Strawberry Cow Earrings Perler Bead Pattern.

Black Kitty

Black Kitty Perler Bead Pattern

For a more traditional-looking cat pattern, try this black kitty. The simple design makes it an excellent project for beginners. Get the Black Kitty Perler Bead Pattern.

Calico Cat

Calico Cat Perler Bead Pattern

This little calico cat is perfect for any cat lover. You can use this pattern to create a little cat figurine. Get the Calico Cat Perler Bead Pattern.

Teddy Bear Head

Teddy Bear Head Perler Bead Pattern

Nothing says cuddly and cute like a teddy bear. This pattern can be used on its own or as a part of a larger project. Get the Teddy Bear Head Perler Bead Pattern.

Wendy The Frog

Wendy The Frog Perler Bead Pattern

This little frog is so adorable with her big eyes and rosy cheeks. She’s perfect for decorating your room or adding to your keychain. Get the Wendy The Frog Perler Bead Pattern.

Tiny Rat

Tiny Rat Perler Bead Pattern

A tiny rat may not be the most conventional animal choice, but its cute design and color scheme make it a must-try project. Get the Tiny Rat Perler Bead Pattern.


Furby Perler Bead Pattern

If you’re a fan of Furby, the interactive pet that became an instant hit back in the late ’90s, you’ll love this pattern. Get the Furby Perler Bead Pattern.

Stardew Valley White Chicken

Stardew Valley White Chicken Perler Bead Pattern

Fans of the game Stardew Valley will love this white chicken pattern. The simple design makes it easy to recreate, and the bright yellows make it stand out. Get the Stardew Valley White Chicken Perler Bead Pattern.


Seal Perler Bead Pattern

This adorable seal pattern is perfect for ocean-themed projects or adding some cuteness to your bedroom decor. Get the Seal Perler Bead Pattern.

Paw Print

Paw Perler Bead Pattern

Show your love for your furry friends with this simple paw print pattern. It’s perfect for creating pet accessories and more. Get the Paw Print Perler Bead Pattern.


Bunnie Perler Bead Pattern

A sweet little bunny is great for spring projects or adding some cuteness to your life. The use of pink and white beads makes it look extra adorable. Get the Bunnie Perler Bead Pattern.

Ferret Friend

Ferret Friend Perler Bead Pattern

If you’re a fan of ferrets, then you’ll love this little ferret Perler bead pattern. It’s a great way to keep a little piece of your furry friend with you. Get the Ferret Friend Perler Bead Pattern.

Perler bead crafts offer a fun and productive way to channel your creativity, and what better way than by making a menagerie of cute little animals? The twenty patterns I’ve covered are a great place to start with a variety of attractive and adorable designs that are both easy and fun.

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