20 Cool Ocean Tattoo Ideas for Women

Those who love the sea’s rhythm will enjoy these fantastic ocean tattoo designs. I’m sharing a fun and creative variety of ocean-themed tattoos.

Whether you’re looking for a small and simple tattoo or something more elaborate, there’s sure to be a design that’s perfect for you.

Ocean Waves

crashing waves tattoo
Artist Credit: alchemytattoomelbourne

This beautiful tattoo features a blue ocean wave placed on the ankle. This looks like the perfect wave for surfing.


stingray tattoo
Artist Credit: angustrott_tattoo

If you like stingrays, you’ll love this design. Believe it or not, stingrays are not aggressive and are curious and playful when around divers.


nautilus tattoo
Artist Credit: artworkbykeely

If you’re searching for a tattoo design embodying strength and beauty, a Nautilus tattoo might be perfect.

Feminine Ocean

feminine ocean tattoo
Artist Credit: handitrip

This feminine ocean tattoo design is minimalist and delicate. Perfect for someone who wants a small tattoo design that still grabs people’s attention.

Bluegill Fish

bluegill fish tattoo
Artist Credit: catwongtattoos

The bluegill is worth considering if you want a freshwater fish tattoo idea. Not only is it a popular sport fish, but it’s also a stunning design with its striking blue-green and orange tones.

Black and Gray Ocean

black and gray ocean tattoo
Artist Credit: deartattoohk

What a fantastic tattoo this is. It features two different types of fish, a diver and the ocean. The fish included are the whale shark and the giant oceanic manta ray.

Three Small Fish

small fish tattoo
Artist Credit: ediebea

This design would be a great addition if you’re working on an arm sleeve. This design of three small fish is the perfect way to show off your love for aquatic creatures.

Mermaid Tail

under the sea tattoo
Artist Credit: ghoulishgaltattoos

A mermaid tail tattoo is like a splash of magic that brings mythical sea creatures to life. This mermaid tattoo paired with seashells and seahorses is special.

Small Blue Waves

small blue waves tattoo
Artist Credit: xiso_ink

This style of tattoo is impressive. The ink looks like it’s been softly brushed onto the skin, creating a delicate effect I love.

Waves within a Rectangle

wave tattoo in square
Artist Credit: kriya.ink

This tattoo style features waves flowing within the confines of a rectangle. If you like this design style, this is a great reference to consider.

Octopus and Flowers

octopus and flowers tattoo
Artist Credit: tiffany.fox.tattoo

An octopus wrapped in delicate flowers creates an eye-catching tattoo design. With its long tentacles, the octopus makes for an intricate and mesmerizing focal point of the tattoo.

Watercolor Ocean

watercolor ocean tattoo
Artist Credit: tattooist_arun_

With its blurred style, this watercolor tattoo evokes a sense of serenity and peace. The vibrant yet muted blues of the ocean waters swirl together perfectly.

Watercolor Whale

watercolor whale tattoo
Artist Credit: mireiamateostattoo

A watercolor whale tattoo is an artistic choice that incorporates watercolors’ fluidity with the whale’s strength and grace.

Vibrant Sea

vibrant ocean tattoo
Artist Credit: skindesigntattoos

This vibrant tattoo design showcases many beautiful sea creatures. In the background, a volcano, trees, and birds fly in the sky.

Whale Shark Floral

whale shark with flower tattoo
Artist Credit: squigglysqualor

Here’s a beautiful and creative tattoo. The combination of the whale and flowers shows that even tattoos of sea creatures can be feminine.

Simple Waves

black wave tattoo
Artist Credit: tattooist_toma

This simple design placed on the shoulder features a small wave with water bubbles.

Beautiful Octopus

beautiful octopus tattoo
Artist Credit: tayakathleen.tattoo

An intricate black ink tattoo design featuring an octopus enveloped in delicate flowers creates a stunning visual.

Little Mermaid

little mermaid tattoo
Artist Credit: xinamon_tattoo

This Little Mermaid tattoo is adorable. The bright colors and cartoon-style design make it unique and eye-catching.

Camera and Ocean

Camera and Ocean Tattoo
Artist Credit: xinamon_tattoo

This tattoo can represent your love for photography and the beauty of nature in one stunning image. It looks as if the ocean is spilling from the camera, which is such a creative idea.

Vibrant Sea Creatures

Vibrant Sea Creatures
Artist Credit: irang.ink

These creatures from the deep sea represent mystery, strength, and resilience. Pairing them with bright colors and intricate details can make for an impressive tattoo.

If you’re looking for a tattoo that captures the power and beauty of the ocean, these are some amazing designs. Whether you’re choosing a small and simple tattoo or something more elaborate, there’s sure to be a design that’s perfect for you.

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