18 Owl Tattoo Designs That Stand Out

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Owl tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among both women and men. Though often associated with wisdom and knowledge, owls can also represent protection, strength, and power.

No matter what your reasons for getting an owl tattoo, there are a few things you should consider before making your final decision.

First, think about the size of the tattoo. An owl tattoo can be as small or as large as you want, so it’s important to decide how much space you’re comfortable with.

Next, consider the placement of the tattoo. Owl tattoos look great on any part of the body, but some people prefer to get them on their back, chest, or arm, where they can be easily seen.

Finally, think about the colors you’d like to use in your tattoo. Owl tattoos can be done in a variety of colors, but black ink is usually the most popular choice. You can also add other elements to your tattoo such as stars, moons, or flowers to make it even more unique.

1. Blackwork Watercolor Owl

Getting a tattoo on your shoulder is a great place for something like this. The talented artist specializes in blackwork watercolor tattoo art.

blackwork watercolor owl tattoo
Artist Credit: nathanadsitart 

2. Barn Owl with Flowers

This cute barn owl is standing on a branch with beautiful pink flowers. I love how this tattoo is large but still delicate.

barn owl with flowers tattoo
Artist Credit: amelia.ann.artistry

3. Athens Silver Coin

This tattoo was inspired by an Athens silver coin. If you take a look at the coin, you can definitely see the similarities. I really like the addition of the planets.

athens silver coin tattoo
Artist Credit: baraovtattoo

4. Owl with Blue Eyes

This tattoo is a personalized touch by adding seven of the client’s family’s birth flowers. There’s even a pop of blue in the owl’s eyes.

owl with blue eyes tattoo
Artist Credit: crystaldawntattoos

5. Watercolor Owl

If you enjoy watercolor tattoo art, allow yourself to be inspired by this watercolor owl. The addition of the floral wings makes this tattoo so cute and original.

watercolor owl tattoo
Artist Credit: domtatu

6. Valkyrie Tattoo

The caption behind this tattoo states “This is the ride of the Valkyries, we are warriors, the bravest in the lands, chosen by the maidens, and united once again.”

valkyrie tattoo
Artist Credit: eevastiinakemppainen

7. Owl Arm Sleeve

If you’re interested in an owl arm sleeve, I just adore this one. A beautiful and unique owl sits atop a tree with additional design elements such as flowers, and a compass.

owl arm sleeve tattoo
Artist Credit: grin_work_tattoo

8. Realistic Owl Tattoo

This tattoo design does a great job of capturing the realism of this stunning bird. The eyes stand out in such a bold way, and the shading is excellent.

realistic owl tattoo
Artist Credit: gustavo.tat2

9. Floral Owl

A feminine owl tattoo such as this one is a great choice for anyone looking for a soft and delicate tattoo. The artist did a great job at incorporating a creative art style into the tattoo.

floral owl tattoo
Artist Credit: erzeyinktattoo

10. Owl on Leg

Consider getting your owl tattoo placed somewhere on your leg. The location that you see below is a good spot. However, the upper thigh area is a great location too.

owl on ankle tattoo
Artist Credit: onder_warner

11. Hedwig Tattoo

Fans of Harry Potter will appreciate this cool Hedwig tattoo. Hedwig is Harry Potter’s pet snowy owl that was purchased at Eeylops Owl Emporium.

hedwig tattoo from harry potter
Artist Credit: katorschka

12. Black and Grey Barn Owl

Here’s a black and grey fine-line tattoo with a barn owl, perched within some wild roses. This tattoo would look great with colored ink too.

black and grey barn owl tattoo
Artist Credit: lillin.kirin

13. Owl Wrist Tattoo

This tiny owl was drawn using just one line (for the most part). If you enjoy line tattoos, this is a great idea for a simple tattoo.

owl wrist tattoo
Artist Credit: marina.leontodon

14. Neo-Traditional Owl Tattoo

A neo-traditional tattoo is a modern take on the traditional tattoo. They have more depth of dimension, more options for line widths, and a broader color palette. Not only that, but the imagery is typically more diverse.

neo-traditional owl tattoo
Artist Credit: mdv.tattoo

15. Colorful Owl Tattoo

I love the colors that were chosen for this bold and colorful owl tattoo. The owl itself has a creative and unique design too.

colorful owl tattoo
Artist Credit: nickta2

16. Large Owl Back Tattoo

If you want something that stands out and takes up a lot of space, a large owl back tattoo is what you’re looking for.

large owl back tattoo
Artist Credit: sevendoorstattoo

17. Feminine Barn Owl

Barn owls are one of my favorite owls. Barn owls are one of the most widespread owl species in the world. Additionally, they have a distinctive heart-shaped face, which I really love.

Feminine Barn Owl Tattoo
Artist Credit: stevesims_tattooer

18. Owl Tattoo In Progress

If you’d like to see an owl tattoo in progress, here’s a great reference. As you can see, roses still have to be added to this tattoo.

Owl Tattoo In Progress
Artist Credit: tattoo_derek

If you’re thinking of getting an owl tattoo, be sure to consider all of the different symbolism that owls can represent. You may want to choose an owl tattoo design that specifically reflects your own personal beliefs and values. Owls are beautiful creatures, and they make a great addition to any body art collection.

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