17 Easy Minecraft Starter House Builds

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These easy Minecraft starter house builds are perfect for new players or anyone looking for a simple and relaxing project.

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by certain house builds, these homes are the way to go. I’ve always made sure to include a link to the YouTube tutorial whenever one is available.

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1. Minecraft Starter Base

Keep it simple with this tiny Minecraft starter base. Texture Packs: Vanilla Tweaks and Better Leaves Add-On Shaders: BSL v8. Photo Credit: cadio_builds

Minecraft Starter Base

2. Simple Survival Brick House

SheepGG has a great YouTube tutorial showing you how to build this simple survival brick house step-by-step. Shaders: BSL Resource pack: Vanilla

Simple Survival Brick House

3. Starter House with Animal Pen

This simple starter house features an animal pen that holds a few farm animals, a kitchen, a garden, and more.

Starter House with Animal Pen
Credit: choopatsup

4. Starter House

I love builds by Cryptozoology on Instagram and Youtube. This build makes the perfect starter base for any survival world. You can watch the video tutorial here. Texture Pack: default Shaders: BSL v7

Starter House

5. Mountain Starter House

I love how Mountain houses look but I always feel intimidated to build them. This mountain starter house tutorial makes building your home easy. Shaders: BSL Shaders

Mountain Starter House

6. Compact Starter House

This compact starter house looks so good. I love how you can achieve such a good-looking house so easily. Make sure you check out the tutorial How to Build a Compact Starter House.

Compact Starter House

7. Forest Cottage

If you’re looking for a simple cottage build, you’ll love this easy forest cottage. Check out the tutorial from BitGardener on Instagram.

forest cottage

8. Small Wooden Starter Base

To see a quick video of this wooden base being built, check out @hiimzmc on Instagram.

wooden base

9. Surrounded By Trees

This small house is made of brick and wood. It’s sitting in the center of the forest and is surrounded by trees. This is a great build for beginners.

small Minecraft house
Credit: kronton.builds

10 .Spanish Style House

This Spanish-style house covered with vines makes the perfect tiny house. I wasn’t able to find the exact tutorial for this house, but you can watch a tutorial for a similar build on The Mythical Sausage YouTube channel.

Spanish Style House

11. Wooden House

This spruce wooden house is so easy to build thanks to a helpful tutorial created by SidioMC.

Wooden House

12. Survival Farm Wooden House

If you’re working on survival builds, consider making this survival farm wooden house. Sopypie has created a great tutorial for this farm that you can find on YouTube. Shader: Sildurs and BSL Resource Pack: Basic

Survival Farm Wooden House

13. Another Survival Farm

Here’s another survival farm build by Sopypie. Watch the YouTube tutorial.

survival farm build

14. Plains Biome Starter House

Check out the tutorial on how to build a plains biome starter house in Minecraft. Shaders: BSL v7.2 Textures: Default

Plains Biome Starter House

15. Desert Starter House

If you’re building in the desert, you’ll definitely want to make this desert starter house. Check out the tutorial showing you How to Build a Desert Starter House in Minecraft. Shaders: BSL v7.2 Textures: Default

Desert Starter House

16. Blue Medieval House

If you want to build something unique, try your hands at making this blue medieval house.

Blue Medieval House
Credit: squaremario_minecraft

17. Medieval Blacksmith

If you love medieval builds, I think you’ll enjoy creating this medieval blacksmith house (weaponsmith house). Shader Pack: BSL Shaders Texture Pack: Jerm’s Better Leaves

Medieval Blacksmith House

Building houses in Minecraft is a fun and creative activity. If you’re looking for simple house builds, I hope these starter houses were able to inspire you.