28 Easy Minecraft Builds Perfect for Beginners

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If you’re new to the Minecraft world, these easy Minecraft builds for beginners are a great place to start.

To make these builds even more beginner-friendly, I wanted to make sure that I included as many video tutorials as possible.

So, if you see a build that you like, check to see if I’ve also included the YouTube tutorial. While a lot of builders can build using just the picture as a guild, I know that others find it helpful to see a video.

1. Nether Portal

Nether Portal
Credit: crema_builds

This tutorial will show you how to create a Nether portal. In Minecraft, a Nether portal is a structure that acts as a gateway between the Overworld and Nether dimensions.

2-4. Minecraft Interior Ideas

Below I’m sharing three interior ideas for your house. You’ll find a bunk bed, dresser, and dining table. These designs were build using the default texture pack and the BSL v7 shaders. Watch the video tutorial for these unique interior ideas.

dining table
Credit: Cryptozoology
bunk bed
Credit: Cryptozoology
Credit: Cryptozoology

5. Custom Tree

custom tree
Credit: cryptozoology.yt

This tutorial by Cryptozoology will show you how to build three custom tree designs. These designs are perfect for any survival world. Watch the tutorial on Youtube.

6. Starter House

Starter House
Credit: cryptozoology.yt

This starter house is the way to go if you’re looking for a quick and easy build. Make sure you check out the tutorial showing you How to Build an Awesome Starter House in Minecraft.

7. Simple Horse Stable

Simple Horse Stable
Credit: gorilloyt

Here’s a simple horse stable to keep your horses safe at night. There is a tutorial available showing you How to Build a Horse Stable.

8-11. Four Village Decorations

If you need ideas for village decorations, Minecraft On Fire has created four village decorations for you to try out. There is the lake, water well, small farm, and the bell. There are no tutorials available for these decorations, but I hope you can use the images as a helpful guide.

Credit: minecraft.onfire
water well
Credit: minecraft.onfire
small farm
Credit: minecraft.onfire
Credit: minecraft.onfire

12. Simple Survival Brick House

Simple Survival Brick House
Credit: SheepGG

Survival houses are some of my favorite things to build. If you’re new to Minecraft, this easy survival house is the perfect beginner’s project. Check out the tutorial How to Build a Survival Brick House.

13. Simple Barn for Animals

Simple Barn for Animals
Credit: SheepGG

If you have animals in your world, keep them safe with the simple barn. Make sure you read the first comment in the video tutorial to see everything you need for this build.

24. Storage House

Storage House
Credit: SheepGG

Every Minecrafter should have a storage house in their world. How else will you store your items? If you like this build, make sure you check out the tutorial How To Build a Storage House.

25. Simple Medieval Blacksmith

Simple Medieval Blacksmith
Credit: sixerftw

There isn’t a tutorial for this medieval blacksmith build, however, the build information is as follows: Texture Pack: FWHIP texture pack Shaders: BSL v8.1.

26. Windows House

Windows House
Credit: xgoldrobin

Fans of Microsoft Windows can have some fun building this modern survival house inspired by Windows.

27. Modern House

Modern House
Credit: xgoldrobin

Goldrobin does it again with another awesome build. Watch the tutorial showing you How to Build a Modern House.

28. Cozy Plain Cabin

Cozy Plain Cabin
Credit: crema_

This cozy cabin is just what you need for a relaxing night in your world. You can find a similar build with this plain house tutorial.

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