20 Easy Things You Can Build in Minecraft

If you’re feeling stuck for ideas or looking for something easy to get started with – don’t worry. I’ve rounded up fifteen fantastic projects that are perfect even for novice builders. In Minecraft, building is one of the most creative and exciting aspects of this game.

You can create just about anything your heart desires with a few simple resources. Some of the builds you’ll find below are treehouses, survival houses, crops for your farm, and more.

Build a Cool Treehouse

Cool Treehouse Minecraft
Credit: bitgardener

With this build, you can start with a basic treehouse platform and build around it. You can add a vine ladder, fun furniture, and even a secret hideout area.

Build a Cottage

Cottage Build
Credit: cryptozoology.yt

Create a cozy little cottage with a nice outdoor area. A classic cottage build is easy and fun to create, with its cozy charm perfect for a home away from home.

Build a Starter House

Starter House with Tutorial
Credit: minecrafttutorialbuild

Perfect for a new player, this simple house is easy to construct and can be decorated to make it truly your own. Swipe through the photos to see the full tutorial.

Build a Village Cottage

Credit: bitgardener

Make a small village with your own custom-built cottage. Add different styles of houses and let your imagination take over. Shaders: BSL v7 Minecraft version: 1.16.5 Resource pack: Enhanced Biome: Rivers and Ponds; Jerm’s Better Leaves

Build a Backyard

Minecraft Backyard Ideas
Credit: bitgardener

Putting together a beautiful backyard is easy with a few well-placed blocks. Make it truly your own by adding furniture, flowers, and more. Swipe through the photos to see each individual yard.

Build an Enchanting Room

Enchanting Room
Credit: cryptozoology.yt

Create an enchanting room with lots of bookshelves, a crafting table, and plenty of decorations. You can watch the enchanting house tutorial on YouTube.

Build a Horse Stable

Horse Stables
Credit: spudetti

Build a horse stable to house your animals. Don’t forget to add some hay bales for them to eat. If you want to build this stable, check out the tutorial from Spudetti.

Build a Mushroom Statue

Credit: bitgardener

Make a mushroom statue to add some character to your world. You can make it any size and shape you want.

Build a Wooden House

Wooden House
Credit: letsgo_minecraft

Construct a wooden house with basic blocks and wood planks. You can even add some wheat (or whatever you want) in front of the house.

Build a Wooden House Survival Base

Wooden House Survival Base
Credit: letsgo_minecraft

If you like the look of this build, the creator has put together a helpful video showing how to build a wooden house. Everything has been broken down into easy-to-follow steps.

Build a Tomato Field

Tomato Field
Credit: iampixelyt

Plant a field of your favorite crop. If you want to build tomatoes, IamPixel has made a video showing how to build a tomato plant. It’s a short video, but still really helpful.

Build a Cherry House

Cherry House
Credit: cryptozoology.yt

This is called a cherry house because it resembles the cherry blossom. These blocks were added to the 1.20 Java edition. This house would look great surrounded by trees.

Build a Village Botanist House

Village Botanist
Credit: bitgardener

This simple house has a dormer window, a roof balcony, and a raised porch. Shaders: BSL v7 Minecraft version: 1.16.5 Resource pack: Enhanced Biome: Rivers and Ponds; Jerm’s Better Leaves

Build a Minecraft Stairs Shelf⠀

Minecraft Stairs Shelf
Credit: letsgo_minecraft

Construct a shelf underneath your stairs to give your room a unique look. You can even add a few decorations to make it look extra special.

Build an Easy Survival Base

Credit: ikerbits

Making this survival base is easier than you think. Be sure to watch the tutorial showing you how to build this survival base. With time and patience, you’ll have a pretty cool house.

Build a Cool Wall

Medieval, Nether, Jungle, and Castle Walls
Credit: disruptive_builds

Give your village some extra protection with walls like the medieval wall, nether wall, jungle wall, or castle wall. These will make your village look more impressive and can even be used to keep out unfriendly mobs.

Build a Fountain

fountain designs

Every village needs a fountain. Add one to yours for an extra touch of beauty and charm. You can watch the fountain tutorials on YouTube.

Build a Small Cottagecore House

small cottagecore house
Image Credit: blockdown_builds

I just love it when I come across a cottage that’s small but mighty. This house is so impressive. You’ll love building this cottagecore house.

Build a Simple Mountainside House

Mountainside House
Credit: executivetree

This mountainside house is simple and creative. As you can see, the interior is very minimal and includes hanging plants on the ceiling.

Crafting and building in Minecraft is a great way to show off your creative side. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the world around you and see what interesting ideas come to mind.

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