18 Awesome Minecraft Hotel Designs

If you want your town to have the most incredible hotel imaginable, it may be time to test your hand at building a hotel in Minecraft. With 18 extraordinary designs to choose from, all filled with awe-inspiring architecture, your build will be the talk of the town.

Whether you go for a modern style or a rustic look, each build is sure to make your gameplay more enjoyable.

1. Modern Hotel Room

Modern Hotel Room
Credit: letsgo_minecraft

Constructing a modern hotel room in Minecraft is an exciting way to make your world look amazing. Pick out fresh furnishings and special features like fireplaces and balconies to upgrade your modern hotel room design.

2. Brand New Hotel

Brand New Hotel
Credit: hm26_minecraft

If you’re looking for a cool and detailed hotel to build, look no further than this brand new hotel design. This beautiful hotel will allow you to create a fantastic vacation spot.

3. The Mint Hotel

The Mint Hotel
Credit: lemonbuildsmc

The Mint Las Vegas was a hotel and casino in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. The shaders for this build are complementary reimagined.

4. Christmas Town Hotel

Christmas Town Hotel
Credit: blaze_85_

This hotel features a sign, many windows, a wall, miniature Christmas trees, awnings, balconies, advertisements, a stained glass window, and more.

5. Vienna City Hotel

Vienna City Hotel
Credit: corestudiosmc

A real building in Vienna city inspired this hotel build. Use real-life inspiration to build your own hotel in the game.

6. The Orville Hotel

The Orville Hotel,
Credit: thecoloniserhk

This hotel is named the Orville hotel by the creator. If you want a detailed hotel build, give something like this a try.

7. Downtown Hotel Build

Downtown Hotel Build
Credit: corestudiosmc

If you’re building a downtown area on Minecraft, hotels such as this a common for downtown areas. You can add a few tables and chairs out front to give it a personal feel.

8. Hotel Manager Simulator

Minecraft hotel manager
Credit: pixelbiesterofficial

This build is a part of a hotel manager simulator. In the simulator, you become the manager of the Grand Neptune – a luxurious hotel on a human-made island shaped like a palm in the middle of a tropical paradise.

9. Pentahotel Rostock

Pentahotel Rostock Hotel
Credit: corestudiosmc

The Pentahotel Rostock hotel is a real-life hotel located in Rostock, Germany. If you’re looking for hotel inspiration, try searching for popular hotels in other countries, and see if you can build one in the game.

10. The Golden Palm

The Golden Palm Hotel
Credit: blaze_85_

The Golden Palm is a 1950s style hotel. It features palm trees, fences, a hotel sign, a sunny background, and more.

11. Cool Hotel Block

Cool Hotel Block
Credit: epicjungle_mc_acnh

Here’s a simple hotel build that you can add to the block. Let your creativity flow when choosing your materials, colors, designs, and more.

12. Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel Build
Credit: blaze_85_

This boutique hotel features a modern art museum (El Cubo), a skylight, a palm tree, a lamppost, garden boxes, a rooftop restaurant, stairs leading up to the restaurant, and more.

13. Pink and Brown Hotel

Pink and Brown Hotel Minecraft
Credit: minecraftitalo

Get creative by adding color to your hotel. This incredible lodge has a pink and brown color palette, flowers, fencing, balconies, and much more.

14. Hotel in Airport

Hotel in Airport
Credit: samsung_democratic_republic

If you have an airport in your town, you can add a hotel, just as this creator has done.

15. Hotel Belvedere

Hotel Belvedere
Credit: lordwernon82

This hotel build is based on a building located in New York City. The addition of palm trees surrounding the hotel looks so elegant.

16. Lodge with a Pool

Lodge with a Pool
Credit: minecraftitalo

If you ever wanted to turn a Minecraft build into the perfect getaway, now you can with this lodge. This sophisticated yet warm and rustic scenery promises the ideal escape.

17. Minecraft Hotel Room

Minecraft Hotel Room
Credit: minecraft_greatmagazine

When creating hotel rooms, think about all the possibilities. You can incorporate intricate interior design with carpet, expensive furniture and cozy beds, charming outdoor patios, and more.

18. Large Hotel Build

Large Hotel Build
Credit: worldofkeralis_official

If you have ever wanted to build a giant and majestic hotel, get inspired by this build. Your hotel can have as much or as little detail as you’d like.

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