20 Amazing Minecraft Portal Build Ideas

One of the exciting aspects of Minecraft is portal builds, which take you to different dimensions. It’s not just about building a door leading to another world but making it look aesthetically pleasing and functional.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of twenty Minecraft portal build ideas that will amaze you.

From the Nether portals to the End portals, these builds will satisfy your Minecraft experience. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of Minecraft’s most incredible portal designs.

1. End Portal Designs

End Portal Designs
Credit: disruptive_yt

An End portal gives you access to the “End,” which is a place where the dragon lives. These four designs, void, lush, ruined, and room, are excellent options for those looking to spice up their end portal. See each portal individually.

2. How to Build a Nether Portal

How to build a Nether Portal
Credit: xgoldrobin

A Nether Portal is a player-constructed portal for teleportation between the Overworld and the Nether. This tutorial will show you how to set up a Nether portal.

3. Minecraft Nether Portal

Minecraft Nether Portal
Credit: minecraft.perspective.yt

The Nether, a dimension filled with danger, is one of the most popular dimensions in Minecraft. This Minecraft nether portal design will provide a safe place to exit and enter the Nether.

4. Greek Temple Portal

Credit: minecraft.perspective.yt

If you have ever wanted to travel back to ancient Greece, this Greek temple portal design is perfect for anyone looking to include some history in their gameplay. See inside the Greek temple portal.

5. Fantasy Nether Portal

Fantasy Nether Portal
Credit: minecraft.perspective.yt

With themes of dragons and mythical creatures, a fantasy design is perfect for those looking to add a bit of magic to their Minecraft world.

6. Steampunk, Rustic, and Jungle Neither Portals

Steampunk, Rustic, and Jungle Neither Portals
Credit: phelps_builds

You can incorporate so many styles into your Nether Portal that will make it stand out. Steampunk, rustic, and jungle Nether portals are perfect for a unique touch.

7. Large Nether Portal Design

Large Nether Portal Design
Credit: sopypie

If you want a Nether portal that stands out and creates an impact, this design is perfect for those looking to make a grand entrance.

8. Beautiful Nether Portal Design

Beautiful Nether Portal Design
Credit: minecraftible

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this Nether portal is amazing. If you want a design that is truly beautiful, give this one a try.

9. Simple, Average, Advanced, and Expert Nether Portals

Simple, Average, Advanced, and Expert Nether Portals
Credit: cryptic.builds

These four Nether portal designs can be a great starting point for new players and help experienced players refine their builds. See each portal individually.

10. Pro, Normal, and Noob Nether Portal Designs

Pro, Normal, and Noob Nether Portal Designs
Credit: phelps_builds

These three Nether portal designs are perfect for anyone looking to level up their portal-building game, no matter their experience. See each portals individually.

11. Sword Portal

Sword Portal
Credit: voxpixel

This sword portal design is excellent for all the warriors out there. It’s the perfect way to make your portal more unique and personalized.

12. Nether, Japanese, Cave, and Stargate Portal

Nether, Japanese, Cave and Stargate Portal
Credit: disruptive_builds

These four designs add some variety to the Nether portals. The Japanese portal features a pagoda design, while the cave portal features a more natural look. The Stargate portal is perfect for players who love the sci-fi aesthetic, and the Nether design is a classic portal design. See each portal individually.

13. Fantasy Tower Nether Portal Design

Fantasy Tower Nether Portal Design
Credit: lunamoonbowmc

This fantasy tower design is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd while providing a safe way to enter and leave the Nether.

14. Magic Portal

Magic Portal
Credit: shera_nom

This structure can be used to travel between your Minecraft worlds. For more portals from this creator, check out this YouTube video of 3 simple nether portal designs.

15. Drake Portal

Drake Portal
Credit: graysun_builds

The Drake Portal is a unique and fun build to add to your Minecraft world. Utilize the mythic dragon as inspiration for this build, creating a portal from its body. Inside, you can build a lair with mysterious artifacts and scattered treasures.

16. Cherry Blossom Portal

Cherry Blossom Portal
Credit: blaze_85_

This excellent cherry blossom portal features trees, stairs, winding branches, bamboo, stars, a stone portal, and more. Be sure to add plenty of pink petals and some lily pads.

17. Dragon Skull Portal

Dragon Skull Portal
Credit: xgoldrobin

Try building a dragon skull portal for those looking for a more magical touch. This will add a bit of mystery and intrigue to your village.

18. Nether Sword Portal

Nether Sword Portal
Credit: xgoldrobin

For a truly unique touch, create a Nether Sword Portal. This will add an extra layer of mystery to your village and can even be used to travel between worlds. Check out the portal tutorial for this sword on YouTube.

19. Thor’s Hammer Nether Portal

Thor's Hammer Nether Portal
Credit: xgoldrobin

Thor’s Hammer is the ultimate symbol of power, strength, and protection. It protects its wielder from all sorts of harm and can also be used to summon lightning and cause destruction. Watch the tutorial on How to Build Thor’s Hammer Nether Portal.

20. Tree Portal

Tree Portal
Credit: blockdown_builds

I love it when I come across a unique build such as this tree portal. This build is included in episode 6 of Taking Our World to the Next Level.

With these 20 portal build ideas, players can create fantastic builds that will take their gameplay to the next level. I hope these portal designs inspire you to create something truly unique.

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