What Are Skins in Minecraft and Where to Find Them

In the game of Minecraft, a skin is an image that changes what your character looks like. When you begin playing the game for the first time, your skin will either be of Steve or Alex. Both Steve and Alex are the main protagonist in the game.

Steve has short brown hair and dark brown skin. He wears a light blue t-shirt and blue jeans along with a pair of gray shoes.

Alex has long orange hair and fair skin. She wears a light green tunic with a green belt, brown trousers, and a pair of gray boots.

Steve and Alex

These two skins are the default skins in the game, however, you’re not stuck to using just these two. The fun thing about Minecraft is that you can use custom skins by downloading skin packs. Skin packs area downloadable content within the game.

Keep in mind that not all versions of Minecraft offer skin packs. Don’t worry though, Minecraft is cross-platform and skin packs can easily be downloaded on Windows 10 Edition, and on popular consoles such as Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch.

Where to Find Minecraft Skins

Create Your Own Skins

One way to get new skins is to design your own. This method may not be for everyone though. It does take some experience to be able to design a good skin. However, if you enjoy the process, you can create your own custom skin and upload the file to your Microsoft account.

Download Skins from the Internet

The easiest way to download skins is by finding them on the internet. Below we’ve including some of my favorite sites for downloading skins. If you find a skin you like, simply download the file and upload the file to your Microsoft account.

Our Favorite Skin Pack Websites

MCPEDL: They have huge collection of skin packs such as Marvel skins, holiday skins, Fortnite skins, and so much more.

Minecraft.net: Check out the most popular skin packs on the Minecraft marketplace. There are shadow shapes, winter sleepover skins, demon mobs, and more.

The Skindex: The Skindex offers a huge variety of skins that have been uploaded by users. You can also upload your own skins for people to download too.

Playstation Store: If you’re playing Minecraft on Playstation, the Playstation store offers some pretty awesome skins for $2.99 per pack. They have skins such as the villians skin pack, festive skin pack, campfire tales skin pack, etc.

Microsoft Store: Just like the Playstation store, the Microsoft store offers Minecraft skin packs. These packs are also $2.99 per pack (discount available for Game Pass members). You’ll find cool packs such Final Fantasy skins, Moana skins, heroes skins, Magic the Gathering skins, and more.

MinecraftSkins.net: MinecraftSkins.net is a great place to download skins. Not only do they have a great selection of skins uploaded by users, but their site is really clean and easy to navigate. Because I love this site so much, we’ve included some of our favorite skins from users below.

Our Favorite Skin Pack Themes

If you don’t feel like browsing these sites for skins, here are a few of our favorite skin pack themes from MinecraftSkins.net. If you find a skin you like, but want different colors, you can change the colors by clicking the Edit button.

Young King

A teenage king wearing red robes and a blue cape, complete with a crown. Get the skin designed by DreamSpace.

young king minecraft skin

3D Creeper

Ice blue creeper with a pixelated texture effect. Get the skin designed by Crypto_Miner.

3d ice blue creeper minecraft skin

Dream HD 2

A reworked version of the regular Dream skin. Get the skin designed by CIKIBRIAK.

dream hd minecraft skin

Ghost 2019

Lieutenant Simon Riley from the Call of Duty games. Get the skin designed by Foxy.

ghost minecraft skin


Skin of the Minecraft YouTuber PrestonPlayz. Get the skin designed by Preston.

PrestonPlayz minecraft skin

Purple Mage

Hooded mage wearing neon purple robes. Get the skin designed by PlayToons.

purple mag minecraft skin

Red Dream

Minecraft YouTuber Dream wearing a red outfit and white mask. Get the skin designed by Alex.

red dream minecraft skin

Spark Hoodie

A boy wearing a purple and blue creeper hoodie complete with headphones. Get the skin designed by Maan_Yin.

spark hoodie minecraft skin

Yellow Elf

Elf with white hair wearing a yellow dress and brown corset. Get the skin designed by LadyRawr.

yellow elf minecraft skin

Minecraft is a game that allows you to create anything your imagination can come up with. You are in control of the world and its inhabitants, but this doesn’t stop at just building structures, there are even skins for characters.

When playing Minecraft for the first time, you will be either Steve or Alex. These two avatars are pretty iconic in their own right. However, custom skins allow you to play the game with characters based on your own style, personality, or mood. With so many skins available at your fingertips, we’re sure you’ll find something that satisfies your creative side and makes playing Minecraft an even more enjoyable experience.

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