24 Awesome Sims 4 Living Room Furniture CC Packs

With so many CC packs available, finding the perfect set for your living room can be exciting and overwhelming. But fear not—I’ve curated a list of 24 must-have CC packs that cover everything from posh sofas to artfully detailed coffee tables.

Whether you’re trying to recreate the cozy corner where your Sims entertain guests or crafting a modern minimalist living space, the right custom content (CC) can turn your Sim’s house into a home.

With these packs, you can add a touch of personality and comfort to your home that you won’t find in the base game alone. Whether you’re searching for a rustic feel, modern flair, retro vibes, or anything in between, there’s a pack here that’ll deliver what you’re looking for.

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1. Daoklu Shelf

Daoklu Shelf

If you want to add more storage unit options to your gameplay, the Daoklu Shelf is great. This custom content item offers a modern design that will fit into any home decor style. Daoklu Shelf.

2. Ether Curved Seating

Ether Curved Seating

I adore this design’s modern yet retro feel, especially in pink. It’s the perfect addition to a growing collection of stylish sofas for your living room. Ether Curved Seating.

3. Crystal Creations

Crystal Creations

This download requires the Crystal Creations Stuff Pack. This pack includes 16 new items as well as some default replacements. Crystal Creations.

4. Paetdu Living Chair

Paetdu Living Chair

This chair is a must-have addition that provides both comfort and style. Its sleek design and curved lines make it a sophisticated choice for any living room Paetdu Living Chair.

5. Spooky Study Set

Spooky Study Set

Get everything you need to decorate your spooky space in one bundle. This set includes 4 frames, 6 mounted taxidermy heads, and a cute bonus frame with spiderweb and butterfly prints. Spooky Study Set.

6. Hinterlands Living

Hinterlands Living

This timeless style is simple yet effective, adding charm to my traditional homes without being over-the-top or outdated. Hinterlands Living.

7. Atwood Living

Atwood Living

This beautiful lounge set features an extensive collection of sofas, shelves, accent tables, framed prints, lamps, and more. Atwood Living.

8. Lighthouse Collection

The Lighthouse Collection

Relax and unwind in style with this sofa set, which includes an armchair, a loveseat, and a 3-seater couch. Stylish pillows are also included for added comfort and decoration. Customize your space with a versatile bookshelf filled with books you can arrange just as you like. Lighthouse Collection.

9. Cozy Nook Collection

Cozy Nook Collection

The cozy nook collection features an armchair, a bookshelf, books with tassels, an eucalyptus plant, a floor lamp, a vintage globe, and a side table. Cozy Nook Collection.

10. Sunny Sundae

Sunny Sundae

This set has a beautiful 70s vibe. The under-the-stairs storage has been mirrored, which means your builds are unlimited. Sunny Sundae.

11. Saomep Living Chair

Saomep Living Chair

Say goodbye to dull, uninspired living rooms. This beautiful piece of furniture will instantly elevate any living space, adding a touch of sophistication. Saomep Living Chair.

12. Bubblegum Set

Bubblegum Set

With this set, each piece of decor will be a delightful mix of colors and textures that will bring joy to your home. Whether you mix and match or let them shine solo, this collection adds a touch of fun, pastel charm, and comfort to any space. Bubblegum Set.

13. Modern Elegance

Modern Elegance

Bring a touch of elegance into your living room with this set of 15 beautiful objects. This set has everything you need to create a stylish and functional space in your home. Modern Elegance.

14. Raokas Chair

Raokas Dining Chair

With its modern design and comfortable seating, this chair is perfect for any Sims household looking to add a touch of sophistication to any room. Raokas Chair.

15. Judith Living Room

Judith Living Room

Check out this stunning collection of 60 luxurious and modern bookcases. Each is designed with a unique feature – they can be embedded into your wall for a sleek look. Plus, there’s plenty of space to showcase all your favorite books. Judith Living Room.

16. Snuggle Set

Snuggle Set

Discover a collection of items that will make your winter magical and warm your heart. Complete the look with matching furniture to create a cozy theme throughout your home. Snuggle Set.

 17. Love is in the Air

 Love is in the Air

Picture a cozy scene of a couple’s daily life together: a sweet photo on the fridge, a lovely breakfast tray with croissants and flowers, and scattered clothes on the floor telling the story of their Netflix night. Let this image inspire your everyday moments of love and connection. Love is in the Air.

18. Jamkoof Living Chair

Jamkoof Living Chair

This cozy seating option offers the perfect blend of practicality and design, making it a flawless addition to your home. Jamkoof Living Chair.

19. Drawing Room Set

Drawing Room Set

Show off your exquisite taste to your guests. Improve your home decor with a luxurious piano and stunning artwork in beautiful frames. You deserve nothing but the best. Drawing Room Set.

20. Lorenza Living Room Set

Lorenza Living Room Set

Elevate your space with a touch of Italian flair. This collection merges metal accents with the warmth of natural materials like raw wood and jute. Lorenza Living Room Set.

21. Dawn Living

Dawn Living Room

The Dawn living set is a stylish collection of modern living room essentials. Discover a variety of functional and decorative pieces, from gorgeous seating to versatile storage units. Dawn Living Room.

22. Simmify Music Nook

Simmify Music Nook

You won’t want to miss this fantastic set if you’re a music lover. Featuring an elegant upright piano available in a variety of colors, it’s the perfect centerpiece for any music enthusiast. Simmify Music Nook.

23. Martha Seating

Martha Seating

Upgrade your space with a new chair, loveseat, and sofa. As a bonus, receive a stylish TV stand to complete your living room look. Martha Seating.

24. Nora Living

Nora Living Room

The Nora living set is your go-to collection for creating a cozy living room with neutral hues and textures. Inspired by the popular Japandi style, I adore the calming, soft lines and earthy tones. Nora Living Room.

With these 24 diverse Sims 4 living room furniture CC packs, your living room has the potential to become a canvas for any style or theme.

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